10 Best AM3+ CPUs Review for Gaming in 2022 Buying Guide

Finding the best AM3+ CPU for gaming is not children’s play, and it takes a lot of study, understanding, and experience to find the best one out of numerous options. When it comes to AMD CPUs, it is indeed a big name to prepare CPUs to adorn your system with the most delicate backing. And the collection of ten excellent AM3+ CPUs can get you the most robust cover from all around.

My team and I have chosen some of the most outstanding models and tried and tested them all with the ultimate pressures and massive gameplay. By the time you go down, you’ll find the best exhibition of the AMD processors. Moreover, I’ll provide you with the most helpful buying guide to help you with the best of the best CPU options for your gaming. So, let’s make a move that gives way forward to your gaming by looking at the table of content down.

Table of Content

  1. AMD FX-6300 Fastest AM3+ CPU Black Edition
  2. AMD 3.8 4300 Budget AM3+ CPU
  3. AMD FX-8370 CPU AM3+ Socket
  4. AMD FX 8300-Vishera 8-Core AM3+ Processor
  5. AMD FX-8150 8-Core Black Edition Processor Socket AM3+ CPU
  6. AMD FX 4350 Fastest AM3 Processor
  7. AMD FX-9370 Socket AM3+ Processor
  8. OEM FX-8350 AM3+ Processor for Gaming
  9. AMD FX 4130 AM3+ CPU for Gaming 2022
  10. AMD FX 6100 AMD AM3+ CPU

Top 10 Best Budget AM3+ CPU for Gaming and Overclocking

Best AM3+ CPUs

If you are new to making a deal and do not know what will suit your system the most, you have reached the right place to get the answers to all your unattended queries so far. Whether you need four or eight threads with twice the number of cores, you will find them all here with no unrest. I used them myself and will share all my findings with an unbiased approach to enable you to win the best device. Let’s pull the first one from the list.

1) AMD FX-6300 Fastest AM3+ CPU Black Edition

AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 Fastest AM3+ CPU
Speed3.5 GHz
Cache8 MB
Wattage95 Watts
SocketSocket AM3

The AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 is one of the best AM3+ CPUs with all the great features you crave in a great CPU. It delivers highly efficient and noise-free performance, unbreakable reliability for world-class operations, and I.rp9ved technology for smooth and flawless processes. However, if you need to know more, you can have a look at the data below.

Answer Your Personal Preferences to the Max

It comes with an unlocked clock with a super speed of 3.5 GHz. It is enough to keep the processes fast and sharp, and it keeps the components in due form and doesn’t put any extra burden on the system. Moreover, I found it the best AM3+ CPU within a low budget with all the technical details for a great device. So, if you want precision and accuracy in your gaming with a high-quality resolution, you can depend on the product picked by our experts.

Highly Efficient and Noise-Free

It is a super-efficient and noise-free processor, and its fan has no voice at all. It keeps the device at a due temperature that causes no damage to the systems and consumes light energy. 

Unbreakable Reliability for World-Class Operations

Reliability has no substitute. It gives an enormous boost to your skill sets and your gaming. So, if you want a companion that goes a long way ahead with your processes, you can invest in this best budget AM3+ CPU. It is very economical and reliable as well. 

Improved Technology with Extra Space

What if you get improved technology with extra space to hold the heavy loads to process them with ease and comfort, it must be fun. So, the best AM3+ CPU I came up with has both features to keep your head up in your circle. And it satisfies you with all possible means.

  • The price is very competitive
  • It keeps the process smooth by keeping the components cool
  • It provides the ultimate performance for multiple usages
  • The speed is pretty impressive
  • It is a bit old model of AMD
  • It has not so good performance with single-core

2) AMD 3.8 4300 Socket AM3+ Budget CPU

AMD 3.8 4 Socket AM3+ FD4300WMHKBOX Best Budget CPU
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Speed3.8 GHz
Cache4 MB
Wattage95 watts
Weight4.6 ounces

The AMD 3.8 4 Socket AM3+ FD4300WMHKBOX is another big gun with many desirable and attractive traits. It delivers 24% better performance in some of the most demanding games, has the fastest audio encoder with an intelligent cooling system, etc., eight cores for the ultimate multitasking. You can come down if you want to know more about these best AM3+ CPUs.

24% Better Performance in Some Most Demanding Games

It comes with 24% better performance in some most demanding games and delivers the best. If you haven’t come across the best AMD AM3+ CPU with cooling support, you need to try it once. It will surely blow your mind with its technical details. I used it, and it was so pleasing to have it in my gaming setup.

