Sim Racing Button Boxes | One Way and Two Way Toggle Switches

Racing games are really fun, and handling a mad car is another level of craziness. Suppose you have an addiction to sim-racing games. In that case, you need the best components, such as an extraordinary steering wheel, an excellent pedal unit, and an incredible sim racing button box. I have played racing games for years and found some great button boxes to make you a master.

This article will enable you to find the best-controlling match for your gaming setup, and I added the five best, pre-tried, and tested sim racing button boxes to help you take your gaming on top. If you want a controlled environment in your gaming room and want to leave no stone unturned in getting the feel of authenticity and realism, you need to look at the table of contents.

As a Racer, I had started radical racing about 3 years ago and still competing in the MX5 Cup with the BRSCC. This enthusiasm turned me into Simulator Racing. I picked Best Products based on performance to experience and then start this platform to write my Review for open public.


Table of Content:

  1. Logitech G Sim Racing Panel (RECOMMENDED)
  2. Classic ATS/ETS2 Button Box
  3. Ultimate Flex Button Box Sim Racing
  4. RM Sim Racing Button Box PS4
  5. Sim Box 32 Best Sim Racing Button Box

5 Best & Cheap Button Box Sim Racing

Sim Racing Button Boxes

There is a very limited collection of sim racing button boxes out there, but it is very difficult to find some best picks with multiple controlling options. I tried to select button boxes with easy use of the operating system, smooth button press, and no extra software needed to install them or to run on your hardware platforms. So, let’s head towards what I got for you.

1) Logitech G Sim Racing Switch Panel

Logitech G Sim Racing Switch Panel
SpecificationsFeatured Values
Weight1.1 kg
Hardware PlatformDesktop
ControlButtons with loader stick
System RequirementsWindows 10, 7, 8.1
Cable Length2 meters

If you are looking for a complete sim racing button box, the Logitech G Sim Racing Switch Panel is the answer to all your needs. It gives you a control stick with multiple buttons and durable formation for years to come. It is way more than just a farming simulation button box and is very easy to use.

Control Stick with Multiple Buttons

It comes with a stick located between the buttons, and you can use it to go onto your vehicle to keep it in the right direction and on the right track. It allows you to take turns and twist the axes as you want, and it is the ultimate tool for logging. It is indeed the best sim racing button box with various other traits.

Durable Formation for Years of Use

It comes with a great solid material body that is lightweight but very dependable. A sim racing button box has to handle the pressure of your hand, so it should be strong enough to withstand the heavyweights. To make it more useful, you need to arrange a good quality sim racing button box mount to keep it fixed well. However, if you want to know about drifting games, let’s take a look at the drifting games.

More than Just a Farming Simulator

It is way more than just a farming simulation button box. So if you are looking for a genuine product that gets you real control of your vehicle tractor that you are using for farming, you can prioritize this super pick of our experts without fearing any loss. When I used it for the first time, it amazed me thoroughly, and now I’m a big fan of it.

Easy to Plug and Easy to Use

It is super easy to use. There is no rocket science, all you need to do is plug it into your hardware platform, and you can use it without installing any extra software. Moreover, if you need cheap button box sim racing, it is the right choice you can go with.

Purchase Decision:

Finding the right sim racing button box out of so many sim racing button boxes. But I made it easy for you. So if you need precision, complete control in your gameplay, and want a solid stock body that can withstand pressures, you can consider purchasing this super amazing sim racing button box. It is easy to use and easy to afford.

  • Very economical
  • Multiple combinability options
  • Simple system requirements
  • Lightweight device
  • Good for the ultimate control
  • Finishing needs a bit of improvement
  • Lightweight body
  • Multiple pushing buttons and toggles for ease
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Economical and robust finish
  • Good for all levels of racers

2) RM Sim Racing Button Box PS4

RM Sim Racing Button Box PS4
SpecificationsTested Values
Controlling Functions24
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Cable Length10 ft
Push Buttons9
Weight2 pounds

The RM Sim Racing Button Box PS4 is one of the most prominent button boxes on the market. Racers love it immensely. It comes with 24 different buttons to get you the control during gameplay, and you can jar it with multiple hardware platforms. It is super durable and solid and one of the finest sim racing button boxes right away. Let’s uncover some more secrets below.

24 Functions under Your Palm

With the 24 different assignable functions in your racing game, you can manage almost all the major and minor touches in one go. When I used it for the first time, I found this button box flight sim with great control. It lets you enjoy your racing game with the utmost focus by furnishing effortless control. 

Multiple Hardware Compatibility Options

It is designed and assembled in the USA, and there is no other certification needed to have the credibility of these sim racing button boxes. You can use them on multiple hardware platforms and get equally good results. It won’t disappoint you and will fulfill your room with color buttons. However, if you want to explore other ps4 compatible games, you can read the ps4 steering wheel games

Durable and Reliable Formation

It comes with aircraft-grade stock, and you can use it with full confidence without fearing any malfunction. You can easily use it for years to reach, and it will give you the best return on your investment. If you want to play safe and do not want to put your gaming time at stake, you are good to rely on this super device to enjoy the thrill and craziness you crave. 

