5 Best Sim Racing Wheels for PS5 Review & Guide 2022

Playing racing simulation games on PS5 with a steering wheels instead of a controller is a special experience. Many racing video game enthusiasts have started to switch from playing with a controller to using a steering wheel to bring their gaming experience as close as possible to reality. The best consoles may change with the introduction of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, but luckily the best racing wheels may remain the same.

At the same time, the new consoles will introduce new controllers, like Sony requiring its new controller to play new games. But the PS5 and Xbox Series X will retain support for the previous racing wheels. The best sim racing wheel gives you a better awareness of the roads and maps.

While a standard controller can make noise at you, the force feedback on a racing wheel can pull against you as you steer to be heard around every corner. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to sit behind the wheel. So if you’re up for your favorite racing games, these are some of the best sim racing wheels for PS5 you’ll want to get your hands on.

Products ListFeaturesShopping StorePricing
1) Logitech G923 Racing Wheel for PlayStation 5Programmable Launch Control System
Extra Button Configuration for Xbox
Wheel is Crafted with Premium Materials
LED Display for Supported Games
Great Value to Money
Strong Next Gen Force Feedback
View On Amazon$399
2) Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB EditionCentral Clamping System for Maximum Stability
Bungee Cord Mechanism
Sequential Digital Gear Shift Paddles
Rubber Texture Wheel Grip
Automatic Re-Centering System
View On Amazon$129
3) Thrustmaster T150 Pro for PS5Simple and Easy Clamping System
Excellent and Robust Force Feedback
1080 Degree Rotation for Precision
Customizable for Different Amount of Force Feedback
Optical Reading with 12 Bit Resolution
View On Amazon$282
4) Thrustmaster TMX Sim Racing Wheel900 Degree of Wheel Rotation
Silent Belt-Pulley System
Intuitive Control of Force Feedback Power
Impressive Build Quality
All Controls within Your Easy Reach
View On Amazon$222
5) HORI Racing Wheel Apex for PS5Completely Programmable & Adjustable
Quick Handling and Simulation Modes
Adjustable Dead Zone and Sensitivity
Foldable Foot Peddles
Rubberized Grip for Control and Comfort
View On Amazon$159

As a Racer, I had started radical racing about 3 years ago and still competing in the MX5 Cup with the BRSCC. This enthusiasm turned me into Simulator Racing. I picked Best Products based on performance to experience and then start this platform to write my Review for open public.


Top Best Racing Wheel for PS5 and PC

Sometimes when you are gaming, you will want the most realistic experience possible. While VR games let you do just that, it’s nice to have it for conventional gaming as well. It can be especially true for the racing genre, with series like F1 2021, Gran Turismo, and Forza Motorsport offering mechanics and physics that mimic the way cars drive.

You can make the experience even better with an awesome racing wheel. So we’ve rounded up the best racing wheels for PS5 in any of your gaming consoles below.

Best Sim Racing Wheel for PS5 – Budget Compatible Review

1) Logitech G923 Racing Wheel for PlayStation 5

Logitech G923 Racing Wheel for PS5
Operating System      PS5, PS4 and PS3
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Rotation Angle 280 Degrees
Brand ‎Logitech
Weight‎9.18 pounds

Introducing the Logitech G923 TRUEFORCE for PS5, PS4, and PC with next-generation simulation force feedback technology. The game’s engine is directly connected to the PS5 steering wheel for true and pure responsiveness. You will feel the enthusiasm dramatically, which improves the realism and precision, and feel every moment of the race you enter. 

Wheel Design: 

Logitech racing wheel for PS5 has a classic, modernized design with premium brushed metal, premium leather stitching automotive-style, polished pedals, an integrated aluminum center indicator, and a rotating dial. It has full controls for the PS5 and PS4 are integrated directly into the steering wheel.

It also includes a 24-point selector knob to adjust traction, torque, brake force, and much more, all at your fingertips. The pedals and power plug into the steering wheel, and the steering wheel has a single USB connection to your console or PC.