Fastest Audio Encoder with Brilliant Cooling System

It gives you a faster audio encoder with an intelligent cooling system to keep all the components in good health. It provides an extra boost to all the procedures and processes. It is indeed the best AM3+ CPU for multiple purposes. So, if you want to play the best shot within a low-budget contour system, you are good to go for this one.

8 Cores for the Ultimate Multitasking

Suitable cores are superb for dealing with multitasking, and if you are looking for the best AMD am3 CPU with all the major and minor details, you can rely on this pick with all the confidence. The core speed is the backbone of perfect gameplay, whether it is a heavy load or a light one.

Stunning Resolution Backup with Heavy Games

Resolution matters a lot for a perfect view of the game like Forza Horizon 5, and if you choose to play a heavy load game (Need for Speed), this best AMD AM3+ CPU can give you the best cover from all around. I don’t think so; you can discover something as good as this one within a low budget.

  • Provides you with a 4.2 GHz speed
  • Provides you with a next-generation architecture
  • Comes with the great cooling system
  • Very easy to use and enjoy multiple solutions
  • It is very similar to some other devices of the same series
  • The performance is not up to the mark

3) AMD FD8370FRHKHBX Best CPU AM3+ Socket

AMD FD8370FRHKHBX Best CPU AM3+ Socket
Speed4 GHz
PlatformNo operating system
Cache8 MB

The AMD FD8370FRHKHBX is the last but not least. It is the best AM3+ CPU with many alluring traits such as thermal solutions to avoid the heat, a top lone processor with premium quality detailing, and the best for gaming and multimedia.

Thermal Solution to Avoid Heat and Pressures

It has a thermal-based solution to avoid heat and pressure that can play havoc with your whole system. So, if you want to play safe and do not want anything to go down, you can invest in this best AM3+ CPU for gaming in 2022. 

Top Line Processor with the Premium Quality Detail

It is indeed the top-line processor with its advanced and refined touches. The detailing that it gives you is unbeaten. Moreover, you do not have to spend big money to buy this. All you need to pay is around 100 bucks only.

Best for Gaming and Other Usages

If you are looking for the best AM3+ CPU for gaming 2022 to fill your cravings for gaming and multimedia, you reach the right corner to win one. It is the product that has all to give you perfect gameplay for long hours.

Fastest Speed for the Smooth and Reliable Gameplay

If you need the speed, the AMD FD8370FRHKHBX is there to answer your query. I found it one of the fastest CPUs with great features to adorn your usage with the best. It is indeed the best AM3+ CPU with the ability to handle heavy loads and provides you with a quality resolution for gaming and streaming. 

  • The latest model with premium quality features
  • The speed is unbeatable with heavy loads
  • Best device for the ultimate resolution
  • Ideal for gaming and other works
  • Super economical price range
  • Comes with some inherited heating issues
  • I found no other clear con

4) AMD FX 8300-Vishera 8-Core Black Edition AM3+ Processor

AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition FX-8300 Best AM3+ Processor
Speed3.3 GHz
Wattage95 watts
Weight1.76 ounces
Length0.79 inches
Processor count8

Finding the best AM3+ CPU is not children’s play, but the AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition has made it up for you. It is one of the best processors with multiple cores for multi-tasking, aggressive performance, and improved clock speed rate for better speed and smooth gameplay. Let’s follow the flow of words down to know more about it.

Multiple Cores for Multi-Tasking

It is a multi-scaling device with eight cores and almost double threads to keep your system performance up. So, if you are looking for the best AM3+ processor, and you want the same on a low budget, you have the most acceptable option to consider this super device. 

Aggressive Performance Provider

Usually, pro gamers and users consider it an aggressive device that delivers its max with the utmost accuracy and precision. It gets multiple tasks your way but with no apparent flaw. When I used this best AM3+ CPU myself, it amazed me thoroughly and compelled me to use it for different workouts. 

Improved Clock Rate for Better Speed

Its shrink design keeps the max energy saved inside and doesn’t allow it to go to waste and cause any extra consumption. So, if you want the best out of the am3+ socket CPU list, you have reached the right place to make a move. However, if you are interested in buying LGA 1150 CPU, you can give a read to the Best LGA 1150 CPU

No Extra Power Required for Extra Cores

It requires a minimum amount of energy to run with your system, and the device keeps the components fresh and cool during the gameplay. However, if you are looking for the fastest AM3+ processor with energy-efficient performance delivery, you are good to keep your eyes on this processor. 