Plug and Play without Any Extra Software

There is no need for any extra software to use it. All you need to do is connect it to your hardware with the help of a USB cord, and you are good to enjoy the best racing session. It is one of the finest sim racing button boxes with quality performance and lag-free buttons. Moreover, it saves your bank from profiting, and you get the premium quality control of your racing car.

Purchase Decision:

I hope the information I added above related to these sim racing button boxes will help you understand the subject well. It lightens up your gaming room with colors and adds value to the smooth functioning of your racing. It takes you to the leading edges with the best control you need during the gameplay.

  • Lightweight body
  • Multiple pushing buttons and toggles for ease
  • Handmade in the USA
  • Economical and robust finish
  • Good for all levels of racers
  • No clear cons

3) Classic ATS/ETS2 Simulator Button Box

Classic ATS/ETS2 Simulator Button Box
SpecificationsTested Values
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
MaterialStainless steel
Cable Length10 ft
StyleATS/ETS2 Button Box

The Classic ATS/ETS2 Simulator Button Box is an amazing controlling device with the highest quality stainless steel building, fully customizable, improved technology for the ultimate accuracy and precision. Using these sim racing button boxes, the max of car controlling functions is in your hand. Let’s get to know its features.

Highest Quality Stainless Steel Building

It comes with a solid stock of stainless steel. Nowadays, the steel body is the most popular one when it comes to button boxes. It gives you a great simulator button box to control the operations of your racing game by tapping your fingers only. If you want a reliable quality partner to take your gameplay to the next level, you are good to invest in it.

Fully Customizable Backlighting

It is fully customizable, and it is great for gamers if they get something that they can mold as they feel good. So, if you are looking for a sim racing switch panel, you are good to think of this one because it offers on/off buttons, lights, hand brake, speed, wiper, and all under your hand.

You can reset the settings if you want. You can also customize backlighting for every individual coming from behind. It gives a special feel and a real kick out of racing games.

Improved Technology for the Ultimate Control

The newest model of this sim racing switch panel is great. It came up with some advanced technology improvements and more additions to the controls to get you to max out of this box. However, if you want something life precise for flight sim, you can give a read to the best flight sim rudder pedals; you’ll surely get the desired product by reading it.

Multiple Essential Controls

Whether you need parking brakes, wipers, front display, back display, front lights, backlights, air supply, or anything, it gives less of this and more to control with your fingers. The quality of this best sim racing button box is very good, and it can go years ahead with you certainly.

Purchase Decision:

Making the right decision for the sim racing button boxes is never easy, but if you have gone through the points I explained above, it might not be that difficult now. It gives the max control whether it is lighting, air supply, brakes, display, or anything else; you can enjoy all this with your touch only. Moreover, it is very price-friendly compared to other button boxes on the market right now.

  • Very economical
  • Bets for pro racers
  • Comfortable usage experience
  • Gentle touch and feel
  • Long USB connectivity
  • No clear cons

4) Ultimate Flex PC Simulator Button Box Sim Racing

Ultimate Flex PC Simulator Button Box Sim Racing
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Length8.5 inches
Weight3.5 pounds
Cord Length10 inches
Height5.25 inches

The controlling sim racing button boxes matter the most when it comes to racing games. The Ultimate Flex PC Simulator Button Box has the answers to all your needs for controls and regulators under your palm. It has multiple buttons to control the wiper, light, speed, hand brake, and many other functions. You can achieve the max results by using this phenomenal device.

All PCs Compatibility

You can virtually connect it with any PC simulation. So if you want to play it with flight simulation, farming simulation, or racing simulation, you are good to go for this super button box. I found this button box sim racing perfect and low priced. 

Plug and Play

It is very easy to use this racing button box, all you need to do is buy it, connect the USB cable to one of its ports, and make it connect with your PC, and you are set to play your racing games with full control. However, if you are interested in open-world games and want to explore some games to explore the world openly while enjoying racing, you can read the Open World Racing Games

Quad Functions with 32 Controls

It has a huge variety of 32 buttons on top, three of which are quad functional controls and while the four are specifically helpful in taking your car up and down left or right. So if you are looking for the DIY sim racing button box, you can rely on this site pick of our experts.

Easy to Customize for Preferred Settings

It is very easy to customize, and you can set your preferred settings as you are comfortable while playing a racing game. It gives you safety toggle switches and other controlling knobs and buttons, the touch of buttons is very gentle and useful. So, if you are looking for something reliable to get fast and durable control of your gameplay, you can consider this product. 

Purchase Decision:

There are various sim racing button boxes on the market. Still, the Ultimate Flex PC Simulator button box offers a great variety of buttons, close to each other, having different t colors to make you clear of the functions and more. It allows you to customize the settings and also allows you to have max control under your fingers only. Moreover, it doesn’t charge much to your pocket.

