Best Need for Speed Games List for PC, PS3, and PS4

You can find numerous Need for speed games, but not all have it all you seek. Need for Speed is a fantastic company since 1994 has been producing some great stuff for Speed. Whether you need advanced car mechanics, submerging tracks, customized racing controls, or anything else.

In this article, I will cover all these things by telling you the top 15 best needs for speed games, their advantages, outlines, specs, and more. The ranking list we have prepared will get you the real-time deal you need to know. All of them are super appeals by the widely available Franchise and the models which were old, some of them were outdated, have been eliminated from the list earlier.

Now, you’ll surely get to know the authentic ranking of the Need for speed games to buy one for yourself. So, let’s begin the show with the list of the 15 top Need for Speed games.

Need for Speed Games

List of Top 15 Best Need for Speed Games

Every racer needs Speed, but every new model has distinct features, specs, and compatibility options. Finding the best match for your gaming setup is a tricky question to answer. If you have reached here, it means you want something extraordinary to play the best shot for your gaming room.

So, let’s get started with the first one out of the top 15 Need for speed games.

  1. Need for Speed: V-Rally 2
  2. Need for Speed: The Run
  3. Need for Speed Heat
  4. Need for Speed: ProStreet
  5. Need for Speed 2
  6. Need for Speed: Rivals
  7. Need for Speed: No Limit
  8. Need for Speed: Undercover
  9. Need for Speed: Payback
  10. Need for Speed (2015)
  11. Need for Speed: Shift
  12. Need for Speed: Shift 2: Unleashed
  13. Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012
  14. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
  15. Need for Speed: Underground 2


Need for Speed: V-Rally 2

To start with the best Need for speed games, we get the 15th ranked game, Need for Speed V-Rally 2. It is not so familiar to most speed racers but, thanks to the Franchise introducing Rally racing into the Need for Speed. The company initially released it in 1999 for PlayStation. It was later released for Dreamcast back in 2000.

It is an exceptional NFS game and one of the best models so far. It is a unique game, unlike other NFS games. Moreover, it is the sequel of the original V- Rally, and the production house is also the same for both the games, which is now other than Eden Studios.

Need for Speed V-Rally 2

If you go for an open search for the best Need for speed games, you will find V-Rally 2 best Need for speed games ranked on the right point I picked it for. It supports four players set to play the game simultaneously and provides a high range of unique cars with different colors, speeds, and track engagement.

It adds significant value to its name and has won millions of hearts for the Need for Speed Series. The Need for Speed was most wanted; the racers who love old versions still find it attractive and worth playing for hours and hours.


Need for Speed: The Run

In 2011, the company took a bold step and tried a unique idea of adding a theme with the story in the gaming setup. It developed a new adventurous idea of taking newbies and all pro racers on boars. Everyone can participate in a competition to earn respect by completing the phases and becoming a newbie to a seasoned and pro speedster.

Need for Speed The Run

When it comes to the best Need for speed games, there are always two things you will find similar, Speed and Speed. It gives you freedom of driving by going through mobs, outrunning competitors, police, the public on roads, and more. Its period for play is so small, and there is no considerable replay ability you find in its setup.It also counts the Need for Speed most wanted, as millions of speedsters like it to date.


Need for Speed Heat

The Need for speed Heat is one of the company’s biggest hits. As its name says it all, it’s heat. When it first entered the market, its rating was flying in the air, and racers loved spending their time while playing it. It furnishes incredibly advanced mechanics, fast turning roads, engaging building edges, powerful visuals, and all that a great fan of games cannot think but dream of.

Need for Speed Heat

If you see the Need for a speed games rating table on the internet, you’ll find NFS Heat is still doing great business for the company. It gives you a whole open world to explore; you can customize your car, color, mechanics, and other settings if you want. It gets more intense and playful when the police chase your car, and you have to run with Speed.

If we look at the technical detailing of this game in-depth, we’ll get some mixed reviews. There is no doubt that it is not the best model that racers have ever tried, but it is something that everyone appreciates the Franchise’s effort. It is an explosion for those who love trying new games for exploration and enjoying the Speed. However, if you crave ps4 steering wheel games, you can read the ps4 steering wheel games


Need for Speed: ProStreet

The Need for Speed Prostreet gives you a mic gaming experience. It is an extraordinary blend of Arcade and simulation. If we look at the fun factor, that is missing because of more focus on the legal driving interface. It is the point that eliminates the crazy elements from the game somehow. 