It attaches to your desk or platform via two L-shaped spikes on the foundation that you tighten using the thumbscrews on the top. So other than the blue center indicator and the G29-style button layout on the Xbox version, there’s nothing on the outside to tell you you’re looking at a new wheel. Well, nothing but the Trueforce branding on the side.

Improved Performance: 

Go from a G920 to a G923. At first, you might think it was an unnecessary change. In non-TrueForce games, like Assetto Corsa, you won’t notice any real difference. Of course, you’ll benefit from the turn signals and the new buttons, but the biggest improvement is the brake pedal.

It’s much easier to apply the right amount of force without damaging your foot or wasting time playing around with the stopping power settings in your games. Since the internal components, especially the two motors, are the same as before, the force feedback is the same, and it can feel slightly bumpy. The wheel is still good quality, aided by stitched leather instead of plastic, as found on some entry-level wheels. 

Force Feedback: 

Our advanced force feedback technology connects directly to in-game simulation engines to deliver unprecedented realism. You will hear pistons pump, gravel, and every move like never before.

The Logitech G923 continuously adjusts the voltage flowing through the wheel motors to match the game’s physics and achieve a new level of precision and racing realism.  You can start the start line cleaner and faster with Programmable Dual Clutch Launch Assist in supported games. 

Braking and Controls:

The progressive spring precisely mimics the performance of a pressure-sensitive braking system for a true racing experience. It repositions the faces of the pedals for heel-to-toe maneuvering and even more control.

The G29 and G920 had a horrible brake pedal caused by a rubber/foam insert. But it is designed to mimic a real car with hydraulic brakes, but many owners have taken the pedals apart and removed or replaced them with a third-party load cell. 

Overdrive Personalization: 

You can take full control of your rig and adjust the PS5 racing wheel with clutch and shifter sensitivity, force feedback levels, and button customization via G HUB PC gaming software. You can also create multiple profiles for any game and application, making it the best sim racing wheel for PS5.

To get the maximum racing simulation experience, add the realism of a dedicated gearbox. You will feel good torque driving in a 6-speed “H” shifter with reverse gear. The Logitech G Driving Force Shifter is a good driving companion. 

Other Features: 

There is an amazing feature of the launch control. Logitech calls it “Dual Clutch,” which is misleading, but it’s a useful feature that can get you off the bike faster despite the lack of clutch levers on starting line.

Documentation is sorely lacking on how to use it, but you shoot both beaters and hit LSB and RSB at the same time. Then choose LSB or RSB as “clutch release,” then do the downshift to adjust the bite point. 

This part takes some trial and error, but you can start practicing once you set it to where the car starts to move. The way it works is you wait for the start lights to go out and release the button to immediately put the clutch at the bite point, keeping the clutch foot flat on the ground. Once the car begins to roll, you can fully release the clutch pedal.                                                                       

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2) Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB PlayStation 5 Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition PlayStation 5 Racing Wheel
Operating System      PS5, PS4 and PS3
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Rotation Angle280 Degrees
Brand ‎Thurstmaster VG
Weight‎8.59 pounds

Thrustmaster T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition replicates the Ferrari 488 GTB steering wheel, which is 11 “/ 28 cm in diameter and officially licensed from Ferrari and PlayStation 4. This PS5 steering wheel is equipped with Official buttons for PlayStation 4 and 5 for easy navigation in the PlayStation 4 and 5 interface and game menus.

It is compatible with all PlayStation 4 and 5 systems, PS4 racing games support steering wheels on PC (Windows 7/8/10). 

Bungee Cord Mechanism: 

It is optimized with the best-known bungee cord mechanism for linear resistance mechanism. In addition, it has Thrustmaster’s patented automatic re-centering system, which offers linear resistance, regardless of the angle of rotation, ensuring ergonomic and intuitive control of automatic centering and rotation angle of 240 degrees. 

