Fanatec Podium DD1 vs DD2 Review – Setting & Benefits

A direct drive wheel is a sim racing wheel driven by the force feedback motor. Consumer racing wheels have a middleman for the racing wheel, be it either a gear drive or belt drives system. It works almost like a transmission where the gears allow to bring more force. 

However, there are compromises with gear about the drive system, mainly loss in fidelity and speed. Direct drive wheels are possibly less smooth but more precise, quicker, and last longer. In a direct drive system, a steering wheel is mounted directly on a direct drive wheel servo motor. 

In this article, I will share my experience using Fanatec DD1 vs DD2. I feel the immense force is connected directly to the wheel and sent directly through my arms. With a consumer wheel, the force is directed from the motor to a gear or belt drive system, then to the steering shaft, then to the wheel. 

However, with a direct drive system, a cutout to the middleman of the gear about drive system, and it makes the shaft of the motor to drive shaft, it gives me unparalleled force, speed, and precision. Let’s see Fanatec Podium DD1 or DD2; which one is better?

Fanatec Steering Wheel DD1 vs DD2 

  • What should you choose? 
  • Which one is the best, DD1 or DD2? 
  • What are the benefits and drawbacks of each direct drive? 

These are some questions that you need to think about before you buy. I will answer all these questions that come to your mind and help you clear and figure out the best DD that suits you. Currently, one of the latest Fanatec videos about DD1 and DD2, the company shared some of its main features and explained in detail that you would know the answers to the above questions. 

Fanatec DD1 vs DD2 review

Fanatec Podium DD1 vs DD2 Comparison Table

Fanatec DD1Fanatec DD2
Peak Torque20 NM25 NM
Holding Torque15 NM20 NM
Ultra-low Torque RippleCogging
Cover PlatesBrushed AluminumCarbon fiber
Kill SwitchOptionalIncluded
Warranty3 years5 years
Dimension13 x 7 x 7 inches54 x 31 x 27 cm

There are 4 main differences between the Fanatec DD1 vs DD2.

  • The outer cover plates 
  • Kill switch and remote power button
  • Maximum Torque
  • The price factor

1) The Outer Cover Plates

The size and shape of DD1 and DD2 are the same, but the outer cover plates differ. The DD1 outer material is made of Aluminum, while the DD2 outer cover plate is made of carbon fiber, which is the most popular and used in car racing nowadays. 

This is the tiny new touch in DD2. It also looks great and feels different, and the casing is lighter than the DD1 aluminum casing. One more thing, carbon fiber is more robust than Aluminum.  

2) Kill Switch and Remote Power Button 

 Fanatec Kill Switch and Remote Power Button 

There is another difference. I will say that DD2 comes with a mechanical kill switch and a remote button. The remote button is handy because it powers up the device. The power button is used for emergency purposes to cut the power to the wheelbase. 

The advanced racer knows the indeed use of it. This is the excellency of DD2, which comes with it, but does not feature by DD1. They are both included in one component, but both are convenient characters.

3) Maximum Torque

The precise power output force, good image, and highly stable release mechanism during movement. That the main difference between DD1 and DD2 is. The DD1 is electronically limited to 20 Nm, while the DD2 is a peak torque of 25nm. 

The usable Torque is 15 nm of DD1 and 18nm of DD2. There is a big difference in a wheelbase that can deliver the peak torque listed above. The Torque is the measure of the force that helps an object to rotate about an axis, and it can also be defined as the rotational equivalent of linear force. 

The DD2 is capable and runs at 100% for racers. It also handles newbies or even mid-racers. I have comparatively used it at about 20-30%, and even then, it provides strong resistance that efficiently simulates any modern racing car.

4) Fanatec DD1 & DD2 Price Comparison

The DD1 is cheaper than DD2. The Fanatec DD1 price is $1199.95. The price varies according to the performance. If you invest in DD2, that might be an excellent investment. The Fanatec DD2 price is $1499.95. The improvement is worth the extra $ 300. 

In my opinion, the cost variation of the product has benefits in the shape of performance and more beneficial features. You will always think of the best quality components. The DD2 is around fewer hundred dollars more than the DD1, and I think always considered the best product.

Fanatec DD1 Base 

Sim racing completely changed the world by force feedback technology in the early 90s. Now DD1 base has taken force feedback realism to the next level. The outrunner motor technology is specially designed for sim racing

The heavy piece of metal designed by German precious built for long-lasting. The continuous rotations of the DD motor provide a unique solution for transferring data and power to wheel inputs and display wirelessly. The podium DD1 wheelbase has featured with plug n play. 

It is easy to set up CSM and club sports series products. Accurate EMI and EST testing and make sure stability and long ability. The DD1 is fully compatible with the fanatic ecosystem and is also groomed for future upgrades. 

