Thrustmaster T300 RS Racing Wheel Review PS5, PS4, PC

It is always fun to play racing games on consoles, and the enthusiasts go beyond limits to enhance the gameplay experience. Such an example is the racing wheel for the gamers PC and PlayStation gamers.

If you are a big fan of racing games and want to elevate your gaming experience, it is important to play games with a proper wheel to enhance your ability. However, these gadgets are so expensive that everyone cannot afford them, and only die-hard gamers can spend a fortune to get these wheels.

In this age of technology, there are too many gaming consoles in the market. The producers of these gadgets introduce new racing wheels that can match the power of new machines. The Thrustmaster is at the top in this technology race as they released the hefty Thrustmaster T300 RS racing wheel. This gaming wheel is fully compatible with the PS4 and officially licensed by Sony.

It is a high-end product that offers you effective feedback and also a PS4-optimised connection with the Thrustmaster T300 GTE.  The price of T300 RS is about $449 and is compatible with PC, PS5, and PS4. The systems are now more advanced than in the past, as the last-generation wheels have compatibility issues.

However, the Thrustmaster T300 RS is the ultimate racing wheel for users who don’t have these issues for PC, PS3, and PS4. Let’s start with the Thrustmaster T300RS Review to understand better what it packs and its performance for ultimate gaming.

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Thrustmaster T300RS Review – Best Force Feedback Racing Wheel

As a Racer, I had started radical racing about 3 years ago and still competing in the MX5 Cup with the BRSCC. This enthusiasm turned me into Simulator Racing. I picked Best Products based on performance to experience and then start this Beta Sim Racing platform to write my Review for open public.


Thrustmaster T300 RS Design & Build

Let’s see how our Thrustmaster wheel T300RS review rate the build quality. The pedals are made from metal and are quite durable, while the pedalboard is not durable based on plastic.

The carpet grips at the bottom of the box are of miserable quality because they cannot even give a firm position at the place and the pedal box slips around while playing a game. Due to its disappointing grip, you may need to fix it somewhere so that you can use it comfortably.

However, the overall design gives a sturdy feel, and the build quality is almost durable. The steering wheels are rubberized and give your feet a firm grip, and the metal pedal gears shifters are clicky and give you a good reaction while desperate racing moments.

The excellent quality of Thrustmaster is that it contains all of the buttons you can see on a  DualShock controller. These buttons make the procedure of navigation easy with your PS4 while using the wheel. All of these features help to avoid flipping between a controller and the wheel.

In the Box:

Thrustmaster T300RS is a bulky gaming wheel, but it will give you a fantastic feeling when you unwrap this beast.  You may need to assemble the pieces of equipment, but it is not a difficult process as you can make it without any problem. The steering wheel clamps down, and you can assemble it with the screw onto the base in a few seconds. There is a desk mount at the bottom so that you can attach the Thrustmaster with the tabletop and play games without any difficulty.

Thrustmaster T300RS is a thing that needs a permanent home for itself. If you want to use it on your lap and in any other way, it may lead to serious injury when you turn it on. That’s why it is important to place it on the tabletop permanently.

Another vital thing that should remain under consideration while installing it on the surface is the height of the desk or table. The coffee table may be too low, but an office desk may be right, while it may not be near your console.

There are two adjustable paddles on the pedalboard. These two pedals are enough for racing. Although the diehard gamer may need one more pedal for a clutch, they will have to make do without it. However, in the small library of PS4 compatible games, this is not a deal-breaker. 

You can also adjust the pedals according to your size. You may need to unscrew them and readjust at your reachable position. These pedals give you a good feeling and also register the slight hard pressure from your feet.

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Powering Up Thrustmaster T300 RS Setup

The setup of the Thrustmaster T300 RS is so easy that you can complete it in a few steps, similar to what we demonstrated in the Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari review. You only need to screw in the steering wheel and base clamp, plug in the power and pedals then power it along with your PS4.

It is an important thing to keep in mind that where you want to fix your Thrustmaster. You may need to have a comfortable height so that you can use it without stretching your arms. When you powered up, the wheel will rotate a few times to calibrate itself, and then it will come to its normal position.

Powering Up and Setup

Moreover, some additional features will some extra marks to the T300 Rs. The big advantage is that you can easily toggle it with a small switch on the lower left to PS4, and in this way, Thrustmaster T300 RS will become compatible with the previous generation of Sony. The other bonus is that you can plug the Thrustmaster T300 RS racing wheel into a PC if you desire.

Force Feedback System:

I have raised some objections in the Thrustmaster T300RS review 2022 about how the hardware is put together, but the force feedback is quite extraordinary. It works fast and gives you an extra immersion that will be the main draw of a force feedback wheel. 

Most of the games will let you alter the effect level due to their force feedback if you are not up for really fighting with your wheel 24/7. Thrustmaster T300RS is among the most powerful wheel that will give you forceful feedback up to 200 to 350 nowadays.

Thrustmaster T300 RS PC is also different because it uses hall sensors instead of brushes. In contrast, the T500 models use brushed motors for their force feedback. However, this change may not worry the users but make the T300 Rs more effective and possibly much less disposed to long-term wear.