Gaming Wheel Design: 

This best sim racing wheel for ps5 has all the equipment and controls you need for the fastest turns. The Thrustmaster T80 racing wheel is a gaming wheel designed for use with PlayStation 3/4/5 racing games. The T80 Ferrari 488 GTB Edition steering wheel combines excellent comfort with complete equipment.

The 28cm diameter PlayStation 5 racing wheel and textured rubber coating provide superior grip on its surfaces – a feature all players will appreciate during long racing sessions. The steering wheel is also equipped with dual sequential digital paddle shifters, 11 action buttons, a D-pad, and 2 large sequential gear levers mounted on the metal steering wheel.

Brake and Pedal:

A large set of pedals with an adjustable tilt angle and a large footrest are also included for ultra-precise and comfortable acceleration and braking.  A steering wheel and a crankset are well aligned for their excellent performance.

Its sensitivity is adjustable for precise driving. The crank has two pedals with a large footrest, and you can adjust the tilt angle for each pedal. The brake pedal has progressive resistance for more realism. In addition, the wide jaw central locking system provides stability with all types of desks and tables.

Its handling remains stable and steady under all conditions. Thanks to the realistic linear resistance of the sim racing wheel for PS5, which is provided by Thrustmaster’s unique Bungee Cord technology and the programmed re-centering function.

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3) Thrustmaster T150 Pro Racing Wheel for PS5

Thrustmaster T150 Pro, Thrustmaster Racing Wheel for PS5
Operating System      PS5, PS4 and PS3
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Rotation Angle180 to 270 Degrees
Brand ‎HORI
Weight‎7 pounds

Enter the world of the best sim racing wheel for PS5 and take your driving experience to the next level with the Thrustmaster T150 Pro. Although this is an entry-level wheel, there is enough of it here to give you a satisfying experience that will make you cringe at the thought of never playing a racing game with it a joystick.

Although they have been a mainstay of the game for years, Racing wheels still only appeal to a specific niche of racing enthusiasts. They require a particular setup and placement because of their high price tag. As a result, many gamers decide to stick with their controllers or keyboards for their racing needs.

Of course, this is mainly because high-end wheels usually monopolize all the spotlight, preventing the diversity of the wheel market from becoming prominent. In this regard, we have decided to offer you a cheaper entry-level option by looking at the Thrustmaster T150 Pro. 

Quality of Craft: 

Looking at the face of the Thrustmaster racing wheel for PS5, one could be forgiven for having overlooked the fact that it is also compatible with a PC. Not only do you get the huge PlayStation logo in the middle, but you also get all the usual Dual Shock buttons.

From triangle, circle, square, L2, and R2 inputs to D-pad and L3 and R3 buttons on the side. Seriously, the only thing missing is the analog sticks, so you can pretty much use the jog wheel to control almost every aspect of the console yourself. 

The second noticeable aspect of the T150 Pro is that it is almost entirely made of plastic. This could raise some potential issues, mainly in the quality of craft and handling service. As for handling, don’t worry.

The plastic itself has this rubbery coating which, combined with the fact that the steering wheel parts are covered with real rubber, makes the experience of gripping and using the steering wheel very pleasant. The gear levers on the steering wheel are made of metal which creates a nice contrast to all the plastic and ensures that it won’t break during a more intense racing session.

As far as build quality goes, the wheel is a few steps below the leather-covered metal wheels. However, the plastic is strong and durable enough to withstand any force you are likely to exert on it during normal play. But the plastic is very sensitive to scratches.

Motor and Gear Performance:  

During the initial setup, the cable connecting the pedals to the steering wheel managed to leave a mark around the input as we tried to plug it in. It’s certainly no headache, but the relative fragility of the plastic surface is something to consider when setting up and handling the T150 Pro.  