Need for Speed ProStreet

The best thing about this game is its realistic approach towards Speed. It keeps stuff within limits and doesn’t allow you to break laws while racing in a competition or just driving to explore the city. It might not be the best Need for Speed game for ps3, but for ps4, ps5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc. It is indeed one of thebest Need for speed games and doing great to date.

Moreover, it gives you multiple options to choose your favorite car, and you can customize the settings as it fits in the scenario you choose to drive in. If you love to play racing games and do not want the police to chase you or do not want a rash driving pattern, this is the right product for you.


Need for Speed 2

When the Need for Speed II entered the market for the first time, no other speed game ruled over the market but NFS Speed II. It has some bets collection of cars with a creative ambiance that gives kicks you out of the accelerator. It makes a choice easier for speedsters by providing them with the best game with perfect outlines, an excellent background, and multiple roads and rights to explore.

Need for Speed 2

Its name doesn’t show something unique, but it is an improved and enhanced version of all games that belong to the Need for Speed series. Moreover is one of the best Need for speed games for Xbox. With its technical details, you can play it on PlayStation 4, and Xbox. It has the finest technology to get you an outlook of cars more realistic and genuine.

You may have to face some glitches while playing it on repeat mode but, its interface eliminates all that pain you feel while dealing with its glitches and lags. So, if you love to play speed games by choosing a car that gives you a look close to nature and takes the genuineness to the next level, this product is only for you.


Need for Speed: Rivals

The Need for Speed Rivals has a fantastic set of effects with cinematic shots and crashes to get a crazy touch to your race. It keeps some bugs and glitches, but if you play it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One setup, you will get the full kick out of this crazy game.

Need for Speed Rivals

It might look more attractive and desirable if you get its concept on paper. On the other hand, its execution gets some glitches, as I mentioned above. It allows you to pick your favorite car and choose the track you want to drive on. Once the race is started, now, you are good to have a blast racing competition. It takes you to another world of exploration.

Search for the best Need for speed games list that is most popular and affordable worldwide amongst speedsters. You will surely get this game in the top results, and it has successfully maintained its rating and popularity over the years.It is one of the best Need for speed games besides all the share of bugs and glitches you face in gameplay.


Need for Speed: No Limit

If you have an android or IOS device, you can play the Need for Speed No Limit. It has got a massive interface with tremendous format settings. You can change the settings anytime during the gameplay, and it gives you multiple options to lock and unlock the game and make it refresh to feel using a neat and fresh game all the time.

Need for Speed No Limit

It allows you to participate in racing competitions, and you can pause it anytime to make a cup of coffee for yourself. Whenever you get free time and want to make your make in competition, you are open to it. By the time you get used to it, you will start growing, and that’s how you earn respect by playing this beautiful gameplay.

It keeps your mind in a state of peace and allows you to feel the freshness of the interface every time you start playing it, and it keeps producing the same during the gameplay the whole time. It is indeed one of the top Need for speed games from the time it enters the market to date. When I used it for the first time, I found it worth playing racing games for speed lovers despite drawbacks. 


Need for Speed: Undercover

EA Black released this super awesome game back in 2008, and it gives you an open world to explore and race through. It takes you to the world of Fast and Furious films. You play an undercover cop that takes you with the story entirely. You get a mission-oriented interface that gives you a take to chase criminals, and you get the feeling of a real-life agent or an undercover cop.

Need for Speed Undercover

It is indeed one of the top Need for speed games and leaves no stone unturned in giving you a real kick out of this gaming setup. It introduced you to the world of actual chasing, not at the end of being followed, but the one who follows.


Need for Speed: Payback

Ghost Games Company introduced the Need for Speed Payback in 2017, and it comes with multiple aspects to get you the max enjoyment and sense of achievement. If you are looking for the best Need for speed games that submit various modes to play, you landed won’t the right section of this article.