In general, the brushless motors produce less noise, but T300 RS steering wheel makes a bit of noise in use. At the same time, the wheel’s turning is very quiet compared to the Logitech models of the G-series. There is a fan that kicks up when the motor gets warmed. These fans cool the motor instantly to avoid any damage. As soon as 15 to 20 minutes, play with a title that offers quite strong feedback effects. 

Adjustable Pedals:

The pedals are very efficient in their work and offer a good amount of resistance while pressing. This resistance will help you control the racing in a better way, and this will also help you control your speed and brakes when the time calls for it. You can adjust the power on the pedals according to your desire. It might become nice if the base of the pedals sheds off some of the weight a bit more. Moreover, it is the best choice to place them against something heavy so that they can slide away.

They bring a comfortable feeling, and even you can adjust the pedals according to your position. But the brakes will not offer you any evolution, and it is important for beating your mark constantly. Another thing that remains in mind is how far to press the pedals to hit your edge, and you may need a lot more muscle memory to do that.

Thrustmaster T300RS Pedals

The pedals remain overshadowed by their clutch-touting counterparts, and they are not bad. The brake pedals offer you more resistance than the throttle and also serve well. However, they have less carpet grip, and you may face some difficulty while playing as they can slide around. That’s why it is important to fix them with something.

Push Buttons:

When you look at the front of the wheel, you will find a perfect fit for PS4. The buttons look like a mirror of the DoubleShok 4 controller instead of the touch panel and analog sticks.

The benefit of this gaming wheel is clear. You may prefer to use the Thrustmaster T300 RS steering wheel to control your system. It is easy to use instead of juggling between the wheel and a pad. This wheel is handy, and to be honest; no racing wheel is remotely convenient.

Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel Review (My Experience)

Now the question is that how solid I find this gadget in my Thrustmaster T300RS racing wheel review. There is a tiny and limited library of games available for the PS4 that are currently compatible. I tested the wheel on both PS4 and PS5 games to see that how it works. When I checked the DriveClub on the PS4, then is notice that it only worked when I applied the new patch to the game.

When we talk about the force feedback, it is matchless in Thrustmaster T300RS Gran Turismo Edition and gives you a great response when you drive across various surfaces in the game. While I have another experience playing Gran Turismo on the PS5 and veering sharply around corners and varied terrain, the wheel almost wrestles out of my hands.

When you play a racing game with a controller and steering, it is different from night and day. But when I tried for Thrustmaster T300RS PS4 review, I found that this gaming experience got better at each race. The wheels feel in my hand, giving me a good response about my driving skills. But when you feel that you are fighting with Thrustmaster in the game, you should consider not just driving properly.

Thrustmaster T300RS Racing Wheel Review

There are brushless motors in the T300 RS for PC, which make the operation quiet enough and result in less wear and tear over the years. But it may become a little bit louder when you have a long session of marathon racing for more than 30 minutes.  We have covered this in more detail in our Thrustmaster T300RS GT racing wheel review.

There are built-in fans inside the box that will make sure to cool the motors while plying. If you are playing with headphones or have a slightly high game volume, then the noise of the motor will not disturb you. It may be an important thing for gamers.

Compatible Devices:

The most important point of Thrustmaster is its compatibility, and this feature makes it more selling product. It also works with the PlayStation 5, 4, and PC. You can not neglect the switches that can change the mod of the wheels. It means that aside from the Forza Motorsports series on Xbox One, you can use it for all of the most popular games for years to come. If you are looking for Xbox compatibility, then check out the Thrustmaster TX.

However, the T500 can also work with the PS4, but support for every game is not guaranteed because it depends on each game developer to decide if they want to support that older hardware or not. If we talk about T500, it also lacks PS4 compatible “PS” and “share” buttons.

If we compare, then T300 gives full functionality on PlayStation 5 and 4. That’s why you can ditch the controller and use the console with the wheel alone. However, it may look like a small feature. Still, it is brilliant to go into your driving without any juggle.

These are some competitive racing wheels.


  • Comfortable and smooth wheel turning
  • Excellent Force Feedback for enthusiasts
  • No external power supply needs
  • Practical design for hardcore gaming action
  • PC, PS5, and PS4 compatible
  • Detachable wheel with Thrustmaster quick release system
  • Firmware upgrade support


  • Pedal action seems fragile
  • No compatibility with the Xbox
  • Lacks clutch
I hope you got enough insight about performance from the Thrustmaster T300RS review. You will enjoy your racing experience with Thrustmaster T300RS, as it can change your game into fantasy, and you will go into a magic land. The features will involve you in the ins and outs of your virtual race car. If you are a racing fan, it will become a superb thing for you, and the Thrustmaster will provide you with what you want to see in this gaming gadget.
If you have an old feedback wheel for the previous generation and want to buy a new one for the PS4, this may become a good choice before switching on something else. It is a general perception that it is perfect, but these pedals look cheap for the price.
You can enjoy force feedback even you have a low budget if you buy Thrustmaster T248. But if you already use a high-end handlebar, then this model will not fulfill your needs. But if this is your first steering wheel, then it may provide you enough. This T300 RS gives you an option to replace the pedals with something better in the future.
It may become tricky to send force feedback to the setup. They are heavy, expensive, require a standard, have compatibility issues, and rarely work for all platforms. However, the delight they provide makes up for it all.