10 Best PC Cases for Water Cooling | 2022 Review & Guide

If you are an intense user or gamer, your system must produce a lot of heat, and it is indispensable to eliminate it as soon as possible. So, to avoid heating issues in your system, you have to look for the best cases for water cooling options. This article will present a great mixture of the quality, sizes, and affordable ranges. If you are on a tight budget, you can still have the best case for water cooling.

For so many reasons, we selected various options to answer the diverse needs that you crave. You’ll find the highest quality cases, but luxury products ask for a hefty price. On the other hand, we added up some excellent but affordable cases. By considering these picks, you can save your banks and pockets from cuts and make a good move. So, let’s explore the table of content to know what’s coming ahead.

  1. NZXT H510 Best Mid Tower Case for Watercooling (RECOMMENDED)
  2. Cooler Master TD500 Corsair Water Cooling Case
  3. Crystal Series 680X  Corsair Water Cooling Case
  4. Corsair CRYSTAL Best Watercooling Cases
  5. Thermaltake Core P90 Best Cases for Custom Water Cooling
  6. Asus ROG GX601 Best Liquid Cooling Case
  7. Fractal R5 Best Budget Cases for Water Cooling
  8. Segotep Phoenix Full Tower Water Cooling Case
  9. Vetroo MESH6 Top PC Cases for Water Cooling
  10. Cougar CONQUER Water Cooled CPU Case

Top 10 Best Water Cooling Cases 2022

When you invest in a luxury system to get the max kick out of its processes, you must face issues of heating and pressures. We’ll make you able to withstand heat and pressure with full strength, and for that, you need a reliable and quality case for water cooling. Fortunately, you already have reached the right place to win the one that well fits your needs. So, let’s glance at the first pick I got for you.

1) NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1 Best Mid Tower Case for Water cooling

NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1 Best Mid Tower Case for Watercooling
SpecificationsFeatured Values
MaterialTempered glass
Cooling methodAir and water
Fan size120 mm
Motherboard compatibilityATX
Weight18 pounds

The NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B1is another great favor that you can get for your PC. It is indeed one of the best cases for water cooling with a super enjoyable building for all, modern and attractive design. It comes with two fans for airflow, and you can easily install it for usage.

Modern and Beautiful Design

Usually, the assembly of cases doesn’t take much time, and cable handling does it generously. So to avoid such time-wasting, the NZXT H510 CA-H510B-B offers a great building.

The design of these water cool cases is inexplicable. If you need beauty and you want your room to look even good, you are good to invest in this pick. I used it for a long time, and it never gave me a chance to question its credibility.

Best Airflow with 2 Fans

It doesn’t offer five to six fans, but two only. But, if you look at the price tag, the pair of two is fair enough. The case’s airflow is super excellent, and nothing can resist the air because it’s a solid and compact designed build.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

Not all the best cases for water cooling offer easy installation but this one. It is super easy to install and even easier to use with your PC. Moreover, if any component gets heated, such as the CPU, you need to know how to get rid of it. And to learn it all, you can give a read to how to fix CPU overheating

  • Super affordable yet the quality of performance is on top
  • Comes with multiple drive bays for extra storage
  • Comes with the highest speed connectivity options
  • The building is super solid and durable
  • Super economical price range
  • Comes with no ideal radiator support at the top

2) Cooler Master Master Box TD500 Corsair Water Cooling Case

Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 Corsair Water Cooling Case
Specifications Best Values
Cooling methodAir
Weight6.95 Kg
Length22.52 inches
Fan count3

The Cooler Master MasterBox TD500 is an excellent pick with many valuable traits. It comes with multiple options for cooling, high-quality glass for durability, and an ideal casing for the unshakable grip and comfort. I had used this case and found it one of the best cases for water cooling is far. So, to know more about this pc case with water cooling built in, let’s read below.

Multiple Versatile Options for Cooling

It offers an open airflow design with seven full-size fans and a 360 mm radiator. The size of each fan is 120 mm, and you can have the max kick out of your PC by having it all around. Finding the most OK pc case with water cooling built in is not a children’s play, so feel free to rely on this handy pick.

High-Quality Glass for the Durability

The glass quality is on the top, and no routine wear and tear can make it down. So, it fills your craving for the best mid tower case for water cooling and keeps your love for your PC on the top.

