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If you buy a real car for drifting, it will add up quick costs to your pocket, and you won’t be able to continue it daily. So, I found a solution to get you the same kick out of digital drifting games. I have been playing drifting games on PC, Low-end PC, Android, and other hardware platforms, and it has been an incredibly amazing experience so far.

If you are new to drifting games and don’t know much about the game selection, car selection, and compatibility options, don’t worry; you reached the right informative page to learn about drifting games, types of cars, features, outlines, and more. So let’s not roam around anymore and head towards the Table of Content

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  3. Drifting Games for Android
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Top 17 Best Drifting Games To Play

Drifting Games

Drifting games are genuine homes for speed lovers and drifting lovers. Racers love to drive their cars, and when engines get heated and smoke gives the feel of true drifting games. However, if you do drifting, stunts, and racing on your real car, it will put your life at stake, and you might not afford the destruction of your vehicle resultantly.

So you may download the drifting games free and choose one by reviewing the best drifting games for PC, Android, and PS4. In this article, I’ll tell you all about drifting games, a collection of cars, customization, hardware platform options, and more. You can play numerous games on PC, but every game has a unique programming setup with distinct technical details.

If you want to get the genuine feel out of your drifting game, you need everything right on the standard. A great monitor can take your vision clarity on top, and by having one, you can explore the racing monitor. We’ll look at the details of games you play on various hardware platforms separately. 

Play Drifting Games on PC

Gird Drifting Games PC

There is a huge list of drifting games that you can play on PC and enjoy the stunts and tricks online. There is no need to put your life in danger. All you need to do is take a look at the top 7 drifting games on PC. Each has a unique atmosphere and interface to get a new kick out of your gaming setup. If you are looking for drifting games for pc free download, you need to look at the options down.

1) Dirt 3 Game

Dirt 3

It is the pure form of Rally racing and offers you multiple roads and off-roading drives. So if you want to drive in muddy paths and want to get the feel of real drift, you are good to invest your time in the Dirt 3 game. On top of that, the diversity of cars and scenes is incredible, and the handling with max customization leaves no stone unturned, taking your satisfaction to the max.

2) Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

The Need for Speed Hot Pursuit was a high hit, and it was initially released in 2010. It is indeed one of the best speed games with a real thrill of drifting, and it has the finest speed with the explosive delight of drifting and thrilling scenes on the way.

It boggles your mind with its phenomenal interface and furnishes a great collection of cars. You can change the vehicle, its color, speed, and other technical details by using a control panel under your palm.

3) Play GTA V


If you try carx drift racing online, you will find GTA-V very near to the essence of cars drift racing online. It gives you some fastest cars, with speed tracks and violations. Another thrilling element of police chasing hits your craziness and makes a real deal out of it. It also comes with so many drifting, shooting, and racing cars to take your gaming on top. There is no other game that can beat GTA-V when it comes to driving fee, and action. 

4) Absolute Drift

Absolute Drift

As the name of this game explains it all, Absolute Drift is the best game by Indie Games. Everyone is talking about these games nowadays, and it has gained popularity globally amongst racers and drifters. It allows you to enjoy a wider view of the city’s scenes, and you can perform drifting with more thrill and accuracy at the same time. So if you like to play drifting games online, you are good to go for this super game right away.

5) The Crew

The Crew

The Crew is a big hit of Ubisoft Gaming Company. Some of its previous games were not so good and had some lags during gameplay, but this one is a real deal for gaining the thrill of escaping from cops, and it is very near to Need for Speed. There are multiple drifting simulator options you can go for, but if you try it on PC, it’s going to produce a blast performance for you. I found it one of the best drifting games on the market.

6) Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3

If you find the drifting game that submits the best outlook, you’ll not get a better option than Forza Horizon 3. It gives an open world to explore with multiple options for car selection. It won’t be wrong if I declare it better than the drift king game. Forza Horizon 3 is one of the car drifting games unblocked on the internet that you can play online or download to play offline. You can get the max results by playing it on Windows, but not on PS4. 

Check the System Requirements of Forza Horizon 2, Forza Horizon 4 & Forza Horizon 5 .

7) Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs

Its name has nothing to do with its gaming theme. There is no dog or sleeping involved in the gameplay, but you get a role of an undercover cop play, which is so thrilling and enthusiastic. You are free to choose a truck, car, motorcycle, or another vehicle that suits you in the given situation. It is indeed of the best drifting games with all the major and minor technical details you crave in excellent drifting games.

Play Drifting Games on PS4

Super Street Drifting Games for PS4

If you own PlayStation 4, you got a range of drifting games to play. I tried my best to gather some finest games that come with no technical lags and snags. The 5 best picks have both arcade-style and technical detailing. Find one that suits your style of driving, racing, and drifting.

1) Burnout Paradise Remastered

Burnout Paradise Remastered

The Burnout Remastered first came into the PS3 and Xbox 360, but it wasn’t much better on these hardware platforms. And now, it is fully compatible with PS4 and has been doing a phenomenal job for racing and drifting lovers. It attracts you with its crashing more, allowing you to crash your vehicles into others, which is another kind of fashion these days. Moreover, it will enable you to have violations on the road and enjoy the thrill of escaping from the Police.

