10 Best PS4 Steering Wheels with Pedals 2022 Buying Guide

If you are looking for the best PS4 steering wheel to boost your gaming setup to the utmost, certainly you clicked on the right affiliate page to find one. What are the latest peripherals, shifters, pedals, clutches, and wheels?

We know them all, their previous models and the latest ones. Suppose you are not familiar with this to get your game on an exciting track. In that case, this article will help you find the most acceptable PS4 steering wheel with some other inevitable accessories.

Not all racing wheels can do good for your gaming; it depends on your system, your game type, and of course type of racing wheel. An extraordinary steering wheel provides you with controlling keys in your fingertips, most of the tasks, customization, and preferred personal settings you can change by moving your finger muscles from one side to another.

Table of Content:

  1. HORI Racing Wheel Apex for PlayStation 4
  2. Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Budget Wheel and Pedals
  3. Logitech G923 Steering Wheel PlayStation 4
  4. Superdrive SV200 PS4 Steering Wheel Under $200
  5. PXN V3II Playstation 4 Steering Wheels
  6. Subsonic Superdrive SV450 PS4 Steering Wheel Under $100
  7. Thrustmaster T248 Good PS4 Steering Wheel
  8. Logitech G29 PS4 Steering Wheel Compatibility
  9. Doyo PS4 Steering Wheel
  10. PXN V900 Cheap Steering Wheels for PS4

As a Racer, I had started radical racing about 3 years ago and still competing in the MX5 Cup with the BRSCC. This enthusiasm turned me into Simulator Racing. I picked Best Products based on performance to experience and then start this platform to write my Review for open public.


10 Best Budget Steering Wheels for PS4

Best PS4 Steering Wheels

The collection of the ten best PS4 racing steering wheels can help you spend your quality time with your love, the driving while sitting in your room. No need to go on the road, no risk for an accident, and multiple cars, colors, roads, cities, all are at your fingertips. So, let’s begin the show with the first best steering wheel for gaming on PS4.

1) HORI Apex PS4 Steering Wheel Setup

HORI Apex PS4 Steering Wheel Setup
Operating SystemPS4
Weight7 pounds
Rotation Radius270 degree
Compatible WithPS3, PS4, PC

The HORI Racing Wheel Apex is an excellent addition to the racing world, and it comes with a full-size racing wheel with a rock-solid mounting clamp to hold the pedal unit and other wheel body right on the point. If you need a PS4 Steering Wheel Setup that can do a magical job for you, you need to give a few minutes to these best PS4 direct drive steering wheels below.

Full-Size Racing Wheel

It comes with a full-size racing wheel with a great pedal unit that optimizes the game’s authenticity. It leaves no stone unturned in taking you on the road in reality. I found it the most proper PS4 gaming wheel setup. If you are looking for the best ps4 steering wheel under $200, you are good to go for this one without any delay.

Rock Solid Mounting Clamp

The rock-solid mouthing clamp is a plus. It ensures the safety of your PS4 racing wheel with a clutch and shifter. It offers a clutch and shifter that helps you drive with the utmost comfort without leaving your place for a second when. You can take a ride with friends while having a racing competition. 

Programmable and Adjustable

There are multiple buttons on the wheels; you can use them as you need them in racing. You’ll not find such a PS4 steering wheel setup within a lower budget than this one. It allows you to set dead zone settings to have a straightway. I used it and found it the best PS4 steering wheel under 200 dollars right now.

Adjustable Sensitivity with Solid Grip

To carve perfect lines, it offers adjustable selectivity in your wheel. And when it comes to an ideal steering wheel grip, it has no issue with that. It is the best setup to offer a ps4 racing wheel with clutch and shifter within a lower pricing range.

  • Customization options
  • Multiple devices compatibility
  • Super affordable
  • Rotation of the wheel goes up to 270 degrees
  • Not so pro for ps3, ps5, PC

If you have taken a look at the points above, you must know whether you should buy these best PS4 steering wheels or not. And if you need a quality racing game to enjoy with all the exciting and thrilling touches you have been kissing for years, you are good to go for this one with all your heart.

