5 Best Sim Racing Handbrakes for PlayStation, XBOX, and PC

Handbrakes play a vital role in virtual racing games. The handbrakes provide extra comfort for extreme turning of the vehicles during racing. It delivers physical and practical realism in computer games. You can find Universal USB handbrakes, Aiolog hydro handbrakes, and more options to use as required. Every type of handbrake can be used for different purposes.

Many sim racing handbrakes are durable and made with the best material. These racing sim e brakes support PS4, PS5, and PCs. You also use them with XBOX One. Rally and Drifting can be fun when using a handbrake for them. Gamers can drive their virtual cars more aggressively with handbrakes than real racers. The racing tool will make the racers cover up a good speed in less time.

  1. Thrustmaster TSSH Sequential Handbrake & Shifter
  2. Aikeec 64 Bit USB Handbrake
  3. CNRAQR PC Racing Game USB Handbrake
  4. RASTP 64Bit PC USB Handbrake
  5. Obokidly Upgrade 2-in-1 USB Handbrake

Top 5 Racing Sim E Brakes

Picking up the best sim racing handbrakes can have more categories. You can enjoy the best budget and top-rated handbrakes experiences. There are runner-up and more luxurious handbrakes for better comfort. Professional and intensive gamers can use hydraulic handbrakes for easy and quick response. There are some multipurpose handbrakes available on the market. They can be used with different game consoles and PCs. Check out our list of the top 5 racing sim e brakes.

Best Sim Racing Handbrakes

Different Types of Sim Racing Handbrakes

The sim racing handbrakes are in different styles and forms. Your gaming console and the racing rig can decide the compatibility of the handbrakes. Some steering wheels have built-in handbrakes. They are suitable for some moderate racing games. If you use a separate handbrake, your turning and drifting method will be more defined.

You may use them the turn your virtual car more easily. You allow your hand to use the brakes instead of your fingers that only press the buttons. There are some handbrakes available with the gear shifters. They may operate the car seriously and stop it immediately. Drifting in the racing game is also easier to do with the handbrakes.

In the categories of handbrakes:

  • Aiologs handbrakes are the most sturdy and durable. They are mounted with the thickest clamps. You can use their analog and button modes as per the requirement.
  • Hydraulic handbrakes need less force to work. The best hydraulic handbrakes are used in real cars too. They are smoother and perform well for virtual gaming. There are expensive and cheap sim racing handbrakes available on the market.

1) Thrustmaster TSSH Sequential Racing Sim Handbrake PC

Thrustmaster TSSH
  • Compatible Devices: XBOX, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
  • Progressive Hnadbrakes and sequential shifter
  • Height: 3.4” / 8.5 cm
  • 90% high-level quality metal components
  • Weight: 5.45 pounds
  • Dimension: 12.87 x 5.35 x 10.16 inches
  • Flat coil spring with 4kg resistance

Thrustmaster is the brand that supplies different gaming components in the world. The brand’s sequential and best sim racing handbrakes are the most functional in motor racing. The Thrustmaster e brakes are popular among the most intensive gamers in virtual racing competitions. The TSSH sequential handbrakes and shifters offer highly realistic modes.

More Realistic Immersion

The Thrustmaster e brake is built in progressive mode. The racing sim handbrake PC works with great control when it needs to turn the vehicle in the game. This Thrustmaster e brake is compatible with PC and Windows. With this handbrake, gamers can play Dirt Rally, Forza Horizon 2, iRacing, and more racing video games. 

High Quality Built

The handbrakes are made with Steel and Aluminum. The handbrakes are equipped with high-class components that ensure the handbrake’s durability even if you use them roughly. The optimum control of the racing sim handbrake PC is due to its robust construction. They are my favorite racing sim handbrake PC.

Hall Effect Accurate Technology

The hall effect is a method of measuring magnetic fields. Hall effect sensors are prevalent and have many contemporary applications. There is a permanent magnet that detects DC in the handbrakes. Thrustmaster e brake works smoothly and gives complete control over the handbrakes. 

  • Two modes: progressive handbrakes and sequential shifters
  • Optimum racing simulation experience
  • Ensure maximum realism with rally and drift range
  • Hall effect accurate technology
  • Unrivaled precision and unlimited life cycle
  • High-quality metal components with optimum solidity
  • Adjustable hand brake lever in horizontal and vertical position
  • Industrial class flat coil springs
  • Controlled and responsive gearshifts


  • Some customers complain about loose parts of the handbrakes.

2) Aikeec 64 Bit USB Best Budget Sim Racing Handbrakes

Aikeec 64 Bit handbrake
  • Compatible with all major racing games
  • 64 bit on contact Hall sensor
  • Weight: 3.65 pounds
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Springs in two strength type
  • Dimension: 14.68 x 12.83 x 3.98 inches

This sim racing handbrake has been made with a new design and top-quality material. It possesses upgraded technology that is adaptable for many modern racing games. It has a hand-protective design that allows the gamer to use it comfortably.