  • Least power consumption device
  • It is the safest device to use within 70 degrees
  • Max cores for the ultimate multi-tasking
  • Super price-friendly processor for all

5) AMD FX-8150 8-Core Black Edition Processor Socket AM3+ CPU

AMD FX-8150 8-Core Best AM3+ CPU
Speed3.6 GHz
Due shrink33 NM
Cache8 MB
Processor count8

If you want the best AM3+ CPU to take your gaming to the next level, the AMD FX-8150 8-Core is a unique but powerful pick. It submits overlocking abilities to boost the performance, AMD overdrive software for the ultimate control, and turbo core technology to manage the processor’s load. So, if you want to know in-depth, let’s follow the breakdown.

Over Locking Abilities to Boost the Performance

The overlocking abilities to boost the performance is the next level of relief for the ultimate performance. If you want to win the best AM3+ CPU, you are almost there to lock one. All you need to spend is around 200 bucks.

AMD OverDrive Software for the Ultimate Control

It allows you to turn the system control in the pushing model and get all the changes before you. The stability of the performance and achievement depends on the AMD overdrive software a lot. I found it the best AMD AM3 CPU with all the possible solutions. 

AMD Turbo Core Technology to Manage the Max Workload

The AMD turbo core technology is the best to deal with tasks at hand, and you aim for more. On the other hand, if you are looking for AM3+ CPU for gaming 2022 option, I can bet you won’t find anything better than this one. I used it myself, and it is impressive in all aspects.

Impressive Energy Efficient Performance

Impressive energy efficiency performance takes the device to another level of popularity. It is indeed the best AM3+ CPU for gaming in 2022. Moreover, it increases you with the most OK gameplay you crave in your gaming setup.

  • A big fan to eliminate heat well enough
  • The performance is consistent and reliable
  • The cache data is higher than most devices
  • The price is very low
  • It demands a strong BIOS update
  • The cooling system is not up to the mark

6) AMD FX 4350 Unlocked Quad Core Fastest AM3+ Processor

AMD FX 4350 Unlocked Quad Core Fastest AM3+ Processor
SpecificationsTested Values
Speed4.2 GHz
Cache4/8 MB
Wattage125 Watts
Processor count4

The AMD FX 4350 Unlocked Quad Core is the best AM3+ CPU with down of the most significant features you crave in CPU. It has improved energy-efficient performance, an ideal multi-tasking function, and a super price-friendly and durable building. It has a lot more to adorn your gaming with the best. So, let’s find what is coming your way.

Improved Energy Efficient Performance

The improved energy efficiency performance has a leading edge over high-consumption devices. It keeps the device cool, and you can use it for long hours without fearing any heat and pressure. When I used this best socket AM3+ processor myself, it stunned me for a moment, and it is still there.

Ideal Multi-Tasking Function

The clock speed did this best AM3+ CPU is super incredible, and it takes the device’s overall performance. When you need to play heavy load games or use it for your office work, I can bet it will match your needs to the fullest. 

Super Price Friendly and Durable

If you are looking for the best socket am3+ processor within a low budget and don’t want to compromise on the performance quality, you are suitable to attain this super best combo. Moreover, it is a durable processor that can work 20 hours without putting you in distress. 

Quality Processor for Most Games

When it comes to finding the best AM3+ processor for gaming, you almost made it. The clock speed with multiple threads and cores takes the game on. It delivers the max kick out of your gaming setup with the premium quality resolution. Moreover, it charges no extra money to your pocket. 

  • Very best to provide balanced results with heavy loads
  • It is very easy to use for multi-purpose
  • Provides you with multi-thread performances
  • It is very lightweight and easy to attach
  • It has not enough core count
  • It consumes high power for heavy loads

7) AMD FD9370FHHKWOF FX-9370 Socket AM3+ Processor

AMD FD9370FHHKWOF FX-9370 Best Socket AM3+ Processor
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Speed4.4 GHz
Frequency4.7 GHz
Wattage220 watts
Cache8 MB
Weight2.08 ounces

The AMD FD9370FHHKWOF FX-9370 is another extraordinary contribution to the gaming world especially. It is the best AM3+ CPU with dynamically optimized performance and multiple cores for multitasking and is ideal to use on a desktop. Moreover, it delivers equally good arrangements for games and other usages. So, to know in detail about this processor, let’s look at the points below.

Dynamically Optimized Performance Provider

If you want to experience a luxurious feel with the high-resolution gameplay, the best AM3+ CPU is the right choice. I found it as a gem or processor, and it leaves no stone unturned in filling your cravings with the best. Whether you use it for gaming or personal use, it can easily justify both ends. So, let’s not roam around, and you are entirely safe to rely on my pick.