The remarkable thing about the Thrustmaster T150 Pro is that it features force feedback motors in its base that use a hybrid belt and gear system. Their purpose is to provide realistic feedback by making the wheel provide different resistance levels depending on what is going on in the game you are playing.

It includes the wheel that fights you in tight turns or braking, as well as the vibrations depending on the roughness of the terrain during jumps, bumps, and collisions.

We tested both handling and force feedback in a few racing games, and the T150 Pro performed well. While you can sometimes hear some of the notches on the gears below, the overall experience is smooth and precise. Much of your experience will depend on the games themselves and how well they support the wheel.

Come with Pedals:  

The T3PA crankset on the Pro model is a step up from the base T150, first with a clutch for a total of three pedals and second with improvements in design and performance. The pedals themselves are made of metal, making the whole thing look more upscale than the base model.

On top of that, the set is heavy enough and durable enough to withstand the most intense runs, while the bottom is rubberized to ensure everything stays in place when pressure is applied.  

Installation Process:  

The installation is a simple process. Find a solid surface and use the simple but reliable locking system to tighten the wheel. Connect it to the system of your choice, and you are ready to play.

There is no rigid mount option to speak of, which is quite understandable given the basic condition of the steering wheel, where the presumption is that you don’t have a full-fledged cockpit sitting in your room. However, the wheel is 28cm in diameter, so fitting it to any small solid surface shouldn’t be a problem.

4) Thrustmaster TMX Sim Racing Wheel for PS5 Games

THRUSTMASTER TMX Sim Racing Wheel for PS5
Operating System      PS5, PS4 and PS3
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Rotation Angle270 to 900 Degrees
Brand ‎Thurstmaster VG
Weight‎11.52 pounds

Fans of racing simulators will appreciate the steering wheel’s responsiveness and silent force feedback for greater immersion in the games, with sensations incredibly close to real conditions.

In addition, the TMX was created with different types of drivers in mind because its ergonomic design and the range of technologies integrated into the steering wheel make it perfectly adaptable to all styles of the racing game, often called as sim racing wheel for PS5 (Rally, F1, NASCAR and even GT). 

TMX Wheel Design & Rotation: 

Thrustmaster TMX is a predominantly plastic wheel with rubber grips on both sides, a pair of front buttons for each controller bumper, ABXY buttons, a DPad, and a pair of five gear levers made of metal behind the steering wheel.

The wheel is attached to a heavy plastic base, which comes with a table clamp to hold it in place while playing games. The rim has a diameter of 11 inches / 28 cm, and this guarantees complete versatility, which makes TMX the best sim racing wheel for ps5 and ideal for all styles of racing games.

You can experience the thrills of different types of tracks and circuits in intense F1 and rally racing and all kinds of four-wheel fun.

The wheel can turn up to 2.5 turns, providing an unprecedented level of control with every turn. In addition, the large rotation angle offered by the Thrustmaster TMX PRO (270 ° to 900 °) allows all virtual pilots to be as precise as possible in any race.  

Sequential Shift Lever: 

Thrustmaster TMX PRO is equipped with large, full metal, sequential shift levers. These are the same shifters you can found in high-performance cars. Their ergonomic design allows exceptional handling with smooth gear changes. The TMX pair paddles are made of plastic, which can adjust to various angles, and the brake pedal emphasizes progressive resistance.

The pedals worked well, but if you don’t have a solution to holding them in place, their lightweight design will let them slip away from you while you play. The pedals seemed a little less sturdy than ideal, but they were responsive enough to be effective in games.  

Force Feedback: 

The force feedback developed into the T150 PRO and TMX PRO racing wheels are very adaptable, with various power tuning options. The steering wheel’s highly responsive force feedback allows virtual drivers to maneuver with all the precision they need to improve their playing performance constantly.

As a VR headset owner, the wheel re-centers when not touched, and the force feedback helped keep the controller’s direction in mind without being able to see it.  Overall, the TMX racing wheel is a fairly robust mid-range racing wheel.

