Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 System Requirements | PC, Mac

A flight simulator is a wonderful game with amazing features. The game covers diverse locations and gives access to different airplanes; it covers almost all the globe’s airports. However, it seems very challenging to cover all the locations and give options for different airplanes.

The most difficult thing is to give the real-world environment in the game. But the developers did a very good job. Microsoft flight simulator has always been a good experience for its players. The developers worked hard to make it the best simulator game from the beginning.

The most interesting and attention-seeking feature of the game is that it can simulate the entire planet. The amazing feature is that if it rains somewhere in the world, there will be rain in the game. The latest technology is being used to make it the most impressive and iconic game ever. There are certain Microsoft flight simulator requirements to handle this technical game.

  1. Microsoft Flight Simulator PC Requirements
  2. Microsoft Flight Simulator Mac Requirement

Microsoft Flight Simulator System Requirements

Microsoft flight simulator emanates with the digital imitation of the world. It includes real-time environments like weather and aerodynamics and is the most original game ever.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Requirements

Before finally starting the flight simulator game, here are some system, internet, and hardware requirements.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Requirements PC

The overwhelming concept of the Microsoft building cloud-powered simulator brings a change in the gaming world. As in the game, you can travel anywhere globally; it seems like there will be a need for some supercomputer. But it’s not that much, unlike your regular system.

When playing the game, your Pc should show the real map of the world so you can enjoy the real-world simulation. You will feel like you are flying a real airplane in any part of the world according to your desire. Apart from this unique and amazing experience, the features make the game bit complicated. The new technology applied in the game is worth praising and overwhelming.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Requirements PC

There are three Microsoft tries suggested by Microsoft: entry-level, recommended, and ideal. It should be fulfilled the best-recommended system requirements for a smooth game. Below is the table representing all system requirements, entry-level, recommended, and ideal.

If you want to play like a new player or entry-level, the minimum requirements are enough for you. But if you want to play like a professional and experienced player, you need to fulfill the Flight Simulator recommended specs. So, you can feel the smoothness of the game without any disturbance. The ideal conditions are those who want to play like a pro.

If your system fulfills the ideal Microsoft flight simulation requirements, you will have a new and unique experience in the simulation game.

Support Minimum Specs  Recommended Specs   Ideal Specs
CPUAMD Ryzen 3 1200
Intel i5-4460
Ryzen 5 1500X
Intel i5-8400
AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X
Intel i7-9800X
GPURadeon RX 570
Nvidia GTX 700
Radeon RX 590
Nvidia GTX 970
Radeon VII
Nvidia RTX 2080
Storage150 GB150 GB150 GB (SSD)
Minimum OS versionWindows 10 Nov 2019 update (1909)Windows 10 Nov 2019 update (1909)Windows 10 Nov 2019 update (1909)

If there will be any new Microsoft flight simulator pc requirements, we will update the given information accordingly for the ease of players and the people new to the gaming world.

Will My PC Run Microsoft Flight Simulator?

With the mentioned Microsoft flight simulator requirements, you must think about whether your PC will run Microsoft FS or not? It is not hard to cross-check your PC with the recommended requirements.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool is the best tool to check whether your PC is compatible with the Microsoft flight simulator or not. It also provides the ability to check your hardware for sounds and videos. It is a windows integrated tool. It will break down the components when run to give a quick check.

Here are some of the following points if you want to use the DirectX diagnostic.

  • Press Windows key
  • Write dxdiag
  • A list will appear to click dxdiag from the list. Your PC specifications will appear.
  • Go to the System tab for further details
  • For GPU details, navigate to the Display tab

These tabs will show your system specifications. And you can check whether your pc is compatible with the Microsoft flight simulator or not. Codes for Anime Fighting Simulator are available now.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Requirements Mac

Some people love to play simulation games on Mac; the Microsoft flight simulator is now available on Mac. It is an outstanding experience playing the flight simulation on mac. The mac version of the Microsoft flight simulation game is the most beautiful and complicated ever.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Requirements Mac

Suppose you have never played this game on mac before; we recommend you play and enjoy a different experience. Many people say that this is the best simulation game known, and we strongly with them. But there are some Microsoft flight simulation Requirements Mac that we need to check before officially starting the game.

You can adjust the system manually and automatically, depending on your experience. The real conditions of weather and day/night bring next-level reality to the game. You can get 20 airplanes and 30 different airports in Microsoft flight simulation Mac.

Specifications Requirements
CPU:Intel Core i5-4460 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200 
CPU Speed: 2.1 GHz
OS: OS X 10.10
Video Card: Radeon RX 570 / GeForce GTX 770
HDD Space: 143 GB

The above-mentioned are Microsoft flight simulator recommended specs for Mac. Before getting hands with the system, we need to fulfill these requirements or check whether our system is compatible with this game; if there are any new Microsoft flight simulator requirements, we will update here for your ease.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Internet Speed Requirements

Another important feature that matters is internet speed as you are streaming and representing the real world. Everything is like a real-world in the game, and you have the real map of the world to stream. The weather conditions are so real, like if there is rain, it’s rain in the game. It requires a stable and smooth internet connection to play the game efficiently.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Internet Speed Requirements

The table below represents the internet speed requirements you need for playing a good and smooth Microsoft Flight Simulation game. The table also highlights the bandwidth as per the minimum, required, and ideal situation.

Specification Minimum Recommended Ideal
Internet requirement5 Mbps20 Mbps50 Mbps

The internet requirements are not that crazy. Our personal experience with this game shows that the better the internet connection, the smoother the game will be. The given recommended bandwidth of the internet connection is good for an easy and smooth game. The ideal bandwidth is to stream 4k videos.

Sometimes, a player does not have a good internet connection. For those players, there is good news. The game preloads some of the areas on the map to help the player run the game smoothly until he gets a stable internet connection.