Flexible and Adjustable

This brand’s best sim racing handbrakes have an auto calibrate system that would help in need. These handbrakes are made after the multiple stability test. These best budget sim racing handbrakes are a flexible and fully adjustable per requirement. You can adjust the height and control of the handbrakes. It is easy to pull these brakes with your hand.

Made with Premium Material

The durability lies in the premium material of the best budget sim racing handbrakes. They are lightweight and easy to adjust for racing games. The screws and clamps are of premium quality for better grip. There are 4 aesthetic colors of the handbrakes available on Amazon. With these handbrakes, you can play American Truck Simulator, Breed for speed, Project cars, and Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Special Features

The best sim racing handbrakes are equipped with hall effect sensors. It works with PC games. There is no hurdle to using them. Just plug them and play your favorite game with them. The mounting holes and the screws are more reliable for fixing it. The ergonomic design of the best budget sim racing handbrake makes them more comfortable.

  • New design with an automatic calibration system
  • Easier to use for Windows 7 and above
  • All steel construction with protective gear
  • Hall effect sensor for more precision and longer life
  • Perfectly adapted for all major games
  • No wobble and noise with molded alloy spring
  • Hand protection design with soft touch
  • Shock absorption and anti-skid
  • Best quality accessories and actual fiber backing
  • With a USB cable connection


  • Some users have problems with the axis and buttons.

3) CNRAQR PC Racing Game Universal USB Handbrakes

CNRAQR PC Racing handbrake
  • Compatible with PC for Logitech and Fanatec dirt rally
  • For Windows 11 and Above
  • Carbon steel construction
  • 16-bit non-contact sensor
  • USB cable length: 2m
  • Weight: 2.56 pounds
  • Dimension: 16.14 x 8.66 x 3.15 inches

This universal USB handbrake can be attached to the USB for all racing games, like G923 and G920. It is much compatible with the PC. The handbrakes’ high-quality material and progressive style make them more sturdy to use. They are made with high rigidity compression.

Easy to Assemble

The best sim racing handbrakes are easy to assemble with your PC. You don’t need to install any driver. Just plug the USB into your PC and start playing with the handbrakes. They are easy to carry and use for racing games and competitions.

High-Quality Feel

The high-quality material of the universal USB handbrake makes them more sturdy. The drifting handbrakes are made with low-carbon steel construction. They are safe and reliable to use because of their premium construction. The best sim racing brakes are a bit pricey but worthy. The ergonomic and curved design makes them more comfortable in intensive racing games.

Special Features

The best sim racing brakes are compatible with different G series games. They are best for the Rally games. You can use these handbrakes for Windows 11 and above. The high-quality construction and grip of the handbrakes are pretty impressive. There is a 16-bit non-contact sensor that provides a more realistic feel when using these handbrakes for racing games. Their height is also adjustable and suitable to use in different situations.

  • Made with high-quality material and low-carbon steel construction
  • Compatible with Dirt rally and G series games
  • Safe and reliable to use
  • 16-bit non-contact sensor for a better realistic experience
  • Easy to assemble and carry
  • Adjustable height for different steering wheels


  • Some users complained about its short cable
  • Some have issues with their packaging and missing components.

4) RASTP 64Bit PC USB Sim Racing Handbrake Logitech

  • Compatible Devices: PC, Windows
  • Adjustable height
  • 64-bit sim racing handbrakes
  • On contact hall sensor
  • Solid steel gear shifter
  • One-piece Aluminum cover
  • Size: 150x300mm/5.9”x11.8″
  • Weight: 2.38 pounds

Today’s remarkable technologies can make your virtuality real. To have a true-to-life experience, you must use the physical components, like handbrakes. Sim racing handbrake RASTP is the best component for use with PC and Windows. These are high rates handbrakes used for driving force virtually.

Race Quality Construction

The fantastic look of the steel gear shaft made for long-lasting stability. It gives automatic calibration to the product. It is made with an Aluminum cover and looks impressive and luxurious for extreme performance. They are the best sim racing handbrakes.

Progressive Handbrakes

The handbrake is built for smooth function and gives you the best driving experience. The sim racing handbrake Logitech flows easily to push down. With its one-touch switch, it supports providing you with accuracy effortlessly. You will experience a longer life with it. 

Stable Performance  

The sim racing handbrake PS4 is one of the most high-quality handbrakes that are non-shaky. They do not create noise and run smoothly. You will find it perfect for dirt rally and iRacing. Other PC games will also be compatible with that.

  • Ergonomic and aesthetic handbrakes
  • Universal handbrakes for sim racing
  • Flexible height adjustment
  • Reliable solid Aluminum construction
  • Independent USB cable that is easy to install
  • Secure mounting with additional clamps
  • Automatic calibration system


  • Some people find issues with the cables incompatible with some racing games.

5) Obokidly Upgrade 2-in-1 USB E Brake for Xbox One

Obokidly Upgrade
  • Compatible Devices: XBOX, Xbox One, PC
  • 64-bit non-contact plus hall sensor
  • Height: 11.8 inches
  • 3rd Gen USB handbrakes
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Weight: 3.81 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.98 x 9.72 x 4.61 inches
  • ‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required

These hundreds are available in red, blue and black color. You can pick the best color according to your simulation. They are lightweight and made with mild steel. The hand brakes are connected with the USB to your PC and Xbox One.