Belt Pulley System: 

The force feedback pulley system, unique to the T150 PRO and TMX PRO, represents the maximum benefits provided by Thrustmaster wheels. This system helps channel engine sounds, providing a smooth feel – for intuitive control of force feedback power.  

TH8A Compatible: 

Thrustmaster T150 PRO and Thrustmaster TMX PRO are compatible with Thrustmaster TH8A, and it’s a 100% metal shifter. It features a design encouraged by real-world automotive manufacturing with a removable shift knob and allows two separate shifting styles, which are H-pattern or sequential.  

The multitude of different effects, from rumbles and banging and knocking on the walls to skidding on loose materials, did a great job of highlighting what was wrong at all times.

User Experience: 

Although I have previously owned low-end racing wheels, the Thrustmaster TMX is the first mid-range gaming wheel that I took a long time to use, and I can certainly hear what the addition brings to the table. It is functionally almost identical to the PS4 wheel. It is an excellent mid-range wheel for gamers seeking suitable modular customization options, variable force feedback, and software support.

Keep in mind that support for PC games will be much more inconsistent.  They took the wheel smoothly when playing with Euro Truck Simulator; I couldn’t set the A B X Y buttons on the steering wheel as the controller input in games. It’s either recognized as a wheel or not at all recognized as a control input method, which has been a frustrating division for someone fairly new to the world of midrange racing wheels. 

If you’ve got a few hundred dollars lying around for a wheel and force feedback is important to you, you could do a lot worse than that for Xbox One. Beware of lightweight pedals and intermittent support for PC gaming.

5) HORI Racing Wheel Apex Wheel for PS5

HORI Racing Wheel Apex, Hori Racing Wheel for PS5
Operating System      PS5, PS4 and PS3
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Rotation Angle180 to 270 Degrees
Brand ‎HORI
Weight‎7 pounds

The Hori Racing Wheel Apex (RWA) is the best sim racing wheel for PS5 for those who can’t justify spending such an extra £100 on the Logitech and Thrustmaster enthusiast kit. You could easily spend over £500 on it if you want a fully equipped racing rig. The RWA is a steering wheel for casual racing and arcade enthusiasts, not simulation racing enthusiasts.

Design & Features: 

The Hori RWA is small and light. It’s smaller than most models at £100 and up. Yet, it is one of the strongest non-force feedback racing wheels I have ever used. It is made of good quality plastic, and the parts of the steering wheel you are holding are rubber, similar to the Thrustmaster T150.

The Hori racing wheel for PS5 is also used for PS4, PS3 and PC and imitates the controls of a PS4 pad better than other wheels. However, it’s not just about placing high-quality buttons on the front. The Hori RWA does not have analog sticks.

However, its Dpad is designed to imitate one of the PS4 sticks. You don’t need a handy controller to navigate the menus. Typical of Hori, the buttons are of high quality.

Some controls on the wheel itself, L2 and R2, two modes allow the Hori to toggle between being recognized as a gamepad or steering. If one mode looks a little weird in a game, there’s a good chance the other isn’t. For a relatively simple tech wheel, there’s a lot to do here. 

Methods of Fixing:

There are two possibilities for fixing the wheel to a table or a wheel stand. Suction cups attach under the surface, or there’s the familiar plastic clamp. Most of the time, we recommend that you use the pliers. It works flawlessly, completely preventing the Hori RWA from moving when attached to a wheel stand.

It is not as strong as, for example, the clamp of the Thrustmaster T300 RS, but it is not necessary because the tension of a dial without force feedback is much less. So while the Hori RWA isn’t as fun to use as a good force feedback wheel, it does require a lot less maintenance.

I had issues with a USB extension cord, causing the wheel to disconnect when its rumble motor was maximum. However, this is probably because the extension cable is difficult to carry enough current, rather than the failure of the wheel itself.