The LED display provides multiple opportunities. It is a tuned wheelbase for advanced user display and forces feedback data. The full backward compatibility enables the system to retain compatibility with all existing steering wheels and has the option to upgrade to a new QR system.

Fanatec Podium DD1 or DD2 Compatible Platforms

The wheelbase DD1 is compatible with the PC and Xbox series and provides the best platform with convenient all-available Fanatec steering wheels. The DD1 is not compatible with any PlayStation console and cannot be upgraded for compatibility.

Fanatec DD2 For PS5

PlayStation 5 is compatible with DD2. The system with a USB cable can attach it. The PS5 controller hooks up the drive wheel. I need to keep the DD2 in a compatible mode. I use the buttons to do customization. It delivers pretty well-force feedback. The direct drive will work with PS5 with the firmware update.

The wheel must be tuned on the following settings:

  • Sensitivity: 900 
  • Force feedback: 100
  • Shock: Default
  • Anti barking system: Off
  • Drift mode: Off
  • Force: 100
  • Damper: 100 

Here I show some more differences between DD1 and DD2.

Fanatec DD1 dimensions are 13 x 7 x 7 inches, whereas Fanatec DD2 dimensions are 54 x 31 x 27 cm. Fanatec DD1 manual shows its compatibility, assembling, functions, and features. You can also read about its cleaning, troubleshooting, product recycling, and more. The same features are shown in Fanatec DD2 manuals but according to its specification. 

Fanatec DD1 iRacing Settings

Fanatec DD1 iRacing Setting

These are the Fanatec DD1 iRacing settings. I check the custom control of the car. I set the Steering angle settings to 900 degrees. I can also lower it down according to the car model. I enable force feedback in force feedback, but I do not use linear mode. 

I also choose to reduce force when parked. The strength depends on the car. I choose 5.1. The wheel force goes up to 20 NM. I choose no dumping and no minimum force. All the driver aids are off except Auto tear-off/ wipers. Gearbox would be Sequential.

Here are the settings for drivers’ view in the Ferrari.

  • Field of view: 158 degrees
  • Driver height: 0 cm
  • Shift Horizon: -11%
  • Roll Chassis: 100%
  • Pitch Chassis: 100%
  • Neck Motion: 100%
  • Rotate Wvl: 0%

The graphics adjustment takes me to the 

  • FFB strength: 5.1
  • Drivers’ height: -0.5 cm
  • Force feedback gain: 62%
  • Dynamic damping: 100%
  • Road effects: 50%

Fanatec DD2 iRacing Settings

In DD2, the maximum steering angle is set up to 900 degrees. Overall, FFB strength will be 100%. I keep the Linearity On. The neutral damper will be 50%. Neutral friction is off. Neutral Inertia will be 2%. FFB interpolation is set to 3. 

Force effect intensity is 90 and 100% game force effect strength. The game spring effect strength is 100%. I will off the brake pedal vibration threshold. Vibration strength is 100%. The dynamic FFB setting menu will enable speed sensitivity. The speed threshold is 175 km. The damper effect range is 45 degrees. 

The damper effect strength is 100. I also enable driving reverse. The fade in intensity is 5. In direct drive mode, the default torque target is 12 NM. hardware maximum torque is 25. The dynamic threshold is 100. Graphics refresh 20 Hz. Dynamic mode intensity is 270. 

These settings need to have the following software added in Fanatec DD2 drivers. 

  • Firmware
  • Fanalabs
  • FFB Clipping App 

What Benefits Does a Direct Drive Wheel Have?

The first benefit of a direct drive wheel is a shared amount of Torque that is immediately generated. A Fanatec club sports wheel DD2 generates about 6 ½ NM of Torque. On the other hand, other wheels generate about 26 NM of Torque. That is about 4 ½ times the amount of force of a Fanatec wheel. 

One common misconception is that people think this much Torque is unnecessary. Torque is not one to one definition of steering. Torque is a twisting force, so that force is related to the wheel’s speed. 

The more Torque, the quicker the wheel could be. That is why the direct drive wheel is one of the quickest wheels. It allows you to catch slides quicker, and you will be able to handle the car well. 

The direct drive wheels keep you precise and focused on the point. The DD is a reliable component of sim racing. The wheel is just perfect in shape and size for sim racing. It gives incredible speed due to its Torque. The DD wheel does not need much maintenance frequently. It saves you money as well. 

What Drawbacks Does a Direct Drive Wheel Have?

It requires having a solid cockpit to mount it. It has a lot of Torque and forces, so many lower-down consumers might not handle it. Its electrics and stand box need a proper place to put that too.   

In my opinion, DD1 and DD2 do not have significant differences. They both are almost the same in size and shape. Of course, DD2 is a bit stronger than DD1, but only professionals can find the difference between them. Fanatec DD2 and DD1 reviews reveal that initially, you can use DD1 for sim racing. It will also benefit you with its perfect specs. 

Final Thoghts

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