View HORI Apex PS4 Steering Wheel

2) Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Budget PS4 Steering Wheel and Pedals

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Best Budget PS4 Steering Wheel and Pedals
Weight8.59 pounds
Operating SystemPS5, Windows
Length15.2 inches
Hardware PlatformPS4
Pedal and Shifter2

The Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTBis an exceptionalsupporting device with distinct traits such as control in hands for the fastest laps, a fully adjustable pedal unit, and a realistic linear wheel. To know in-depth, read out the points below.

Control in Hands for Fastest Laps

Racing is all about speed and exciting turns on tracks. It is the best cheap steering wheel for ps4 and other devices to play racing games with countless fun but at a severe pace. It furnishes the fastest laps you can control with your fingers on the wheel.

Fully Adjustable Pedal Unit

The pedal area matters a lot. And this steering wheel submits a fully adjustable pedal unit as your feet feel comfortable. You can set them the way you feel pleased. It comes with a pedal unit to provide the brake and acceleration.

Using this wheel, you can play multiple games, including GT, stock car, Arcade, Rally, etc. So, if you are looking for the best budget ps4 steering wheel and pedals, you can rely on this convenient and beautiful pick from our experts. 

Logical Linear Wheel with Ergonomic Design 

It comes with an ergonomic design that furnishes realistic linear wheels. It also submits 2 pedal shifters that instantly allow you to up or down the gear. If you get a quick replacement feature with the best cheap steering wheels for ps4, it is a deal you should not take for granted. I used it myself and found it the best budget ps4 steering wheel and pedals. 

  • Super affordable
  • Ideal device for PS4
  • Compatible with various other devices
  • Days connectivity options
  • Solid clamp facility
  • Not so good for Xbox One

Everyone wants to buy the best PS4 steering wheels to add value to their gaming setups, but which one is suitable for your device and game type is a tricky question. If you go through the details I shared about this wheel; you will come to know how amazing it is to have Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB in your gaming configuration. 

View Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB

3) Subsonic Super drive SV200 PS4 Steering Wheel Under $100

Subsonic SV200 Best PS4 Steering Wheel Under 200
SpecificationsTested Values
Weight1550 grams
Hardware PlatformPS4
Length9.84 inches
Operating SystemPS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

If you want a flawless and snag-free gaming experience, you can rely on the Subsonic SV200 Best PS4 steering wheel under 200. It saves your money and provides you peace of mind by keeping the device free from snags and lags. It is fully equipped with suction pads and easy programming with button control options to help you compete in a race with complete focus and enthusiasm.

180 Angle Rotation

It provides 180 pretty good degrees of rotation. It gives smooth rotation that puts your hands in solace and a relaxed zone. When you create the best cheap steering wheels for ps4, this steering wheel is super economical, and you can connect it with Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, PS4, and some other hardware platforms.

Easy Programming Options with Buttons Control

It submits fully programmable options with several buttons on the wheel to get the controls under your fingertips. When I used it for the first time with my PS4, I was amazed and established that it is the combo of the best budget ps4 steering wheel and pedals.

Easy to Mount and Easy to Connect

It delivers rock-solid clamps to mount it on a table or any other surface to get an unshakable and inflexible placement. Moreover, it is the best cheap steering wheel for ps4. However, if you want to know about Logitech wheels, you can give a read to the Logitech g27 review

Universal Wheel for All Racing Games

It is a universal steering wheel that you can use for all racing games, and you can edit the settings as you feel good. You can buy it at jbhifi ps4 steering wheels or any other online platform; the quality of the device will be fantastic to make you happy to the max.

  • Fully programmable pedals and buttons
  • Lag-free rotation of the wheel
  • Fastest laps settings
  • Price friendly
  • Universal compatible device for all racing games
  • Finishing needs improvement

After reading the technical details I shared in the points above, I wonder if you do not buy these best PS4 steering wheels. It has a universal mounting system with a clamp and compatibility with all types of games. Moreover, it gets a high-quality display on the dashboard to take your racing to the real world of competition. 

View Subsonic Super drive SV200 Steering Wheel

4) Logitech G923 Steering Wheel for PS4

Logitech G923 Best Logitech Steering Wheel PS4
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Weight5.4 Kg
Hardware PlatformDesktop
Compatible WithPS4, PS5
Length10.94 inches

It is time to unleash your racing passion with the Logitech G923. It is the best Logitech steering wheel PS4. It delivers a dual-clutch fully programmable and ultra-premium material for a comfortable grip. It makes driving easy for you, and when I used these wheels for the first time, I found them the best PS4 steering wheels so far.

