Best White PC Cases – Mid Tower and Full Tower Under $100

The PC case is not only limited to aesthetics, and it plays a significant role beyond your expectations. It keeps all the integral parts of a computer inside and protects them all from hazardous elements from the outer environment. A PC case is ultimate assistance for the user to get rid of worries about components.

When it comes to keeping the Graphic cards, motherboards, and other valuable parts of a computer and securing them from all possible threats, a PC case helps you have the best cover. However, it is not an easy pill to swallow while buying a PC case. So, to avoid the consequences of any immature decision, you can lend your eyes to the 10 best picks below. All are super good and pre-tested before adding to the list.

Table of Content:

  1. NZXT H510 Top White PC Cases( RECOMMENDED)
  2. Corsair iCUE 220T Corsair White PC Case
  3. CORSAIR Crystal White RGB PC Case
  4. Thermaltake H200 White Gaming PC Case
  5. Fractal Focus G Best White PC Cases Under 100
  6. Lian Li White Full Tower PC Case
  7. Thermaltake Tower 900 Best Looking White PC Cases
  8. IN WIN A1 Plus ITX Tower Best White PC Cases 2022
  9. Thermaltake Core P3 White Micro ATX Case
  10. IN WIN 101 White Mid Tower PC Case

Top 10 Best Looking White PC Cases

The white PC case looks impressive, and you can have it in different sizes, spacing, and customization options. It is a full-fledged subject to study and conduct research on.

However, if you don’t have time because of your busy schedule, don’t worry. I have come up with the excellent ten picks of PC cases to get you a phenomenal cover.

1) NZXT H510 CA-H510B-W1 – Top White PC Cases

NZXT H510 CA-H510B-W1 - Top White PC Cases
SpecificationsTested Values
Cooling systemAir, water
MaterialTempered glass
Weight7.8 kg
Length16.85 inches

The NZXT H510 CA-H510B-W1 is the right choice that better fits your needs, and it comes with enhanced can’t management for the ultimate ease. Moreover, the clean and modern design with high-quality tempered glass makes it enjoyable. So, let’s get detailed information about these best white PC cases below.

Enhanced Cable Management for Ease

It comes with enhanced cable management for ease and keeps things aligned to eliminate all the worries. When you go through various top white pc cases yourself and check out the comfort level with solid grip, I hope you find this one leading from the front.

Clean and Modern Design with High-Quality Tempered Glass

Its design is super striking and clean. You need no extra flavors when you have NZXT H510 CA-H510B-W1to cover your PC. It is probably one of the best white PC cases at a competitive price.

If you own a CPU for RTX 3070, or LGA 1150, you can consider buying this case. However, if you want to buy a CPU for RTX 3070, you can choose one from the best CPU for RTX 3070

Enjoyable Build for All

The biggest reason for adding it to the list is that it’s a simple and practical application. There is no ticket science to install and use it. It is undoubtedly one of the top white pc cases with all the features that make you enjoy an entire case on your PC.

Best Cooling System with Extra Spacing

When you go out to buy a white pc case with RGB fans, you can stop yourself and look at this one. It gives one of the prominent and most useful cooling systems with air and water. So, hold for a second, and consider buying something that plays the best shots for you.

  • Furnishes super best thermal performance
  • It comes with three RGB LIT fans
  • The outlook is extremely beautiful and modern
  • The adjustment of tempered glass is unbeatable


  • It counts inexpensive products
  • The is a lack of top exhaust fan

2) Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow Corsair White PC Case

Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow Corsair White PC Case
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Motherboard compatibilityATX
Cooling methodAir
Hard disk form factor2.5 inches
MaterialAlloy steel and tempered glass
Fan count2, 3

Suppose you are looking for one of the best white PC cases with solid features such as intelligent lighting, the ultimate protection for components, and outstanding airflow with three fans with a customization option. So, let’s take a deep look at the information below to develop an unbeatable understanding of the product. 

Smart Case with Smart Lighting

The ICUE lighting node with RGB fans adds immense value to the case. You can enjoy ICUE control software to regulate the lighting of the case. It may not count in the best white full-tower pc case, but mid-tower. So, let’s adorn your room with colorful lights and enjoy the intelligent case to get the best protection for all the components. 