Ideal Casing for the Ultimate Grip and Comfort

The casing is super good, and the mixture of steel, mesh, aluminum, and tempered glass materials, get you a world-class building. The holding capacity of the components is unquestionable, and it takes the comfort level to new heights. I consider this pc case with water cooling built in, and find it excellent and reliable.

Adorn the Room Interior Maximally

It adorns my room with colors and adds immense beauty to the interior. Not all the best cases for water cooling come in great showcasing that look good to the eyes, but fortunately, this one does it so well. So, feel free to consider buying this world-class PC case.

  • It is super lightweight and easy to carry
  • The price is very low and affordable for all
  • It comes with 3 fans for ultra-cooling
  • The building quality is unbeatable
  • The storage options are not too many
  • The cable management system is not up to the mark

3) CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X Corsair Water Cooling Case

CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X Corsair Water Cooling Case
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Cooling methodAir
Weight25.57 pounds
MaterialAlloy steel and tempered glass
Length16.65 inches
Memory typePC1066

If you are looking for one of the best cases for water cooling, the CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X can answer your needs to the max. It submits a dual-chamber layout for the ultimate room for storage and cooling. An intelligent control system with unlimited possibilities and a unique airflow mechanism takes the game to the top.

Dual Chamber Layout for the Ultimate Cooling

It furnished a dual chamber to keep things separate and prioritize. One section helps you have storage, PSU mounting, and other comments. At the same time, the other chamber enables me to cool the components with plenty of cooling in this section. I used some of the best cases for custom water cooling myself, but this one has something unique and noticeable.

Intelligent Control System with Unlimited Possibilities

It gets a super lighting node to keep your system lightened from all around. An intelligent control takes care of processes and auto on and off lights. It looks great and is not less than a blessing for the eyes. Moreover, it is probably the best liquid cooling case. 

Outstanding Airflow Mechanism for Cooling

The fan sizes of 120mm with a count of four leave no question unanswered. These four super powerful fans keep the temperature down and eliminate the heat the system produces. It is undoubtedly one of the best cases for water cooling within a competitive budget in the market.

Amusing Lighting System to Striking and Attractive Look

The lighting system you can control with auto function adds immense beauty to the gameplay. It takes the beauty of the too to another level, and I can bet it is the best liquid cooling case. The design is attractive, and it gets more desirable with alluring colorful lights.

  • It comes with a dual-chamber design
  • Super attractive for showcasing the build
  • It provides 3 fans of 120mm RGB
  • It is a perfect case for cooling the system
  • The price range is not good for beginners
  • The size is not small and it resists the portability

4) Corsair CRYSTAL 570X RGB Best Water cooling Cases

Corsair CRYSTAL 570X RGB Best Watercooling Cases
Cooling methodAir
Weight10.9 kg
MaterialTempered glass
Length18.89 inches
Fan count3

The Corsair CRYSTAL 570X RGB is one of the best cases for water cooling. It comes with great variant features such as a direct airflow path, four-panel tempered glass for durability, and a superior structure with extra space for multiple fans.

I used it myself, and it amazed me with its super functions. Before I went for this, I watched some helpful videos on installing it with ease, and the experience was super incredible. However, if you want to explore it in detail, let’s follow the points below.

Direct Airflow Path with Minimal Setup

The drive cage does not come in the way of air, and the manufacturer has moved it up a bit. So, it is how the fan positioning is ideal for mitigating the effects of heat and pressure well enough. Every user wants the best water cooling cases to adorn the system with perfect showcasing and protectors. But, I used this one myself, and it gave me a luxurious experience. 

Four-Panel Tempered Glass for Durability

You get four-panel tempered glass on its back, and it gives you a crystal clear view of the components of your system. No good case can make a mark to be added to the list of the best cases for water cooling until it gives a watching door to protect the components. It gives you a generous four panels tempered glass wall to allow you to see and observe the happenings.  

Superior Structure with Speed Airflow

The full tempered glass encloses the entire chassis, and it doesn’t get anything from airflow. And unfortunately, if anything like a cord or any other component dares to stop the airflow, you can observe the parts to rectify them as soon as possible. So far, I found it one of the best water cooling cases within a low budget. 

Room for 6 Fans in Total for Cooling Solutions

It comes with great extra space for a large number of fans. You can enjoy having soc fans with full size to make a positive impact. It is not a mini ITX water cooling case but a medium tower case. Above all, it takes excellent care of heat and pressure that can cause severe destruction to the whole system.

