AYANEO Air Plus Launches with AMD Mendocino: Intel Alder Lake Models

AYANEO has made it through by disclosing the latest gaming handheld for AYANEO Air Plus for the perfect configuration. Some AyaNeo configurations will take around 8 to 9 months for shipping. However, this 6 inches gaming handheld will be available on the market soon. You will be able to grab it in less than $250. A few days back, Aya Neo updated its plan to launch this amazing gaming handheld.

AYANEO Air Plus Launches with AMD Mendocino, and it will give you around three configuration options. The one will be available with the AMD Mendocino, and the other two with Intel Alder Lake-U processors.

The launch of its three configurations is expected shortly. The two will be available in December 2022, and the rest will be out in the second half of Feb 2023. The price will not cross the 250 Dollars, and it is pretty competitive.

If you are an AYANEO user and know-how to earn an early discount, all you need to spend is around 249 bucks to win it. Let’s find some more interesting facts about AYA Neo Air Plus launches with AMD Mendocino below.

AYANEO AIR Plus: Intel Alder Lake Models Announced

AYANEO has almost made it clear to the users that the AYANEO Air Plus models with Intel chips will be out there for use in December this year. However, it will take another couple of months to get the AMD Mendocino processor on board for shipping. Moreover, if you seek something with extraordinary power like a horse, AYA has brought you a cover for all possible reasons.

AYA Neo Air Plus Launches with AMD Mendocino Intel Alder Lake Models

AYA has also announced a variety of handheld gaming products in the coming months, and you can win one that fits your style and fashion the most. AYA has planned to launch AYANEO Air Pro, AYANEO Air, with the super great Ryzen 5000U series, and the AYANEO Slide with AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor. It will also furnish a stylish but hidden keyboard and the handheld to get a crazy and comfy touch simultaneously.

AYANEO Air Plus Launches with AMD Mendocino

AYANEO Air Plus is indeed the first-ever gaming handheld appliance that features AMD Mendocino with all perks and perquisites. If you own a portable PC, you have the best options to consider buying shortly. It certainly comes with an excellent GPU structure for the Ryzen 6000 U series. Moreover, it will submit M.2 2280 SSD, and software to accommodate space for gaming.

On the other hand, if we look at the competitors, the Steam Deck offers a bunch of excellent features with strong gaming aesthetics. However, I don’t want to make any premature statement, but my intuition says the AYANEO Air Plus will give a huge fight back to the Steam Deck. It will certainly offer a close call with the price and performance.

AYANEO Air Plus will be Available with Intel or AMD Chips

Earlier, it looked like something was coming very affordable with the x86 processor. But, after revealing the specs and pricing of AYN LOKI, it was all over the shadow. The price was crossing 250 dollars, and it comes with Intel and AMD options.

Interestingly, just after the announcement of AYANEO, Loki responded to the action with its amended specs and pricing for the AYN Loki with 239 dollars. The price came down solely in response to the declaration by AYANEO.

Price of AYANEO Air Plus

It is not a question to bother with anymore; all you need to arrange is around 250 bucks to win this most awaited handheld gaming instrument. The initial price that AYA has shared will be $249.

Topic Summary

In conclusion, I would like to sum up the latest information related to AYA NEO AIR Plus: Intel Alder Lake Models Announced. I can confidently indicate that the AYA Neo Air Plus will be a blast for gaming lovers. It will enable Intel and AMD users to get the max kick out of their gameplay.

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