2) Play Dirt 5 Game

Dirt 5

If you are fed up with road track and want to enjoy off-road racing with muddy drifting, you are good to consider Dirt 5. It takes you from New York to Norway, and the scenes you get to see are inexplicable. So attractive and so alluring gameplay with green and muddy surfaces, ups downs, and more. The most beautiful part of this game is its controlling power and feel, which is pretty amazing. I found it one of the refined and advanced drifting games. 

3) F1 2021

F1 2021

It is a formula 1 racing game with all the perks and perquisites you crave in extraordinary gameplay. If you try this drift masters game, I can bet you will get the next-level local and online racing experience. It takes you to a new world of twists, turns, and drifts. You get almost 21 tracks with 10 colorful and beautiful cars to drive. You can choose your favorite path and car to get the max contentment. If you compare it with Xbox drifting games, you will find it leading from the front.

4) Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is another great addition to the drifting world and gives a great competition to other drifting games with leading edges. It comes with 80 tracks, and more than 300 cars are there to take your gaming taste to the top. In addition, you can choose arcade mode if you want, It improves your involvement in the gameplay immensely, and you get to explore the real open world.

5) Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2

If you go for an open search on the internet, you will find Project Cars 2 in the top results regarding the popularity and preclusion of the gameplay. It boosts your drifting skills by furnishing 60 plus locations, 200 plus cars, and 140 tracks. It is probably one of the most popular drifting games for ps4 these days. However, if you want to explore some open-world racing games, you can read the Open World Racing Games.

Play Drifting Games on Android

Ultimate Drifting Games for Android

Nowadays, android drifting gaming is the most useful genre with its ability to fill your free time with excitement, and you can convert your leisure time into quality spells. There are several drifting games that you can play on Android. This section will tell you about the five best drifting games for Android hardware platforms.

1) CarX Drift Racing 2

Carx Drift Racing 2

The CarX Drift Racing 2 is far better than the previous models, and its graphics with speed is enormous. There is no comparison of its car control. It allows you to modify your car during gameplay for having a blast of excitement. If you try 3D drifting games, you’ll forget them after interacting with the CarX Drift Racing 2. It gives various cars multiple customization options to take your drifting gaming interest to the next level.

2) Drift Legends-Real Car Racing

Drift Legends-Real Car Racing

Black Fox Entertainment has introduced an amazing drifting game with the best lineup of cars and modification options. It allows you to take pictures of the vehicle if you want, and it has got the finest locations to make you explore. I found it one of the complete drifting games myself.

3) Torque Burnout

Torque Burnout

The Grease Monkey Ganes has launched Torque Burnout with some refined touches. Millions of users have downloaded it millions of times, and it has got popularity at the very initial phase of its coming. So you can try it without fearing lag and snag during gameplay. 

4) Russian Car Drift

Russian Car Drift

There is no drifting game that can offer more customization options than Russian Car drifts. It’s undoubtedly one of the finest drifting games. If you are looking for drifting games for Android, you are safe to download them anytime you want. You can modify the car as you feel good, and it is how you can increase your gaming hours and enhance your taste for drifting games.

5) Drift Mania Championship 2

Drift Mania Championship 2

The Drift Mania Championship 2 offers great gameplay based on authenticity and realism, and it is a far better version than the previous one. It has an addictive gameplay interface with attractive and high-quality graphics. It also allows you to change cars, tracks, and locations.

Play Drifting Games Online

Playing drifting games online is a really fun activity. If you are new to drifting games and don’t know much about drifting games, I hope the information I shared in this article will help you immensely. Not all, but good drift games are also available online; you can download them free of cost. 

If you want to play drifting games for a low end PC or any other hardware device, you are free to go for the games mentioned above in different sections. 

You can play almost all games and many others that I couldn’t add here on the respective hardware platform, such as Android, PC, and PS4. However, if you want to know about Logitech G29, you should read the unbiased and genuine Logitech G29 review.

Play Drifting Games on Simulator

If you are a beginner and want to invest in sim racing, you should focus on two major things, the first one is a quality wheel, and the second one is a standard pedal unit. The ideal unit should consist of brakes and an accelerator at least. Unfortunately, if you buy these simulators, you have to invest 150 to 200 dollars. However, you may extend the budget up to 500 dollars for playing drifting games with perfection.

If you download drifting games PSP and install them on the hardware with proper storage space, you will get the max out of your gameplay. When you search on the internet for the drift car simulator unblocked, you’ll find Nissan GT-R on the top and some others.

However, if you follow the instructions I gathered in the article, you’ll surely find the drifting game that can give you the best gameplay you have ever had so far.

If you are looking for drifting games to get the max out of your gaming room and do not want to spend much on drifting real cars, this article will surely help you in every possible way. Whether you have a PS4, PC, Xbox, or Android, you can find the best compatible drifting game for your hardware platform by going through the data I added above.

I tried to keep the information as unbiased as possible, and it will surely win you a game with the best technical details and proper control you need during gameplay.

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