  • It comes with stunning esthetics
  • Comes with full size 3 RGB fans
  • Airflow is astonishing
  • Premium quality components to produce high-quality outcomes
  • Luxury demands a hefty price
  • There is no C Port like a USB port

5) Thermaltake Core P90 Best Cases for Custom Water Cooling

Thermaltake Core P90 Best Cases for Custom Water Cooling
SpecificationsBest Values
Weight37.9 pounds
MaterialTempered glass
Cooling methodWater
Max VGA length320 mm
Max PSU length220 mm

The Thermaltake Core P90 Tempered Glass has everything that you crave. It keeps your system active and protected from harm. It is indeed one of the best cases for water cooling that offer a distinct angle to PC gaming, three ways for placement layout, and extended hardware support for the max performance.

A Distinct Angle to PC Gaming

It comes with an excellent angle distinction that gives proper space to each component, and it causes no heat and pressure. So, if you are looking for the best cases for water cooling and want to avoid heating issues to the max, it is better to buy something with proper spacing in each component. 

3 Way Placement Layout for the Max Comfort

You can enjoy three ways placement layout by having it. Whether you ace it wall-mount, horizontal or vertical, it gives you max ports to configure the components easily. You can also change the placement to avoid heat and learn this art to the max; you can read the best CPU temp monitor. It will surely enable you to keep your CPU at a moderate temperature.

Extended Hardware Support for the Max Performance

It comes with multiple storage devices to give the most OK backup to your system. You can also increase or decrease the fan count as you need them. The more you go for valuable options, the higher the performance. 

Advanced Ventilation System with Low Price

It comes with varying sizes of fans to add value to the system. However, without having a proper ventilation system, you cannot make it up with your protection protocols for the device. I used numerous cases myself and found it one of the best cases for custom water cooling within a low budget. 

  • Unique design with extra room for radiators up to 480mm
  • It is an extraordinary case for showcasing builds
  • Highest quality building for durability
  • It keeps all the components cool and in good health for efficient working
  • The storage space is not enough
  • It asks for routine maintenance but very frequently

6) Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601 RGB Best Liquid Cooling Case

Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601 RGB Best Liquid Cooling Case
MaterialAluminum,  alloy steel
Weight18 kg
Cooling methodWater
Length22.24 inches

The Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601 RGB is one of my favorites and the best case for water cooling and comes with extraordinary, super easy installation and a way to maintain the process. It gives a versatile graphic card mounting function with effortless cable management for the ultimate comfort.

Super Easy Installation and Easy to Maintain

The manufacturer has put a serious effort into keeping things smoother and sharper. The installation processes are so easy to keep things maintained. I used various best cases for liquid cooling but found this product on leading from the front.

Versatile Graphic Card Mounting Function

It allows you to fit almost three graphic cards at once, and you can also put two more in the bracket vertically. It is probably one of the best cases for water cooling to keep the versatility high and blissful. So, do not waste your money on things you don’t know; you better rely on the opinion of experts.

Seamless Cable Management for the Ultimate Comfort

Usually, when you buy a case, it distracts you with its cords and messes up the process. So, to avoid such terrible issues, the Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601 RGB comes with authenticity and realism. It takes care of your comfort and keeps things in a moderate pattern.

Super Comfortable Case Handles

It comes with super solid but comfortable handles to hold the case well in hands. It is pre-tried and tested, and you can lift 50 kg of weight with these handles. So, feel free to go for this pick to make your dream of having the best case for liquid cooling come true.

  • The building is super durable and reliable
  • Come with a greatly attractive aesthetic
  • It allows double ventricle GPU mounting
  • The space from inside is more than enough
  • The price is not economical for beginners particularly

7) Fractal Design Define R5 Best Budget Cases for Water Cooling

Fractal Design Define R5 Best Budget Cases for Water Cooling
Cooling methodAir and water
Fan size140 mm
Weight23.58 pounds
Fan count2

When you need a long-lasting PC and don’t want to lose your hardware before its expiry, the Fractal Design Define R5 can satisfy your cravings. These are the best cases for water cooling with sturdy metal trays for better airflow, additional interior spaces, and max customization options.

Sturdy Metal Trays for Better Airflow

The making material is aluminum, and it is entirely made up of high-quality metal to get you reliable and trustworthy outcomes. It may not be the best entire tower water cooling case, but the best mid one. So, if you lack anything in your PC, whether it is speed, coolness, or sturdy results, you can go for this one.