The Ultimate Protector for Components

Finding the best white PC cases with a solid formation and alluring design is not children’s play. It takes full forged understanding and testing of numerous cases yourself to get one out of many. This corsair white pc case is the real deal to answer your wishes and wants.

Outstanding Airflow with Three Fans

It comes with full-sized three fans that are enough to produce outstanding airflow. I tried numerous PC cases myself, but this white mid tower pc case has a different fan base. 

Software Lighting Control for Ease

It comes with a software control system to give you comfort while controlling the lights. Not all white pc tower cases deliver this control efficiently, but this one does it generously.

So, let’s not roam around to waste your time and money; it is better to make a rational move by investing in a good PC case like Thermaltake H200 Tempered Glass Snow Edition.

  • Super cool tempered glass attachment
  • Comes with powerful airflow
  • It makes cleanliness easy from the front panel
  • Overall an ideal device for all levels of users
  • There is no exhaust fan
  • Handling the cord is not an easy job

3) CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X White RGB PC Case

CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X White RGB PC Case
Motherboard compatibilityMicro ATX
Weight11.6 kg
Cooling methodAir
MaterialTempered glass
Length16.65 inches

The CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X is an excellent PC case with some world-class features to take care of all the components in your PC. It delivers massive cooling to avoid heart, dual-chamber layout, and intelligent RGB lights for beauty. It is probably one of the best white PC cases so far.

Massive Cooling Potential to Avoid Heat

It comes with a massive cooling potential to avoid heat and pressure. It fills the cravings for the best pc cases and gives you an enormous boost to your gaming and other usages. Moreover, it comes with a tremendous tempered glass window to get you a clear view of the components.

Dual Chamber Layout for the Max Results

The CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X furnishes a dual-chamber layout for the max results. One of these two helps you have room for hard drives and other components.

On the other hand, the second chamber enables you to attain the max amount of cooling to keep the temperature down on the excellent health of the components. I tried various best white PC cases myself and found it super promising. 

Bright RGB Lights for Beauty

It attracts your eyes with its RGB lights to add unbeatable style and fashion to the design. It keeps your home’s interior up and delivers a white computer case you have been missing for years.

Three Fans for Extraordinary Airflow

You can have three fans for exceptional airflow, and it allows you to increase or decrease the fan count as you need in the given situation. If you are playing a heavy load game, you need to increase the count of fans to deal with massive heat. So, if you haven’t come across a white computer case so far, you are certainly good to consider this one.

  • It comes with a powerful building structure
  • Provides you with an extra room
  • It comes with three glass panels
  • Ideal device for all levels of users
  • Plastic trays are not up to the quality mark
  • It is a product that counts on the expensive side

4) Thermaltake H200 Tempered Glass Snow Edition White Gaming PC Case

Thermaltake H200 Tempered Glass Snow Edition White Gaming PC Case
SpecificationsTested Values
Motherboard compatibilityATX
Cooling methodAir
Weight71 pounds
MaterialTempered glass
Length16.38 inches

The Thermaltake H200 Tempered Glass Snow Edition gets you a neat and clean system to get the best cover for all your PC’s components. Suppose you are looking for one of the best white PC cases. In that case, it comes with a complete fan support diagram for the ultimate comfort, 19 different lighting modes, and high-quality material for long-lasting protection.

Fan Support Diagram for the Ultimate Comfort

When I first experienced this white gaming pc case myself, it amazed me with its excellent fan support. It gives another level of comfort while having it all around. It allows me to customize the settings of fans and count.

19 Different Lighting Modes

If you are looking for one of the best white PC cases with numerous lighting modes, the Thermaltake H200 Tempered Glass snow edition is the answer to all your needs.

 It comes with 19 different lighting modes and seven colors to add maximum beauty to your room. However, if you are interested in water cooling more than RGB lights, you can have a look at the best cases for water cooling

Sophisticated Design with Extra Spacing

Its sophisticated design with extra spacing gets you on the winning edges. It keeps the components distant to avoid heat and provides you with the best white gaming pc case. It takes the life of the device to another mile and gives you the best return on your investment.

Highest Quality Material for the Durability

The quality of the material is unbeatable, and it comes with excellent durability to get you the most satisfactory performance. It might not be the white micro atx case but a mid-tower. However, if you want to give the black and white pc case a try, you can have it with the Thermaltake H200 Tempered Glass Snow Edition.