Multiple Cores for Multitasking

It comes with multiple cores to deal with numerous tasks at once. When I used this best AM3+ processor for gaming for the first time, it amazed me and impressed me with its smooth bombastic performance. So, if you need comfort with no major flaw, you are super safe to go for it. Explore the options about the best CPU for RTX 3070

Ideal for Gaming and Multimedia Usage

It gives dual Billings in one go and charges for one only; how great it is of this super pick. It is suitable for gaming and multimedia usage. When you need the most reliable AMD 3 CPU, it is better to watch the processing speed. Anyone can relate to its functionality to keep the gaming room alive with enthusiasm and excitement. 

Best To Create Match for Desktop Users

If you are a desktop user, you reach the heavens to pick the best processor for your system. Finding the fastest AM3+ CPU with the perfect match for your system is not a joke; it takes a complete understanding of the processors and systems. But, if you are new here, don’t worry; the information I gathered will take good care of your needs.

  • Multiple cores for the ultimate speed process
  • It comes with a great clock speed of 4.7 GHz
  • It is a multi-core and multi-threading heroin
  • The price range is very low
  • It is a high power consumption device
  • It comes with outdated thermals

8) OEM AMD FX-8350 Best AM3+ Processor for Gaming

OEM AMD FX-8350 Best AM3+ Processor for Gaming
SpecificationsTested Values
Cache8 MB
Wattage125 Watts
Processor count8
Weight2 pounds

If you are looking for the best AM3+ CPU within a small budget and want quality performance, you can rely on the OEM AMD FX-8350 Best AM3+. It comes with the best advanced micro design, an ideal mechanism for 3D gaming, and mega-tasking with super easy operations. When I used it for the first time, it attracted me entirely. To know the reason behind this, let’s read it in detail below.

Best Advanced Micro Device for the Job

It has a unique but advanced micro design that fits well in the place. And keep all the jobs to their mark. I used numerous best AM3+ CPUs myself, but not all were good enough to add to this article. So, if I said this one, there must be some solid reason to find them all; keep reading. 

Best for 3D Gaming Experience

Every gamer loves playing games with a realistic approach, and no one can beat the 3D version. So, if you want to play 3D gaming with all the perks and perquisites, you are good to invest in this best budget AM3+ CPU. It delivers a fresh and neat experience better than before so far.

Mega Tasking with Super Ease

Finding the best CPU AM3+ socket with mega-tasking is a tough job. But, with the OEM AMD FX-8350 Best AM3+, these difficulties are more to resist your way. It is an excellent CPU with the fastest speed and multiple threads and cores for mega tasking

Super Affordable Price for All

When it comes to budget products, the AM3+ socket processor I came up with is the right choice. It is a great device that takes everything on board while offering a processor to gamers and daily users. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or pro user, you can have it with confidence. 

  • It provides you with the optimized multiple core system
  • It comes with a 5.0 GHz speed for desktop lovers
  • Comes with improved frame rates
  • Very economical and best for beginners
  • High power consumption is an issue
  • Needs some more advanced touches for the perfection

9) AMD FX 4130 Black Edition Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming 2022

AMD FX 4130 Black Edition Best AM3+ CPU for Gaming 2022
SpecificationsTested Values
Cache4 MB
Wattage125 Watts
Processor count4
Weight1.76 ounces
Length5 inches

The AMD FX 4130 Black Edition is the ultimate processor to give you the best cover with valuable features. It gives you an ideal mechanism for most games, provides the top gameplay with the highest quality resolution, and multiple cores to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. However, if you want to know more about this best AM3+ CPU, you can read the point below.

Ideal Device for Most of the Games

Usually, heavy load games are not suitable to use with some of the models of AMD, but fortunately, this AMD FX 4130 Black Edition has something out of the box to address your needs to the fullest. If you go through the best AM3+ CPU lists on different online portals, I can bet you’ll find the AMD FX 4130 Black Edition is in the top results.

Provides the Ultimate Gameplay with the Highest Quality Resolution

If you are a gamer and want your gaming sessions to go top, you need a reliable and powerful processor with all the technical details for the operations. I can tell you my experience using this best AM3+ CPU for gaming 2022, and it was superb. It amazed me deep down. 

Multiple Cores to Handle Multiple Tasks

Multiple cores are one of the reasons I chose the AMD FX 4130 Black Edition, and it gives enormous relief to the user to deal with numerous tasks on hand. I went through the best AM3+ CPU lists and prepared this one to help you with the best purchase decision.