You Can Get Additional Interior Space

It comes with additional interior space for more spacing between components. I tried various water cooled pc cases, and this one was very close to the benchmarks I fixed before exploration. So, you are good to rely on it.

Max Customization in Casing

It gives you customization options to put you on the selection side. You can increase or decrease the count of fans and trays. It is indeed one of the best cases for water cooling at a low price.

Tool-Free Installation and Super Flexible

It comes with a tremendous Tool-less fan vent that allows you to mount the fans without any tools and screws. So, it fills the gaps you crave for water-cooled pc cases with the most straightforward possibilities. Let’s not get yourself to indulge in complications and go for ease and comfort.

  • Unbeatable casing quality for heavy-duty usage
  • It can deliver the best with multiple storage drive mounts
  • Extraordinary fans and radiator combo for the ultra-cooling
  • The price is super low for beginners
  • There is no tempered glass in its building

8) Segotep Phoenix T1 E-ATX Full Tower Water Cooling Case

Segotep Phoenix T1 E-ATX Full Tower Water Cooling Case
SpecificationsBest Values
Cooling methodAir, water
Power supplyRear mount
MaterialTempered glass
ModelPhoenix T1
Length19.7 inches
Fan count7

When you seriously want one of the best cases for water cooling, you can go for the Segotep Phoenix T1 E-ATX. It is an entire tower case with top-mounted IOS ports for easy usage, a transparent front panel for clarity, and a hard drive extension slot. It submits so many other features; let’s find them all below.

Dust Proof Design with Easy Usage

It comes with a great design that is filled based on open airflow but keeps the dust and dirt particles away from the interior. Several cases are designed for water cooling, but this one has exceptional qualities to make things easy for you.

Transparent Front Panel for Clarity

Its front panel is made up of tempered glass and is fully transparent. When I go hunting for the best cases for water cooling in the market, the most important thing is to get a transparent case. And this one comes with a fully transparent wall of glass to get a clear view of all the happenings.

Hard Drive Extension Slot and Extendable C-Port

You can find different hard drive bays on the front and back chassis. And the silicon sides to avoid any damage due to vibration. However, the extended slot and C port help you easily configure the components. On the other hand, if you are a gamer like me and have a RTX 3070 graphic cards to create a pair with your PC, you need a good CPU to make it up with heavy loads. If you want one, let’s read about the best CPU for RTX 3070

Improved Airflow with the Highest Quality System Built-In

It comes with a large number of fans, seven. So, you get a massive backup of airflow to keep components within health. If you go through the cases designed for water cooling on the market, you will find them all with varying numbers of fans. But this one has some exceptional power to show.

  • Cooling options are wide and super best
  •  It comes with multiple drive mounts for extra storage
  • The design is super attractive and lightweight
  • It is so durable and unbeatable case
  • Warranty needs to be reviewed all over again

9) Vetroo MESH6 Mid Tower Top PC Cases for Water Cooling

Vetroo MESH6 Mid Tower Top PC Cases for Water Cooling
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Fan size120 MM
Cooling methodWater, air
MaterialTempered glass
Fan count4,  6
Weight19.49 pounds

The Vetroo MESH6 Mid Tower is another you’re tried and tested pick that I got for you. To be honest, I used it personally and found it one of the best cases for water cooling with multiple features such as a simple but modern design, multifunction IO panel with drawer drive bay, and excellent cooling system.

Simple but Modern and Attractive Design

The design is so simple but still beautiful and modern. It is one of the top PC cases for water cooling to take good care of your tastes and needs. I used it, and it made me fall for it instantly. Moreover, it charges a meager price for its extensive features.

Multi-Function IO Panel with Drawer Drive Bay

It comes with multifunction IO panels, and the tempered glass material adds beauty to the system immensely. I tried so many best cases for water cooling myself, but this one takes the lead with a winning margin.

Excellent Cooling System for the Ultimate Withstanding

It provides you with a unique cooling system for the ultimate withstanding. Whether using your PC for light loads or heavy loads, you need one of the best cases for aio water cooling to take good care of the heating issue with the hardware.

Six Fans Included with Unique Panel Structure

It comes with a vast number of fans, and you can increase or decrease them as fits in the scenario. I tried several top pc cases for water cooling, and some of them impressed me on the spot. And it is one of them. So, do not waste money on experiments, and invest in experts’ opinions.