  • Comes with a steel case for durability
  • Different lights to add beauty to the front
  • It is small in size, easy to carry
  • It is a super-economical device
  • Comes with a single carriage bay for hard drive

5) Fractal Design Focus G Best White PC Cases Under 100

Fractal Design Focus G Best White PC Cases Under 100
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Cooling methodAir
Weight9.92 pounds
Motherboard compatibilityATX
Fan count2
USB ports2

Finding the best white PC cases with no significant flaw is not a joke. The Fractal Design Focus G is the ultimate case that delivers 2 LED white fans for max airflow, audio jacks, and multiple radiators configurations. It is the style icon in cases, and I found it one of the most genuine cases.

Two LED White Fans for Airflow

It comes with two unparalleled LED white fans that are super good for providing the max airflow. When it comes to finding the best white pc case RGB, it is better to prioritize the cooling system to avoid potential threats.

Audio Jacks and Multiple Radiators Configuration

A video jack allows you to configure your audio device, and it also comes with multiple radiators configuration options. If you find cheap white pc cases and want no significant flaw to damage your PC components, you can go for it.

Showcase System with Style and Elegance

It is the ultimate case with style and elegance. Whether you need cool white pc cases for your CPU use for gaming or streaming, it can justify multiple CPUs. However, if you need a CPU for streaming or gaming, you can choose the best CPU for streaming and gaming

Proper System to Facilitate Heavy Loads

It has a proper mechanism to withstand the punishments you throw at your PC. It’s a solid body with high-tech touches that enable your PC to go on top. I tried so many best white PC cases myself, but this one has no competition in the market.

  • It is a super budget-friendly product
  • You can install it super easily
  • It is a high-end PC case with multiple configuration options
  • Gives you the best return on your investment
  • It doesn’t furnish a built-in rear fan
  • Not enough room for additional fans to fit inside

6) Lian Li PC-O11DW 011 DYNAMIC White Full Tower PC Case

Lian Li PC-O11DW 011 DYNAMIC White Full Tower PC Case
SpecificationsTested Values
MaterialTempered glass, Alloy steel
Cooling methodAir
Motherboard compatibilityATX
Hard disk form factor2.5, 3.5 inches
Weight26.2 pounds

The Lian Li PC-O11DW 011 DYNAMIC is the PC case that I like the most amongst all others within this price range. It comes with features such as a high-quality building for durable usage, extra spacing for better operations, and powerful withstanding for heat and pressure. So, let’s find out more about this one of the best white PC cases below.

High-Quality Building for Durable Usage

Tempered glass and alloy steel make an excellent combo to create a solid building for durable and reliable usage. So, if you are looking for a case that fills most of your gaps, you can rely on it. Not all white pc cases are up to the mark; you need to test them out before placing the order, and I did it for you by testing this case.

Extra Spacing for Better Operations

It gives an extra spacing between components that is so handy to avoid heat. Usually, heat damages the components when they are so close to each other. But, the Lian Li PC-O11DW 011 DYNAMIC is a natural white RGB pc case that can protect the components to the max.

Powerful Withstanding for Heat and Pressure

Whenever you buy a PC case, never undermine the significance of the cooling system. The Lian Li PC-O11DW 011 DYNAMIC is an ultimate case to deliver the results against heat and pressures. I found it the finest white PC case RGB with multiple lighting modes.

Crystal Clear Glass Panel to View all Inside 

A crystal clear glass panel on the back is super good to show you everything inside it. If you need the white RGB pc case with all the perks and clarity, you can invest in this tempered glass with alloy steel construction. It is indeed one of the best white PC cases that has a clear view of the components to show you off.

  • It comes with multiple dusting filters
  • Comes with the advanced cord management system
  • It is fully compatible with six hard drives
  • Its a super economical product
  • It needs a bit more improvement touches

7) Thermaltake Tower 900 Best Looking White PC Cases

Thermaltake Tower 900 Best Looking White PC Cases
Cooling systemWater
Weight54 Pounds
materialtempered glass
MotherboardExtended ATX
Length21.7 inches

Welcome to the Thermaltake Tower 900 with its traits such as an extreme cooling system, solid body for durable usage, and unparalleled cooling mechanism with excellent expansion. It provides you with air and liquid cooling options, so I added it to the list of the best white PC cases. Extremely Cooling Capable Design

Its design with a breathable body takes the game on. Extremely cooling capable bodies with tempered glass material leave no stone unturned in satisfying you to the max. It is the best white mesh pc case with no compromise on the reliability and durability of the case.