Dual Clutch Fully Programmable

It comes with a fully programmable dual-clutch to give you ease while driving. If you miss a reliable driving set for PS4 in your gaming room, you are not far from buying one now. It makes your car run faster and smoother with an authentic vibratory voice and feel.

Ultra-Premium Material

Its steel pedal unit is hand-made, and the stitched leather on the wheel makes it a unique and distinct product. The pedal unit is fully polished with quality material to enhance its look and life. The Logitech steering wheel PS4 has an unrivalled and unquestionable set of features to offer within budget. So, that is why I call it the best price PS4 steering wheel. 

Easy to Drive Any Car

No matter which car you want to drive and in which color scheme, you can enjoy your racing to the max level with this driving set for ps4. It allows you to use it with almost all racing games without fearing restraint compatibility. 

Total Wheel Control in Hands

The Logitech steering wheel ps4 offers the most racing controls in your hands. Compared to other racing game setups, this one takes the lead in doing things easy for you while driving. Fully programmable wheel with several buttons to set the preferred settings as fits in the situation. 

  • Give you full control with high-speed options
  • Feeling of dual clutch driving
  • Hand-stitched cover on the wheel for ultra-comfort
  • Price friendly
  • Not is good for Xbox series, ps3
  • Restricted rotation of the wheel

I hope this purchase decision will not be difficult for you to make; as I explained the things about these best PS4 steering wheels, you can read them and grasp the idea of how authentic and genuine a racing wheel is. It is an excellent and extraordinarily designed steering wheel with all the traits you crave in a single unit.

View Logitech G923 Steering Wheel

5) PXN V3II PC Playstation 4 Steering Wheels

PXN V3II PC Playstation 4 Steering Wheels
SpecificationsTested Values
Hardware PlatformPS4
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Compatible WithPC, PS3, PS4, Windows
ColorOrange and Black
Rotation180 degree
Weight5.2 pounds

The PXN V3II PC PlayStation 4 steering wheels are the choice of millions of racing game lovers. It comes with great 7 power grip suction cups for unquestionable grip with super solid material but comfortable to hold in hands. Let’s cut down to know more about these best PS4 steering wheels I picked up for you. 

7 Power Grip Suction Cups

It’s 7 power suction cups with a rock-solid clamp; you can fix your wheel on a surface with the max decision and accuracy. And there is no chance that you can question its integrity, solid and firm placement. If you are looking for the ps4 racing wheel with clutch and shifter, you are good to go for this beautiful pick with a color body.

Comfortable Material to Hold

The material used in its making is superb. I tried several setups but couldn’t find the best PS4 steering wheel under 200 bucks like this one. It is an excellent driving set for PS4 and some other devices. An easy-to-go USB tech helps you do so when it comes to connectivity.

Big Size Wheel with Multiple Controls

It comes with a great big size wheel that gives you the feel of an actual wheel of your car in the garage. It has multiple buttons you will find; you can use them to enjoy lighting, sidelights, mirror movements, windows, rooftop, suspension, and many other things. That is why I considered it a great combo of PS4 diving force racing wheel with clutch and shifter. 

  • Alluring and striking design
  • Multiple colors of the wheel
  • Customization options
  • Has and braking control system
  • Super economical
  • Good for beginner and intermediate
  • Restricted compatibility options

Making a purchase decision for the best PS4 steering wheels is not easy. But the data I shared above will surely help you win the best one. And the product we are talking about is an excellent mixture of superb qualities. And if you are a beginner, you have the best choice to go with.

View PXN V3II PC PlayStation 4 Steering Wheels

6) Subsonic Super drive SV450 Steering Wheel Under $70

Subsonic Superdrive SV450 Best PS4 Steering Wheel Under 100$
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Weight1500 grams
Hardware PlatformPS4, Xbox series, desktop, Xbox One, Nintendo
Angle of Rotation180
Sensitivity Adjustment3 levels
Compatible WithPS4, Xbox series, desktop, etc

The Subsonic Super drive SV450 is the best PS4 steering wheel under 100 dollars. It delivers multiple compatible options with hardware, and you can enjoy several racing games by using it, almost all racing games. The luxurious grip of these best PS4 steering wheels is inexplicable.