Feel of Extra Control

With their unique features, the best sim racing handbrakes can have extra gaming control. You don’t require to install a driver to use them. Connect the USB to your PC or Xbox One and start playing the game. You will definitely feel extra control in the game with this e brake for Xbox one.

Longer life and Good Elasticity

These handbrakes provide a longer life because of their premium quality. There are non-touch switches and the Hall sensor effects that provide more power and strength for the actual racing game experience. These e brakes for Xbox one make you feel like you are driving a real car.

Shockproof and Soft Touch

These drifting handbrakes have an adjustable height. They are compatible with PCs. The new design of the handbrakes provides an automatic calibration system. They are easier to use with the USB. These handbrakes are shockproof and soft to the touch. They have good elasticity, and they feel great in your hands. They do not make any sound during playing because of their reinforced springs. They are made after multiple stability tests.

  • It can be fixed with clamps and is easy to connect
  • Independent and extra control for the racing games
  • Progressive handbrakes with non-touch switches and more procession
  • High rigidity compression and longer life
  • Shockproof protection and soft touch
  • Good elasticity and sound absorption
  • Authentic carbon fiber construction
  • USB connection cable with multiple stability test
  • New design with an automatic calibration system


  • They are extremely high in price

Buying Guide for Racing Sim Handbrake PC

When you buy a racing sim handbrake for your PC, you must go with the best one at the best price. They are used to give you a natural feel during your virtual gaming, so you must go with their premium material with smoothness and functionality.

Sensor Type

Most handbrakes for racing games have hall effect technology that works with magnetic field detection. This technology offers an authentic experience of gaming. When you use a hall effect sensor handbrake, you must see this feature in the handbrakes before buying the one for you.

Build Quality and Material

The build quality of the best sim racing handbrakes is due to their perfect construction and material. There are low-carbon steel handbrakes that are the most favorable among gamers. You can also use hydraulic handbrakes for a better experience in racing games.

Strong Fit

There must be a strong fit of the hand brakes with their clamps and screws. You can use the Allen key to fit them on the floor or your desk. The clamps and screws must be made with premium quality material; otherwise, you could have difficulty fitting them.

Compatibility Options

You must check the compatibility of the handbrakes with your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or whatever device you are using. You must see the compatibility of the handbrakes with the games you wish to play. Some handbrakes can only be used with the PC, so you can have a problem if you want to use that with your Playstation.

Comfortable in Use

The handbrakes must be ergonomic design and comfortable to use. There must be a curvy design for a better grip on your hands. They must be easy to drag during intensive gaming hours.

Rig Suitability

If you are using a SIM racing pocket, you must see the compatibility of your handbrakes with the cockpit. You will spend your money as a waste if you buy the best structure handbrakes and find them incompatible with the racing rig. It would help if you watched for this factor priorly.

Best Price

Sim racing handbrakes are available at different prices on Amazon. You may go according to your budget, but you must see the compatibility of your gaming rig if you have an expensive set-up for virtual gaming, so you must go for the expensive handbrakes. You can also get cheap sim racing handbrakes.

Manufacturer and Seller

Buying gaming components must see the manufacturer and sellers. The manufacturer must have a high rating, and their sellers must have good reviews. If you do not consider this factor, you may have defective or broken components of the handbrakes.

Best Performance

The performance of the best hydraulic handbrake is due to their ergonomic design and natural shifting. You must go with the best material and unique features with fully latest technology. Otherwise, you may have trouble using the handbrakes for a long.

I recommend Thrustmaster TSSH Sequential handbrakes and shifters. It is a 2-in-1 device that is more appropriate for racing. Optimum realism can be achieved by using the handbrakes in racing games. The sim racing handbrake PS4 is a lifelong and reliable product made with metal to ensure durability. The handbrake can be used with a variety of configuration possibilities. It works with HEART hall effect technology. You can get unlimited entertainment for hours using the universal USB handbrakes.

Product Recommendation
Is there a handbrake in iRacing?

iRacing has an in-game handbrake and its calibration system too. This permits you to get easy access to the function of the handbrakes. Along with that, you can use a physical one.

Can I play iRacing with the keyboard?

iRacing is a modern game with the latest technology. It offers ease in different features of the games because of its numerous user interface options. It monitors the driving easily and makes changes on the fly. You can freely play it with the keyboard too.

Why do Drifters’ left foot brake?

Sports cars and open-wheel racers use left-foot braking to eliminate the time. It takes to pivot your right foot from the throttle to the brake pedal. As rally drivers, you won’t see road racers hitting the accelerator and brake simultaneously.

What gear should you drift in?

You must approach a 30mph speed when turning in second gear. It will create a torque that will make all the wheels of the car spin.

Do F1 drivers use both feet?

Yes, F1 drivers drive with both feet. This driving technique is known as left-foot braking. It allows for better brake bias and control, affording the driver higher cornering speeds.

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