Solid-Body for Durable Usage

Solid-body for durable usage is the ultimate key to an excellent case for your PC. If you are looking for the best looking white pc cases with solid bodies to avail durables and reliable results, you are good to invest in the Thermaltake Tower 900.

Unparalleled Cooling Mechanism with Excellent Expansion

It has a unique cooling mechanism and excellent expansion to put more fans on the board. There are various best white PC cases with tempered glass on the back, but no one can beat this one. Moreover, to deal with PC heating, you must know how to keep CPU heat down and learn this art; you can read how to fix CPU overheating

Air and Liquid Cooling Method

Usually, there are two methods for filings, air, and water, and you get both of these with these best looking white pc cases. You can confidently go for this case when you are up to making a mark for your PC’s protection.

  • Dual cooling method for the extreme avoidance of heat
  • Its manufacturing is super solid and long-lasting
  • The cooling system is super good
  • It is super good for beginners because of its affordable price
  • Not a full tower device

8) IN WIN A1 Plus White Mini-ITX Tower Best White PC Cases 2022

IN WIN A1 Plus White Mini-ITX Tower Best White PC Cases 2022
Cooling methodAir
MotherboardMini ITX
Length13.5 inches
Weight15.7 pounds
Fan count2

It addresses your needs to the max and keeps your aims high. The IN WIN A1 plus White Mini-ITX comes with colorful lights with RGB modes and is a luxury product to fit your PC with no extra tool.

Moreover, its design is innovative and contemporary to fit all your cravings. I found it one of the best white PC cases with all the perks and perquisites.

Colorful Lights with Addressable RGB Modes

It creates a mesmerizing lighting aroma by submitting great RGB lighting modes. These are cool white pc cases with the ability to address your lighting craves to the max. It enables your eyes to look for hours and observe happenings in your system. 

Luxury Product for your PC

It is indeed one of the best white PC cases with luxury components. You don’t need any extra tools to install it, and you can easily use it in all comfort and convenience. When I used it on some tech-oriented recommendations, it didn’t allow me to question its credibility.

Contemporary and Innovative Design

The design of these top white pc cases is so innovative and delightful. It fills the needs of contemporary touches and leaves no question unanswered. So, whether you need a style or seek durability, it has all to make it up for your cravings for the best. 

Extra Space for Heat Avoidance

It comes with extra space for heat avoidance. All the components are at considerable distances to avoid heat and sickness. So, that is why I call it one of the cool white pc cases with super spacing.

  • It comes with extra spacing
  • The cooling system is super good
  • The outlook is super stylish and catchy
  • Color lights add colors to your gaming room
  • A bit on the expensive side

9) Thermaltake Core P3 White Micro ATX Case

Thermaltake Core P3 White Micro ATX Case
Cooling methodAir, water
Motherboard compatibilityATX
Weight27 pounds
Fan count1

Open frame with supreme hardware strength to hold components. The Thermaltake Core P3 is one of the best white PC cases with a high-quality ventilation system, ideal graphic card, and power supply mechanism.

Supreme Hardware Strength to Hold Components

The supreme hardware strength with Spcc is the best thing about this white pc tower case. One of my friends from tech recommended it, and I gave it a try; to be honest, I was fortunate enough to find this excellent PC case.

High-Quality Ventilation System

It comes with an excellent ventilation system to keep components cool and secure from heating. There are numerous white PC cases, but not all are the best white PC cases. However, I used this one and knew it well to add it to the list.

Moreover, if you know the software that can help you assess the temperature of the CPU, your PC case will leave no stone unturned to answer your needs. You can read the best CPU temp monitor to learn about plenty of software. 

Ideal Graphic Card and Power Supply Mechanism

It doesn’t let you misuse your system by mistreating it. It checks your treatment and compensates for the pressures you put on the components. Not all white pc cases are good enough to have this feature. However, it gives a graphic card and power supply mechanism for the max comfort.