Compatible with Multiple Devices

It seems that it has got comfortability options with no limits. You can use it on PS4, Xbox series, desktop, Xbox One, Nintendo. So, it is why I chose it as one of the most OK Play Station 4 steering wheels. Moreover, it is equally good with all of these devices I pointed out above.

Fully Programmable

There were some lines not to cross when it was about compatibility options with devices, there were some lines not to cross, but there is no limit to racing games compatibility. You can play every type of racing game by using this PS4 steering wheel setup. It is phenomenal and a great notch to the gaming world.

Double Vibration Motor for Real Feel

Its motor comes with double vibration that gives you the natural feel of rotation, break, and acceleration. You can rotate the wheel 180-degree angle, and its overall appearance in your hands is marvelous. These are certainly some of the best PlayStation 4 steering wheels. Moreover, if you want to know more about wheel games, you can read the PS4 Steering Wheel Games. 

Luxury with Comfortability

Other objects are secondary, and the main wheel comes first. You cannot find this much best PS4 steering wheel under 100 bucks, and when you hold it once in your hands, you realize the grip it gives you is out of the world. It is a tremendous ps4 steering wheel setup. 

  • Comes with 3 sensitive levels
  • Offers multiple options for compatibility with devices and gaming
  • Super price friendly
  • Very easy to use
  • Not so good for PS3, PS5, desktop

There are several best PS4 steering wheels, but this one is a real deal to crack. It offers multiple usages with so many devices. A dual force motor produces a vibration that gives you the natural feel of driving. It takes your imagination to another level where you feel you are driving on the road in your car with natural shocks, touches, and turns. 

View Subsonic Super Drive SV450 Steering Wheel

7) Thrustmaster T248 Good PS4 Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T248 Good PS4 Steering Wheel
SpecificationsTested Values
Action Buttons25
Display In Total20
Hybrid Drive System70%
Compatible WithPS4, PS5, PC
Weight15.6 pounds

If you want your room to give you the feel of the road, and your gaming car provides an aroma of its car, its vibration, and turns, the Thrustmaster T248 is a good PS4 steering wheel to help you have these scenes. It gives 25 buttons to control functions, multiple display options, and compatibility with all racing games, making it a perfect device for everyone around. If you want to know more about these best PS4 steering wheels, let’s come down.

Control Functions

There are almost 25 action buttons to use that allow you to change the settings while driving. It is an upgraded form of the previous model T150 series. And its buttons are twice the size of the previous one. These virtual and physical buttons give you the ultimate choice and freedom while diving. When you need a genuine racing steering wheel ps4, the answer is Thrustmaster T248. 

Multiple Display Options

It comes with a display dashboard that offers more than 20 display choices, and you can choose any of them as fits in the game. You can adjust the other settings, the rotation, angle, feedback type, lap time, etc. So, if you are looking for the PS4 racing wheel compatibility, you need to test this device once.

Compatible with All Racing Games

Another great feature is its comprehensive options of compatibility. You can use it on several devices and all the racing games with any car and settings; you can easily play with this racing steering wheel PS4. To know more in detail about compatibility, you can read the Current list of Games Can You Play with Thrustmaster Wheels

Leather Wrapping with Striking Design

Its design is so attractive and striking. It adds value to your gaming room, making you fall for the room environment. Moreover, the hand-stitched leather on the wheel makes you feel super comfortable, giving you a luxurious experience. 

  • Multiple displays for information
  • Max rotation of the wheel
  • Dynamic force feedback
  • Improved version of T150
  • The limitation with the hardware platform

If you are looking for the best PS4 steering wheels, you got the most acceptable choice in this section. The steering wheel we are talking about is so smooth and super rotating. You can use it with a PC, PS4, PS5, and other devices. And when it comes to a collection of games, there are no restraints, and you can play any racing game with this wheel.

View Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel

8) Logitech G29 PS4 Steering Wheel Compatibility

Logitech G29 PS4 Steering Wheel Compatibility
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Weight4.96 pounds
Compatible WithPS3, PS4, PS5
Graphics Card RAM Size21MB

If you are looking for the best PS4 steering wheels to enjoy every aspect of the racing game to a standardized level, the Logitech G Dual Driving Force G29 is the answer to all your needs. It has PS4 steering wheel compatibility and has served racing lovers for decades. This newest model comes with multiple spotlights; to know them in detail, let’s look at the points below.

