PS4 Steering Wheel Games List

No one can deny that speed matters for us the most. Everybody is in a hurry, and it is in human nature to be fast as much as he can. Speed driving spells give us thrill and enthusiasm, which works as a booster to rebuild us.

The PS4 steering wheel games list I have prepared will get you countless happiness and thrill. It enhances your taste and makes you enjoy a very close-to-nature gaming setup. 

Driving speed cars on the road is not safe. It may put you and your vehicle into serious trouble. So, do not put your and others’ lives at stake and enjoy the same feeling while sitting in your spiritual gaming room.

Thanks to the advanced technology that allows you to enjoy the same thrill and emotions by using the steering wheel with some best racing games. Find out the list below.

As a Racer, I had started radical racing about 3 years ago and still competing in the MX5 Cup with the BRSCC. This enthusiasm turned me into Simulator Racing. I picked Best Products based on performance to experience and then start this platform to write my Review for open public.


Table of Content:

  1. Gran Turismo Sport
  2. Formula 1 | 2015-19
  3. Dirt Rally 2.0
  4. WRC 7 & 8
  5. Project Cars 2
  6. Need for Speed
  7. NASCAR Heat 4
  8. V-Rally 4
  9. The Crew 2
  10. SpinTires MudRunner

10 Best Games for Steering Wheel PS4

You can play various racing games with the PS4 Racing Wheel, and I have been using the device for years. PS4 steering wheel games give you a lift to enjoy the natural feel of the road. You can find it amusing without risking your life on the road.

As I said, I have played various games and found some amazing ones out of the lot. You can take a look at the list of ten best picks I came across, and I want you to try these out once for the ultimate thrill and rapture.

1) Gran Turismo Sport

The Gran Turismo Sport game was initially launched in 2017, and it is an excellent thriller game for speedsters. It offers 1 to 2 players, and you can enjoy more than 40 different cars for riding. There are more than 150 colors you can have in these cars, and an excellent PS4 driver game can take your game to the max level.

Gran Turismo Sport

It is one of the best PS4 steering wheel games that you can play for hours and hours without being bored for a second at all. It offers 18 different locations and varied weather conditions with 54 various courses. You can play it to compete with your friends and play solely.

If you manage to buy an excellent PS4 steering wheel, you will have a blast performing with the ultimate comfortable grip on steering. 

2) Formula 1 | 2015-21

If you want to play Formula 1 games, don’t worry, the formula 1 game released from 2015 to 2021 is fully compatible, and there is no snag or lag you have to face while playing these games on the PS4 steering wheel. It is one of the finest PS4 driving games right now. If you look at other PS4 racing games and check out the features thoroughly, you’ll surely like it.

If you want to play an F1 Game with maximum satisfaction, you need to choose the car with the utmost care because the selection of a vehicle matters the most in your successful journey on carrying tracks. You can play it with worldwide players who participate in championships.

Formula 1

It also furnishes the career mode option that allows you to participate in seasons, and you can also build your teams to play professional competitions in championships.

Moreover, you can also read the F1 2021 Game Setup for more options.

3) Dirt Rally 2.0

It counts in the list of the best car games for PS4 and simulator games for PS4. The Dirt Rally 2.0. It was initially released back in 2019 and built a massive fan following of players worldwide. If you want to experience off-road driving, you have the best option in the shape of Dirt Rally 2.0.

It gives you multiple muddy and snowy off-road tracks that are not easy to drive on. PS4 steering wheel games are the key factor that helps you control the sensitivity of the problematic tracks. The Dirt Rally 2.0 comes second to none when it comes to off-road driving.

Dirt Rally 2.0

It is the best game with multiple off-road driving options to get you full of thrill and a delightful journey. You can customize the colors of the car you selected before you start driving, and it gives you various other options to boost the feel of going to get it closer to nature.

It makes you feel the engine’s voice and bounces on the muddy and snowy roads. It is one of the finest dirt racing games for PS4. 

4) WRC 7 & 8

The WRC 7 and 8 have stunned the players in the 2017 and 2019 championships with their excellent performance. Its appearance was lit, and the overall interface was alluring and attractive. It catches your eyes, and I found it one of the good racing games for PS4. I can bet that it is undoubtedly one of the best car racing games for PS4

WRC 7 & 8

It delivers a collection of magical themes with the most pleasing graphics that attract your eyes at the very first in traction with the screen. Additionally, if you want to check out the games you can play with some other good wheels, you can read to the Current list of Games Can You Play with Thrustmaster Wheels. It takes good care of your taste and gives you an ultimate boost to enjoy the speed driving you have never had before. 