Need for Speed Payback

It gives you a side that has a vast collection of cars, doing stunts, and racing, winning medals, and growing their profile online in racing competitions. On the other hand, you get roads off-road racing options to taste new flavors of high-speed racing. Moreover, it is probably the best Need for speed game for PC. However, if you want to know about starting wheel games, you can go through the best ps5 steering wheels.


Need for Speed (2015)

If you have played Need for speed underground 2, you know how amazing this game is. The Ghost Games has developed this fantastic game that has met the standards of NFS Underground 2. It is probably the best Need for Speed game for customizing cars. It has got some criticism to be online, which is not doable practically. 

Need for Speed (2015)

If you look at the compatibility of this game, it is the best Need for speed game for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It is the first game that also furnishes an interface of EA’s frostbite. That is another level of fun in which you have to drive but with safety from snow and slippery roads.

The driver must keep his feet and hands secure from frostbite by wearing the relevant uniform to get the car to the desired destination.


Need for Speed: Shift

The Slightly Mad Studios developed this excellent craze game for speed lovers. It is the closest game to simulation to an arcade one. It gives you options to customize your car inch by inch, and you can make changes in its colors, Speed, mechanics, and other technical details.

Need for Speed Shift

So, if you want to have a break from playing Arcade, you are good to shift on this game with full enthusiasm. So, that is the reason I call it the best Need for speed game for customizing cars. Moreover, it is the best speed game to play on PC. 


Need for Speed: Shift 2: Unleashed

It is the best sequel to Need for Speed and has a considerable impact on the ng lovers. Finding the best Need for speed games will not be difficult if you rely on the unbiased information I share. It has a massive collection of almost 120 licensed cars to give you eternal freedom of choice. You may try every vehicle and enjoy variations while playing games for hours and hours.

Shift 2 Unleashed

You can engage the gaming world with you and build your career in gaming by playing this robust shift 2 unleashed game. It may not be the best Need for a speed game for ps4, but the best for PC. Moreover, if you want to know about iracing setups for gaming, you can read my recent article on iracing setups


Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2012

The NFS Most Wanted is a state-of-the-art game; it lightens your gaming room with new sparks and blows fresh air into your gaming taste altogether. It has no bugs and glitches by default, and you can enjoy playing it on Android, IOS, and PlayStation 3. 

Most Wanted 2012

It is the best speed game to play on mobile devices. Its processors and other technical details allow you to enjoy it while lying in your bed and can make your partner join you in the session.

If you create a comparison of this game with the best Need for speed payback, you will find it leading from the front. It delivers multiple roads, turns, and world-class driving mechanics to enhance your gaming taste and take it to a whole new world.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

It is developed by Criterion Games and comes with live-action and customization options. I used several NFS games but didn’t get the kick I craved. And when I had my first interaction with Hot Pursuit, it was out of the world. So, if you are looking for the best Need for speed games, you may find your wanted one in the shape of Hot Pursuit. 

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

Everyone wants a ps4 need for a speed game that adds value to their gaming setups, but without prior knowledge, they do not make a rational decision when making a purchase decision.

It focuses on Speed, whether you have it as a racer or a cop. It allows you to analyze your Speed with others competing online. However, to enlighten you with some more gaming options, you can read my recent unbiased piece of writing on the Logitech G923 review


Need for Speed: Underground 2

While playing a racing game, the song collection matters the most. If you get a game that makes you listen to a song repeatedly on repetition, you won’t feel good and would want to get rid of it. To avoid such issues, the NFS Underground 2 comes with various songs to multiply your speed racing taste by 100%.

Need for Speed Underground 2

Moreover, if you are looking for the latest speed game, you should check the Need for speed games rating online first and then go for the final decision. The NFS Underground 2 gives you the most options for automation than any other racing game. That is the reason I chose this game as my first choice.



So, these were the top 15 best Need for speed games I came across, and each one has unique and distinct sets of traits with varying she’s and outlines. I hope the information I shared with you in this article will help you to make the best decision to buy the best Need for Speed game you have ever had so far.
I tried to keep the flow of words as simple as I could. And I promise, if you take help from the content, you’ll not regret making your decision based on this handy article.