Quick Response and Adjustable Pedal Unit

It comes with a complete pedal unit that gives you clutch, gear, and acceleration points to run the car and enjoy the natural feel of the road. It gives you a racing experience that is very near to nature. The Logitech steering wheel PS4 is a big name, and it is one of the beautiful additions for racing lovers.

High-Quality Driving Wheel

When it comes to the PlayStation 4 steering wheels, its leather wrapping body gives your hands an anti-slip grip, and you enjoy moving from one side to another. It goes with the flow and creates an aroma of reality in your gaming room. It comes in full size as you get in a real car.


No product can give you satisfactory results until it has a great formation and reliable body structure. And these two are the child products of material. So, these Logitech PlayStation 4 steering wheels come with an excellent pedal unit made up of stainless steel, and the use of leather on the wheel takes the game to another level of enthusiasm and contentment. 

Easy to Control

It comes with multiple buttons placed on the face of the wheel and its sides. There is no need to search for hooks, keys, and other things to enjoy the real racing world; it’s all in your hands. The Logitech racing wheel for playstation 4 compatible can do it all super easy. Overall, its design is sturdy, giving you an experience full of joy and elation. It takes you on the road while sitting on your couch

  • Compatible with all racing games
  • Dual-motor force feedback
  • Helical gearing and hall effect steering are super good
  • No complicated setup
  • Not so good for Xbox Series and Xbox One

If you need the best PS4 steering wheels, this Logitech model can live up to your standards to the max. It has got all covers to make you feel good, and it allows you to enjoy racing with multiple options. You can enjoy variations in the game such as roads, colors of cars, types of cars, and more. The vibration of wheels comes with turning, which is mesmerizing. 

View Logitech G29 PS4 Steering Wheel

9) Doyo Best Price PS4 Steering Wheel

Doyo Best Price PS4 Steering Wheel
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Rotation270 degree
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Weight5.73 pounds
Hardware PlatformPS4, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, Desktop
Starting size10 inches

Last but not least, the Doyo is the best price PS4 steering wheel. It features a full-size wheel that makes sit hold and rotates. It makes you feel realistic turns on the road with the engine’s vibration, tires, and rotation of the wheel. To know these best PS4 steering wheels in detail, let’s explain the below points.

Unique Design with Solid Clamp Fixation

It comes with an ergonomic design with a distinct set of features that you enjoy using on PS4. The solid clamp fits the rings and circuits of the setup to the fullest. It comes with a curved base that is good to fix it flawlessly on any surface.

Realistic Turns with 270 Degrees Rotation

It allows you to rotate the wheel put I 270 degrees from left to right and vice versa. It produces vibration when you turn the car, which feels soothing to your ears. Its immersive racing action, button programming, and automatically adjustable sensitivity tool help you experience the racing you haven’t enjoyed so far.

100% Guaranteed Performance

Whenever you go to the market to acquire a gaming setup, you should try it and test it before placing the final order. This very reliable gaming device is pre-tested, and it provides 100% guaranteed performance. However, if you are interested in knowing iracing setups, you should read my recent article on iracing setups

Modern Gear with Clutch

The racing steering wheel comes with dual pedals, including Gas and Brake, and it is the best combo for having an immersive action-driving feel. Whenever you move the gear back or forwards, it creates a magical physics that you feel in your hands and on display. It is indeed the combo of the best budget ps4 steering wheel and pedals. 

  • Ergonomic design
  • Personal preferred settings
  • Improved rotation up to 270 degrees
  • A quality product for all racing games
  • Not so good for PS3, PS5

Making a purchase decision based on the information you read above will undoubtedly lead you to a positive conclusion. All the potential threats and flaws have been released. Before choosing it, I tested each component myself to get you the best PS4 steering wheels for your gaming setup.

View Doyo Best Price PS4 Steering Wheel

10) PXN V9 270°/900° Best Cheap Steering Wheels for PS4

PXN V9 270°/900° Best Cheap Steering Wheels for PS4
Weight13.47 pounds
Length15.75 inches
Rotation270 degree
Audio FunctionYes

The PXN V9 270°/900° is an excellent steering wheel to play all racing games with a dynamic 3 in 1 pedal system and a realistic steering wheel for a natural driving feel. If you are looking for the best cheap direct drive steering wheels for PS4, you need to come down, in brief, to the details of these best PS4 steering wheels. 