  • Best value for the money with its six fans
  • Attractive and compact design with colorful lights
  • The storage is fair enough to answer your needs
  • Comes with a lightweight body to give a boost to the portability
  • The ports on the front panel are limited and slow

10) Cougar CONQUER ATX Water Cooled CPU Case

Cougar CONQUER ATX Water Cooled CPU Case
SpecificationsBest Values
Cooling methodWater, air
Fan size120 MM
Fan count2
Weight30.9 pounds

The Cougar CONQUER ATX is one of the best cases for water cooling. It offers a range of features such as ideal design for tech lovers, extreme cooling performance in intense loads, and ease to extend customization options.

Ideal Design for Tech Lovers

The design of these best cases for water cooling pc building simulators is super impressive, and I found it so attractive and eye-catching. Whether you want it for performance or to decorate your room, it can justify both ends well.

Extreme Cooling Performance in Intense Situations

It is a highly extraordinary case in intense situations. So, these best cases for water cooling can make it up with all your needs and get you desired results. So, if you love to play heavy-load games, you can rely on it, and it keeps your PC cool and calm.

Easy to Extend Options for Customization

You get a lot of options to extend the settings of this water cooled CPU case. It has no apparent flaw to make you avoid this purchase. However, it enhances your freedom and takes it to new heights. If you want the best CPU for streaming and gaming, an excellent heating elimination backup can help you immensely.

Unique and Durable Aluminum Framing

It is a unique and durable aluminum racing product, and it won’t go out of order for years to come. So, if you are looking for the best water cooling cases 2022 or want the best budget cases for water cooling, you can go for this pick with complete confidence.

  • Comes with a great open-air design with a unique formation
  • It comes with a great dual tempered glass panel
  • The price is very competitive
  • The space from inside is more than enough
  • Open-air design can have issues with dust, dirt, and debris

Buying Guide for the Best Case for Liquid Cooling

Finding the best case for water cooling takes so much effort and knowledge. If you are new to this topic, you must bleed to go through the six points below I preserved for you. I put all my learnings and wisdom into the six steps below.

However, you can also pick one from the ten best cases for water cooling above, and to learn the art of getting the finest one, let’s take a look at the points below.

Making Material of the Case

Making material of any product matters the most. The same goes for the case. When you are out to find a case for your PC to get its healing touches from heat and pressures, you need to get a high-quality case for water cooling. And if you get one with tempered glass, aluminum, and a lot of steel, you are good to consider the case as your next purchase. It will last for a long time and give you the best return for your money.

Chamber Count in Case

It is better to buy a case with a dual chamber, the one for keeping the storage drives and other components, and the other to keep plenty of cooling inside. So, if you manage to get a combo of dual chambers that is a perfect choice for you to make.

Multiple Fans to Avoid Heat

There are various types of cases, and each one has a unique number of fans for airflow. However, if you get anything with 2 to 7 fans, you are good to go. Moreover, it is better to think of buying a case that offers freedom and customization to increase or decrease the fan count as the situation demands.

Best Cooling Methods Air/Water

There are usually two effective methods of cooling you can get with cases. Whether you get the water method or air method, the most important thing is to keep the component at a considerable temperature. However, I suggested picks from both sides, and you can win any of them to eliminate the heat from your machine.

Versatility, Spacing, and Durability 

Versatility, space, and durability matter a lot, and it is better to go for a case that offers the versatility of operations, controls, and processes. However, spacing helps you keep the components at a considerable distance to avoid heat. And these two give birth to durability. So, let’s not sacrifice durability and have it by ensuring versatility and spacing in your case for water cooling.

Price of the PC Case for Water Cooling

The price of the PC case for water cooling plays a significant part. You can win a reliable PC case for water cooling by spending around 100 to 150 bucks, but to have a luxurious feel and make your results go on top, you need to spend about 200 to 500 dollars for a luxury case for water cooling.



So, you have gone through the ten best cases for water cooling, and you have uncovered the secret of buying the best case. I hope you’ll surely win something noticeable and commendable now.
However, if you want some more help, let me help you with the pick that I found the handiest and complete in all aspects. So, I suggest you go for NZXT H510 Best Mid Tower Case for Watercooling . It comes with an excellent ventilation system and multiple fans for the best airflow.
Moreover, it delivers three different placement layouts, and it provides you with a unique angle for gaming. It keeps all components fresh and cool, and it saves your pocket and bank from over-profiting and lends you the craving performances.

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