How To Clean A Motherboard? With Thinner, Water & Petrol

Cleaning the motherboard is as essential as we all clean our house, vehicle, office and ourselves. Dust is just like poison for your computer and laptop. And minor dust in your motherboard can cause more trouble in your computer. It may cause short circuits, overheating, lack of performance, etc.

As you know, the motherboard is the critical part of getting good performance from the computer. No matter the use of your computer, you have to take good care of it. But it’s not easy as you can do it without any precautions. If you are not handy in cleaning motherboards or do not have any basic knowledge, you may cause more problems.

Don’t worry; I’ll give you some tips and methods for cleaning your motherboard. So let’s learn about how to remove dust from computer motherboards and how to clean motherboard laptop? We may clean our computers with different parts, but we ignore the central part of the computer. Keep reading and follow these steps to clean motherboard.

Remember, it is the sensitive part of your computer. Even the slightest damage and forceful touch can create a huge problem. Let’s get started with how to clean a motherboard?

Some Best Ways to Clean Motherboard

There are many ways to clean a computer motherboard, but I’m going to discuss main two methods of how to clean a computer motherboard:

  1. Clean motherboard with compressed air
  2. Clean motherboard with isopropyl alcohol

I do not recommend some methods because they may cause more damage to your computer. Using cloth and vacuum cleaners directly is one of those. But you can use specially designed cloth for cleaning computer parts. As for the vacuum, you may use it if you are highly knowledgeable but don’t touch it directly or don’t use it closely. May we give you in-depth details about how to remove dust from laptops in this article?

How To Clean A Motherboard Using Compressed Air?

In route of steps on how to clean a motherboard. If you are using compressed air to clean your motherboard, you have to take a safe route because it may take a little longer, but it is worth it. You can get an air blower and keywords cleaner from any online mart or the market. They are used to clean your motherboard without heating it.

How To Clean A Motherboard Using Compressed Air
  • Before cleaning your computer, especially for the motherboard, you have to completely shut down your computer and unplug all the connections. After the computer is fantastic, down separate the motherboard from the computer.
  • Now use the compressed air to remove dust, dirt, and debris from your motherboard. You may notice that some particles are not removed, and you need to do some extra work on them.
  • If some particles are not removed, you may use a soft brush gently. Rub it on dust and try to loosen the dust.
  • When it is loosened again, use the compressed air to remove it altogether. It may take some rounds to clean the motherboard thoroughly.
  • After that, set the motherboard on your computer and start your computer.

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How To Clean A Motherboard With Isopropyl Alcohol?

Suppose you are dealing with something sticky or cakey, dirt and dust. The compressed air may not be enough to clean the motherboard effectively. No matter how many rounds you take to remove it. If you want to remove these stubborn spots and dirt particles, you must use professional and technical methods. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean your motherboard.

You need to know that liquid can cause colossal damage that you never imagine. So this delicate way is demanding more carefulness from you.  You can use motherboard cleaning liquid, but isopropyl alcohol is the best choice for motherboard cleaning.

You can use at least 90% pure alcohol and 99% isopropyl alcohol only for this method. This way can consider the best way to clean a motherboard. This type of liquid breakdown the spots in a few swaps. The benefits of using this alcohol they dry faster than any liquid and cause no damage. Even if you use a computer cleaning cleanser, they also take more time to dry out.

How To Clean A Motherboard With Isopropyl Alcohol

There is no one standard way how to clean motherboards with alcohol. It depends on the dust type. If you have sticky dust particles, you have to swap isopropyl alcohol. You will eliminate the motherboard dust and spot eventually.

But if you still have some particles and they are not removed by any method, you have to give a bath to your motherboard with alcohol. It will loosen the dust and clean the stubborn spots also. But it will not be recommended; it is only done when necessary.

This method will use in case your motherboard is not responding, is entirely dead, and may not be functioning because it has a lot of dust and dirt particles. Let me tell you how to clean a motherboard with alcohol? Here are the steps for this type of situation:

  • Shut down your system, disconnect all the wires, and unplug all the connections, including power source wires and plugs.
  • After that, wait to cool it down for several minutes. Don’t rush to move on further steps. 
  • Disassemble the computer and remove the motherboard carefully. Because pulling and forcing any part will cause significant damage.
  • Then use the compressed air to blow out the extra dirt.
  • Then use a soft brush to remove the loose dirt particles.
  • Now clean your motherboard with the help of a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. You can use cotton to swap isopropyl alcohol on the surface and corner of the motherboard. This step is necessary because it will remove particles left from compressed air.
  • If the motherboard is not clean yet, you can carefully pour isopropyl alcohol on it. You can bathe it in alcohol if you feel needed. But proceed with this step more carefully. This step will remove the remaining dust and debris particles.
  • Give some time for your motherboard to dry out completely. Don’t install it before it is scorched. You can use compressed air if you are in a hurry. But make sure it is scorched. Mobo clean will give you the best performance now; move to the next step to assemble them.
  • Now assemble the computer back together with the motherboard and start it. Use it to ensure that everything is working correctly, and you may get outstanding performance and speed after this method.

How To Clean Motherboard With Thinner?

Using thinners to clean your motherboard is the same as cleaning the motherboard with alcohol. But if you are using thinners, you must have basic knowledge about cleaning the motherboard slots. Thinner is used to remove sticky and stubborn dust and dirt. That is how to clean a dirty motherboard? Follow these steps to clean the motherboard:

How To Clean Motherboard With Thinner
  • You know the basic steps like shutdown and unplugging the wires and connection from the computer. Disassemble the motherboard from the computer.
  • Then remove the dust with the help of soft cloth or cotton gently.
  • If you are going with the thinner method, this method provides you the comfort and feeling easy because they are qualified to remove dust quickly. Just splash the thinner into your motherboard if you still feel the dust.
  • It will help the corner, and hard-to-clean areas remove the dust easily. Now you can wipe the soft cloth on the whole motherboard to completely clean it.
  • Ensure it is scorched; then, you can install the motherboard and perform your daily tasks.

Cleaning Motherboard With Water

The liquid is not suitable for your computer and any components, especially water. A tiny drop of water will destroy your whole computer system. Don’t think about washing a motherboard with water. It will damage all components of the motherboard with a few drops.

If you want to use any type of liquid to clean your Motherboard, you can use isopropyl alcohol and alcohol. And follow those above steps to clean your Motherboard.

Can You Vacuum A Computer?

Can You Vacuum A Computer

No, you can’t use a vacuum to clean the computer because vacuum cleaners have static electricity that will cause a short circuit, overheating and damage to the components of the computer. You can use canned air to clean the computer.

It is readily available in most computer offices. You can also use a motherboard cleaning kit from the market to clean your computer’s motherboard. Now I hope you get the answer to your question about can you use a vacuum to clean a computer.

What To Do With An Extremely Dirty Motherboard?

If you find your motherboard is a mess, let me guide you on how to properly clean computer? Try these:

  • Fill a tub with isopropyl alcohol.
  • Dip and lower your mother into that tub.
  • Swap or agitate your motherboard gently in the isopropyl alcohol. Make sure alcohol is reached on the dirty areas and every corner of the motherboard.
  • Lift it and use a soft brush to remove the dust. Dip it back if you find any particles left on the motherboard.
  • Remove the dust with the help of a Soft cloth or lint-free towel. Let it dry for 24 hours at least. But I prefer to wait 48 hours before using it.

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