3 in 1 Pedal System

The pedal unit you get with this steering wheel holds three different tools to ease your gaming to the utmost level. It submits a clutch, brake, and accelerator on a single unit. If you are not aware of this PS4 steering wheel compatibility, it will amaze you with its wide range of options for multiple compatibilities. However, if you want to learn about f1 games, click on the f1 2021 game setups

Realistic Driving Experience

The steering wheel is so realistic and close to natural touch. It takes you and your car on the road while sitting on your sofa. The variety of hooks and buttons helps you manage the intensities and speed factors in the car.

And from that single pedal, you can pull the brake, give acceleration to speed, and use the clutch. Overall, it is a good PS4 steering wheel. Moreover, if you are looking for the good price PS4 wheel, you got one here.

Automatic Vibration and Shifting Pedal

Dual motors can automatically adjust the amplitude of vibration as the game demands. It is one of the best things about this super exclusive wheel for gaming lovers. People around the USA trust this wheel immensely, and it deserves every bit of it.

Strong Body with Durability

It comes with a strong body that furnishes durability, the core element in any product you buy. A good ps4 steering wheel can boost your gaming ordeal beyond your imagination. And a solid standardized making makes it go for years and years.  

  • Headset function
  • Variety of controls
  • Fully compatible with multiple hardware platforms
  • High low gear shooting option
  • No clear cons

So, you have reached the purchase decision section, which means you want the best PS4 steering wheels for your gaming setup. And I promise this steering wheel has everything to serve your purpose to the fullest. It has all the technical details that take your driving to the deep and make you feel like driving a real car on the road.

View PXN V9 270°/900° Steering Wheels

PS4 Steering Wheel Setup Buying Guide

Playing racing games with an excellent PS4 steering wheel allows you to enjoy your loving car drive into your gaming room. There are several types of steering wheels for PS4, and all are not compatible with all kinds of games, except a few ones. I have been using different PS4 wheels for years and know the secret of buying the perfect wheel for your PS4 setup. To buy one for yourself, follow the breakdown. 

Formation Material

Formation material plays a vital role in ensuring that you consider a suitable device for your gaming setup. Leather covering on the wheel with a steel pedal unit with a clutch, brakes, and accelerator are the best materials to ensure the best buying.

Rotation of the Wheel

The rotation of the wheels varies with the types of wheel; it can be 180, 270, or some other figure. If you get 180 degrees or 270 degrees rotation, you are good to go for that wheel. It will submit smooth and full of excitement turns and makes you feel the authenticity of the racing.

Pedal Unit and Solid Clamp

There are different types of pedal units having one, two, or three pedals available in the market, and if you manage to get 3 pedals in one unit, that is an excellent deal to crack. On the other hand, a solid clamp helps you mount the device inflexibly. You can play the game with all your body movements without fearing disruption in the setup.

Controlling Buttons on the Wheel

These days multiple buttons for controlling voice, brakes, horn, display, intensity, angle precision, rotation limit, and more help you enjoy racing with the utmost focus. It would help if you tried to get one that offers an easy pattern of buttons and is easily accessible for your fingers during the ordinary course of dealing.

Compatibility with Games and Hardware Platforms

It would help if you tried to buy the wheel that offers compatibility with multiple hardware devices such as PS4, PS3, PS5, desktop, windows, etc. On the other hand, you should go for a universal wheel that can work up to the mark with all types of racing games. 

Price Bracket

If you arrange a budget of up to 150 to 200 dollars, you can certainly buy a reliable and full of the perks steering wheel for ps4. And if you increase the budgetary line up to 500 bucks, you can surely gain a luxury stock for your gaming setup. 



All the 10 steering wheels are super exceptional, having distinct features, outlines, and specs. If you choose any of them for the PS4, you will not regret your decision for sure. Based On my extensive experience, I suggest you go for the HORI Racing Wheel Apex PS4. 
It is an excellent round steering wheel that furnishes ideal rotation with solid material to withstand harmful objects. It allows you to enjoy all types of racing games by using it on PS4. 

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