Thick Tempered Glass Window for Durable Operation

It comes with an extensive 5mm thick tempered glass window to ensure the integrity of the PC. When you are out to find the most delicate white RGB pc case, this one comes with a separate list of traits. It comes all the way to fit your needs to the max.

  • It comes with a compact and sturdy design
  • The outlook is super unique and striking
  • There is no mess for cable management
  • Doesn’t cut your pockets or banks
  • It is a hot heavier in weight and difficult to carry

10) IN WIN 101 White ATX White Mid Tower PC Case

IN WIN 101 White ATX White Mid Tower PC Case
SpecificationsFeatured Values
MaterialTempered glass
Hard disk form factor2.5 inches

The IN WIN 101 White ATX is another big PC case and a real game-changer. It is one of the best white PC cases with multiple fans for the max airflow, a detachable tempered glass panel, and an excellent toolless design. Moreover, if you want to understand this product fully, let’s come down.

Multiple Fans for the Max Airflow

There are six fans you can have to get the best airflow for the ultimate cooling. It is so helpful to avoid heating the components, and if you genuinely want the best white pc cases 2022, you need not think for a second more.

Detachable Tempered Glass Panel

It gives a body of tempered glass with detachable options. Whether you want to place it on all the time or remove it for a reason, it will support you in either case. I call it one of the most refined and the best white PC cases. 

Excellent Tool-Less Design

There is no extra tool you need to use and install. All you need to do is to open its back glass panel to put things in and to place the panel back on the spot. It might not come in the best white pc cases under 100, but 200 dollars. So, feel free to invest in this great pick.

Versatile Cooling Options for Varying Conditions

It has versatile options for cooling you. It can offer you both wherever you need an air method or a water cooling method. So, if you need the best white pc cases airflow with compromise on the quality of the case, you are good to think of buying it.

  • Stylish design to fill the cravings for modernity
  • Perfect cable management system
  • Easy to install and easy to use options
  • You can carry it with super ease
  • It is a bit expensive case
  • The trays are made up of plastic material

Buying Guide for the Cheap White PC Cases

Buying a cheap white PC case with all the excellent traits and high-tech touches is a dream, and here I come to make your dream come true. Give your eyes for a few minutes to the information below. Let’s look at what will enable you to buy a perfect case for your PC.

Material of Case Making

Material of PC case matters. You can invest in alloy steel and tempered glass to gain actual results for no extra cost. These two are the most popular and result-oriented materials these days.

Count of Chamber for Space

Usually, you get a single changer in your PC case, but it is better to go for a dual-chamber. It gives proper space for components to keep their distance and a separate place for cooling systems. So, let’s not waste money on a single-chamber body; instead, go for the dual changer. It is suitable for spacing and heat avoidance.

Count of Fans for Airflow

Fan count matters in a PC case. So, whenever you go out to find a PC case, you should consider if it offers a fan count between 2 to 6. Moreover, if it allows an increase and decrease in the fans, that will be a bonus. It helps you manage the airflow and deal with severe hot conditions.

Perfect Cooling System to Avoid Heat

If you are looking for something to avoid heat and pressure from the components, paying for a simple cooling system is better. An excellent cooling system ensures the PC’s life and keeps all the details in due form and good health.

Solid Grip to Protect PC from Damages

It is better to invest in a PC case that comes with extra space, which can hold your PC well enough. A large room with a solid body makes a perfect combo. So, never ignore the significance of the stable building to avoid damage and save your asset.

Price of the PC Case

The price of the PC case matters, and you need not spend significant amounts at all. It will not cut your pocket to earn a trustworthy case. All you need to pay is around 100 to 150 dollars for a good pick, and if you want results to go on top and want a glass panel on the back for a crystal clear view, you need to spend around 300 to 500 bucks only.



Everyone wants the perfect cover to protect the PC and its component. But, finding the best is a tricky game to play. However, I have played all the problematic shots on your behalf, and you can entirely rely on the ten best picks of white PC cases I added in this article.
Moreover, I suggest you go for NZXT H510 Top White PC Cases It is an excellent case with a dual-chamber and two LED lights fans. It allows you to enjoy customization in the settings. Its style and elegance are unstoppable, and you can get it at a low price comparatively.

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