Proper Cooling System to Withstand Heat and Pressures

A cooling system is an inevitable thing to withstand heat and pressures. Using this best AM3+ CPU for the first time makes you feel super comfortable and confident about heating issues. It allows you to play the game for long hours without thinking of any malfunction due to heat. 

  • It is fully unblocked for overlooking
  • It provides the fastest speed with most streaming jobs
  • Super price-friendly device
  • Ideal for heavy load games
  • Its fan is not so comfortable and causes noise
  • Use more power than other devices of the same series

10) AMD FX 6100 Best AMD AM3+ CPU

AMD FX 6100 Best AMD AM3+ CPU
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Speed3.3 GHz
Wattage95 watts
Cache8 MB

The AMD FX 6100 is another excellent pick by our experts, and it is probably one of the best AM3+ CPUs in the market right now. It delivers powerful overlocking, premium quality performance, and solutions for heating issues. To know more about this pick, let’s read the points below.

Powerful Overclocking Advantage

It comes with a tremendous decisive advantage to keep the system fresh and updated. It adds value to the gameplay with its enormous speed, and I used it myself and found it the best AM3+ CPU within a budget.

A Powerful Choice within A Small Budget

It is the house of millions of gamers globally, and they love to have it in their gaming rooms. Moreover, this quality device doesn’t cut your pockets or banks. It gets you to save money, and that is why I can. It is the best budget AM3+ CPU.

Premium Quality Performance for All

It furnished premium quality performance for all levels of users. No matter if you are. Beginner or a pro user, it can justify with both ends to the max. I consider it the best budget AM3+ CPU because of its high-quality features within less price. 

Aggressive Performance Provider with Most Demanding Games

Aggressive performance is critical for a good CPU. The clock speed is good enough; I get quick and sharp results. No matter what type of game you want to run, it can easily be up to your expectations.

  • Better performer with no heating issues
  • Comes with a great count of threads and cores
  • A super device for multitasking and quality performance
  • No major flaw to avoiding this premium device
  • Some advanced touches needed to be a perfect processor
  • I found no other clear con

Buying Guide for the Best Budget AM3+ CPU

This section will uncover the secret of buying a perfect AM3+ CPU for gaming, streaming, and other usages. If you are new to this CPU, don’t worry; I know its nitty-gritty well enough. And in the five points below, I’ll tell you the crux of winning the best AM3+ CPU. So, let’s get started with the first from the row. 

Threads and Cores Count in CPU

Threads and cores in a CPU are critical, and you should always invest in multiple cores and threads. If you go for cores within 4 to 8 and threads 8 to 16, you are safe to consider buying that combo. It maximizes the multi-tasking handling of your system, and no matter if you are at the game or run a video, it will have a blast in your gaming room. Cores add speed, and threads handle mega tasks. So, do not lose the two at any cost.

Overlocking of the CPU

When you try to increase the speed of your CPU, it is called overclocking. When the clock speed increase, it overlooks. So, it is. A process that you can do yourself with your CPU. But not all CPUs are good enough to offer this customization.

IPC and Clock Speed for the Smooth Play

IPC is a system that manages messages and data that you share with your CPU. So, the more you increase the IPC, the higher the efficiency of the CPU will be. On the other hand, a higher clock speed is necessary for quick actions and responsiveness.

Powerful Cooling System to Deal with Pressure and Heat

A powerful cooling system is essential to consider while buying the best AM3+ CPU. It avoids heat and eliminates it to save the CPU. Especially when you try to run something with a heavy load, the CPU has to put extra effort, and that causes heat generation. So, an excellent cooling fan can remove what to extend the life of the CPU.

Price of the CPU with Durability

Price is another significant factor that plays a vital role in deciding on a product. So, if you need the best AM3+ CPU, you need to spend around 100 to 150 dollars for a reliable device. However, if you want to take your results to the next level and want the CPU to handle multi-tasking with speed and accuracy, you need to invest around 200 to 500 bucks.



If you want the best AM3+ CPU, I hope you know the road map now. I tried to add the bets of the best CPUs that I came across myself and found them pretty well. When you go out shopping, you need to keep the five pints of buying guide in mind; I am sure you’ll win the most delicate device. However, if you ask my preference from these ten picks, the best one I found is the AMD FX-6300 Fastest AM3+ CPU Black Edition. It comes in small size and keeps your gaming alive with 3D effects. It allows you to play heavy-load games and use it for multimedia. It is a complete product within a low budget with good features.

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