Rumble Feedback: 

Hori RWA is not a model that emulates the force of a real car wheel, for example, when the tires are about to lose grip on the road. It is very similar to an arcade wheel. The Hori has an “elastic” or spring action on the inside that allows the wheel to correct itself – it also adds constant resistance to curves.

Then there’s the rumble, similar to what you might hear in an Xbox One pad. In DriveClub, you’ll hear a rumble when you accelerate, when you hit the side of the track, and when you enter a slide, much like the rumble of the gamepad. 

The difference is that the Hori RWA is more powerful, offering deeper feedback than that felt with a gamepad, and its rumble motors are at the middle of the PS5 steering wheel.

Switching to MotorStorm:

The Hori RWA lacks that feeling of connection with a car, providing a force feedback wheel. As I’ve suggested several times before, this is more of an arcade-style wheel than models produced by Logitech and Thrustmaster – aside from the similarly priced Thrustmaster T80. However, given the casual style, I was slightly surprised at the level of customization on offer.

You can adjust dead zone, sensitivity, and toggle rotation between 270 and 180 degrees using a series of a button. The 270 degrees is the full wheel rotation limit, which is limited compared to the 900 degrees of the Logitech G29 and the 1080 degrees of the Thrustmaster T150. 

Gear Levers:

Behind the steering wheel is a pair of gear levers. High-end wheels always use aluminum spokes, while the Hori RWA has flimsy plastic spokes. It’s the only flexible plastic you’ll find on the steering wheel. In the end, they feel pretty similar to better-made mutants, a weaker take on the same idea. 

Hori Pedals: 

The RWA Hori pedals are simple. On a plastic base, it has two fully plastic pedals, the accelerator and the brake. There is much less resistance than the pedals of the Logitech G29. Both are very easy to squeeze and are not at all realistic. However, the brake is at least slightly stiffer than the accelerator pedal.

The pedals plug directly into the wheelbase like other wheelsets, so don’t use an extra USB port on your PS4. The bottom panel of the Hori RWA pedals also turns around to give your feet something to lean on.

At first, I thought it seemed unnecessary, but it helps keep the pedals in place as you don’t just push the pedals away from you anymore. Also, the heel weight helps keep them in place on the mat.

Buying Guide for Budget Racing Wheel for PS5

In choosing the best racing wheel for PS4 and PS5, we took into account the following aspects of each product:  

Wheel Size: 

Although all steering wheels may be the same size, or they are not. We discovered it on our own during our research. A small fraction of the decrease in wheel size may be hardly noticeable with the eye, but it can cause an enormous difference in gaming performance. To help you choose the right size of the steering wheel for your specific needs, we made sure to provide you with a list of frills that vary in size.  


Wheel rotation refers to the angle at which the wheel can turn in either direction. Generally speaking, the more rotation, the better for you. This is because, with a higher degree of rotation, you will have more freedom to perform your turns and drifts.

Vibration and Force Feedback: 

Force feedback and vibration are the essential features of your steering wheel to get a driving experience. While many sets of steering wheels have force and vibration feedback, many are quite rare or virtually non-existent. One thing to note about vibration and force feedback is that flywheels with such bulky mechanisms are on the more expensive end of the spectrum. For this reason, you will find that the cheaper models, while fantastic, either have no force and vibration feedback or are very minimal and are not true to real-life experience.  

Added Accessories: 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could add pedals to your playing experience? We think so. Your entire experience will transform as you bring everything to life. It is precisely for this reason that we made sure that most of our final choices included a set of pedals with the steering wheel. 

Weight of Racing Wheel: 

Weight may be more important than you think when it comes to choosing a wheel. Wheels that are too light will look cheap and will be a bit more difficult to mount on a table if you turn the wheel a lot or sharply. Heavier wheels will feel more robust in performance.


This guide is particularly about the best racing wheel for PS5 F1 2021 for the PlayStation 5. The most noticeable aspect of our research is that we needed to ensure that our recommendations were compatible with PS5.