5) Project Cars 2

It was released in 2017 and, within no time, has captured a big chunk of the attention of the players in the market. Most experts and pro players recommended it to beginners and intermediates. It is indeed one of the finest PS4 racing simulator games, that is also one of the best multiplayer racing games PS4.

Playing PS4 steering wheel compatible games is no rocket science; the steering wheel is super cool to rotate, and its grip with your hands is unmatched.

Project Cars 2 took the expertise of real mechanics and manufacturers to build a game that comes with the max closer connection to authenticity and practicality. The game takes you to the world where you feel you are driving a speed car on the road. It has got recognition from the game’s hall of fame and won the hearts of millions of players online.

6) Need for Speed

The Need for Speed has two major versions, the Heat, and Playback; both are fully compatible PS games with steering wheel support. When it comes to PS4 steering wheel games, the Need for Speed is an excellent choice to go with. Playback and heat were released in 2017 and 2019 consequently. Playback and heat have different cities to make you drive and visit the places like you are in the city yourself.

Need for Speed

Heat version gives you Miami city to drive in, and every player participates from different streets and joins the race. At the same time, the Playback is set in Fortune Valley. Each city has its cops on AI-based settings to make you drive safely.

It has many other scenes like pedestrians, malls, roads, coastal roads, and more. You get a lot to enjoy in every game of Need for Speed. Moreover, if you are interested in iracing, you can visit the iracing Setup

7) NASCAR Heat 4

NASCAR 4 is one of the best steering wheel PS4 and offers an enhanced and improved version this time. It was initially released in 2019 and has managed to win countless hearts of players.If you go through the PS4 steering wheel games list on the internet, you’ll get NASCAR 4 in top results everywhere.

PlayStation 4 steering wheel games are superb to expense at the first time, and once you are used to it, nothing can stop you from becoming a pro racer.

The new edition of this game has made some significant changes and has improved and smooth flow of the game. It has so many customization options to give you realistic and robust themes. The fans of this game have been so lucky to enjoy its latest edition as it is the best so far. 

8) V-Rally 4

The very first edition of V Rally games came in the 90s, and there were numerous things to redesign and reconsider in the game. Its latest 4th edition was released in 2018. It is as impressive as you can think of it. If you want PS4 steering wheel games free, it is available in both paid and free versions.

V-Rally 4

If you are clear that can you use the steering wheel on GTA 5 PS4? So the answer is yes, you can. PS 4 steering wheels are awesome with multiple games, and you can play a range of games with this wheel device super conveniently. 

9) The Crew 2

The Crew 2 has amazing PS4 steering wheel games, and it offers a mission-oriented interface to get you in the real racing world. It is a more realistic and pragmatic game for racers. If you do an open search on PlayStation 4 racing wheel games, all ps4 steering wheel games give different mechanisms, outlooks, specs, and features. And this one has a significant impact on those who love to achieve goals while driving. 

The Crew 2

If you want to experience open-world PS4 steering wheel games, you can try this game once. When. I used it for the very first time back in 2018; I found it so amusing and challenging at the same time. 

10) SpinTires MudRunner

It is a unique game out of this lot of 10 Best PS4 Car Games with steering wheel. It gives you a mission related to transport. You have to load things and take them to a specific destination without getting them damaged and shattered during driving. The PS4 Logitech steering wheel games are extraordinary if you know the wheel properly. 

SpinTires MudRunner

You can also enjoy it with PS4 Ferrari steering wheel games, and the performance and color scheme of its themes is mesmerizing. When it comes to playing PS4 steering wheel for racing games, the SpinTires MudRunner comes second to none.

What Games Can I Play With A Steering Wheel?

There are several Hori PS4 steering wheel compatible games and others that you can play with steering wheels. The list of ten I added in Thai manuals is super consistent with the steering wheel—several other games of the same series of these games freely. You can also have it for paid or free. But, paid one is always better than a free version. 



In conclusion, we can say that the PS4 steering wheel games are super awesome, and the other is a vast collection I game that you can enjoy with the steering wheel. Whether you want a racing car, transportation missions, competition, mud running, snowy road drives, or more.
You can have all this by having an excellent PS4 steering wheel with the satisfaction you crave. I can bet that no other setup can give you this extensive range of options to play on, as the PS4 steering wheel does.