  • Price friendly
  • Very popular and acceptable amongst racers
  • Good for all levels of racers
  • Completely allows you to focus on your gameplay
  • A bit at a heavier weight

5) Sim Box 32 Function Best Sim Racing Button Box

Sim Box 32 Function Best Sim Racing Button Box
Clickable Rotary Knobs4
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Cable Length6 ft
Length8 inches

The Sim Box 32 Function Best Sim Racing Button Box by generic has multiple advanced features to offer you the best racing control, such as the striking design with a lightweight body way mount on the table with the unshakable fit. In addition, it gives you the max controls, and it is probably one of the best sim racing button boxes.

Easy to Control Main Functions

It is very simple and easy to operate. There are two switches to turn your vehicle off and on. There are multiple buttons that you can use to maintain the major features of your car. If you are looking for the sim racing button box ps4, you got the finest option in the shape of Sim Box 32 Function.

Striking Design with Lightweight Body

It has a very simple and striking design that gives you ultimate comfort while using it. There are no hard and fast rules to understand the functionality, and the sim racing button box layout is very simple. Therefore, it gets you a better racing version with all the perks and perquisites. Moreover, this price is minimal, and you can try making customizations. 

Easy to Mount on the Table

It gives you an easy mounting option, and you can use it with all your power, although you do not need that because of its smooth button placement. If you consider the sim racing button box on top, you will be glad to learn the layout of this phenomenal device. However, all other accessories with excellent quality are inevitable. A good quality racing monitor can multiply your kick out of your racing game by 100%. 

Long USB Cable to Stretch Your Limits during Gameplay 

It gives you a 6 feet USB cable to enjoy your gaming with a specific free zone. You can leave your gaming chair and make a cup of coffee for yourself. Moreover, you can get it with one way and two way toggle switches as you need them. Its USB connectivity technology is super awesome and lag-free. 

Purchase Decision:

If you are looking for the finest sim racing button boxes, the Sim Box 32 Function best sim racing button box can fulfill your needs to the fullest. It gives you an economic button box with relevant controls that are most needed during gameplay. You can use it on all PCs, and it is a pre-tired and tested device. The first interaction with this device was amazing, and it will surely leave no stone unturned in making you satisfied to the max.

  • Friendly Budget device
  • All major controls are under your palm
  • Smooth flow of buttons
  • Need a gentle touch, effortless
  • Some more buttons need to be added

Buying Guide for the Best Sim Racing Button Box Layout

If you are looking for an authentic and realistic sim racing button box to get better control of your racing games, you need to go through the 6 single steps below. I put all my years of findings in these six steps to help you with the finest sim racing button boxes. After reading this buying guide, I hope it’ll enable you to reach a good conclusion. So, let’s begin the show by craving the first point.

Making Material

Making material of everything matters the most. Unfortunately, when it comes to sim racing button boxes, you put the weight of hand and arm on it, and if you do not ensure the integrity and strength of the building stock, you may have to face damages and losses. Therefore, it will be much better to pay due diligence and effort before finalizing a product for the potential purchase.

Multiple Compatibility Options

If you get a button box that offers multiple compatibility options such as PC, ps4, Xbox series, Xbox One, etc., you’ll surely enjoy the real kick out of your gaming sessions. Usually, sim racing boxes offer a single compatibility facility, but it is not enough, to be honest. You may have to buy different button boxes for each piece of hardware you own. So, go for the one that offers it all in one shot.

Max Control

It is much better to invest in a sim racing button box that gives the max control, and you feel comfortable during the gameplay. Also, it feels good when you get rid of messing with the keyboard and far distant controls. So, it would help if you made sure that getting the finest Sim racing button boxes is very much conditional on the quality and quantity of management at the same time.

Easy to Use

It is good if your button box offers a variety of controls, but it should not be complicated at all. The smooth flow of buttons and the gentle touch is the real fun. It would help if you never went for the button box that comes with distant button placement, it will distract you, and you won’t be able to put the max score on the table. 

Weight and Durability

Weight has an integral relationship with durability. You should go for the button box that submits moderate weights. It should not be so light and not so heavy at the same time. The medium weight will be easier to handle and mount on the gaming table. It adds value to your racing in real manners. A moderate weight limit helps the device withstand all the pressures super conveniently. 


Price is a factor that no one can ignore, and if you want to buy a good quality sim racing button box, you need to invest around 200 to 300 bucks, and you are safe to play. However, if you increase the budget lines, you may get a luxury product to use for years to come.



I hope the information you read above will enable you to understand the secrets behind winning a reliable and durable sim racing button box. All the five picks are excellent, but the one that I like the most out of all these is the Logitech G Sim Racing Panel
So, you are safe to invest in this product as it gives you 32 buttons for the max control, and you can set the preferred settings as it fits with your hand. Furthermore, it is reliable because of its solid stock construction and fine-quality material. Moreover, it is so priced friendly for all levels of racers.

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