Outemu Switches Types – Guide for Mechanical Cherry MX

Outemu switches are the clone of the Cherry MX switches. It is a series of budget-friendly mechanical switches that will provide you not only with good quality of stabilization but also comes with a brilliant keypress. You can consider them as the best inclusion in the industry of modern switches for mechanical keyboards.

As we know, Outemu switches are the clones of Cherry MX switches, and you will feel excellent Outemu switches compatibility with Cherry MX switches. But at the same time, they come at a much better price, and you can easily afford them. Outemu switches are used in budget-friendly keyboards and make them cheaper so that anyone can enjoy Cherry MX’s features at a low price. In our recommendation, these are must-trying switches.

Here is the complete Outemu Switches guide!

Types of Outemu Switches

  1. Outemu Brown Switch
  2. Outemu Red Switch
  3. Outemu Blue Switch
  4. Outemu Black Switch
Outemu Switches

These Outemu switches are Red Switches, Blue Switches, Brown and Black Switches. All of the information about them may be awesome for you, but first, you’d know where these colors come from to understand them in a better way.

Just like the other switches, Outemu switches also came in 2004. However, these are the clone of Cherry MX switches, and that’s why the names also mimic the familiar colors of Cherry MX switches. Here is the complete Outemu Switches list with features and specifications. You can also find out the Outemu switches differences for typing and gaming!

1) Outemu Brown Switch

Outemu Brown Switch
  • Actuation Type: When it comes to Outemu switches specs, brown switches are tactile when it comes to the feedback. It is pleasing when you want to feel the feedback of the keypress.
  • Actuation Force: You can expect a light key press with an actuation force of 55g.
  • Travel Distance: The Outemu brown switches have a travel distance of 4mm to shorten the click latency and lags.

If you are not a fan of the clicky voice of Blue switches and the resistance of Red switches, then you will try the Brown Switches. These are silent tactile switches that will provide you tactile feedback without the loud clicks.

These Outemu Brown switches are the clone of Cherry MX Brown switches, and just like the real ones, they are also tactile. These are high in quality so that consumers will feel comfortable with them. There are some following features of Outemu Brown Switches:

Gaming and Typing:

These Outemu mechanical switches are tactile and come without a loud, clicky voice. Outemu Brown switches are best not only for typing but also for gaming. Due to its more significant actuation force than linear switches, they perform well while typing and are best for gaming because they are more gentle in tactility than clicky switches and provide you with a low actuation force.

Pressing Sound:

As far as the sound of these Outemu Brown switches, they are not too much louder that you can not bear its voice and not so quiet as well. You can consider them at the middle point. You may hear a slight clicking sound, which will be decent enough.

2) Outemu Red Switch

Outemu Red Switch
  • Actuation Force: Red Outemu key Switches contain the lowest actuation force when talking about the actuation force. You can press these switches by using almost 50g of force.
  • Travel Distance: The distance between Outemu Red switches is 4mm. The travel distance means the space between them to press a button to register and perform your instructions in a better way.
  • Linear Type: Like the Cherry MX Red Switches, you can press these mechanical switches softly, and their nature is linear. They are not tactile, and you will not hear any clicking sound while encouraging them.

Outemu Red Switches are just like the Cherry MX Red Switches. The actuation type is linear, and they will not give you any tactile feedback while pressing them. Moreover, the sound of the keypress is also low, which you will not hear.

The keypress of Outemu Red switches is very smooth and soft, and you will feel calm while playing or typing on it. These switches provide a great response, just like the Cherry MX switches. There are some following features of Outemu Red Switches:

Gaming Experience:

It will be a great experience while gaming with the Outemu Red switches. Due to no clicking sound, your attention will not distract while gaming. Its linear actuation force will allow you to press the switches softly and smoothly. There is no need to press the keys hardly, and its non-tactile press makes you able to press buttons at the right time during games.

Typing Sound:

As far as the typing on the Outemu Red switches, then there are better options, in my opinion. Due to their linear movement, you may face problems while typing on it and make more mistakes. It is suitable for gaming only in my recommendation.

As we know, Outemu Red switches are linear in actuation force. They will not need any hard press, and they did not provide you tactile feedback. These reasons make them quieter than other mechanical switches, and you may not even get any sound while pressing the keys.

3) Outemu Blue Switch

Outemu Blue Switch
  • Actuation Type: The feedback you feel when pressing the Outemu Blue switches is best for typing. They have a clicky feel for the keypress.
  • Actuation Force: The actuation force for the Blue switches is 60g, slightly more than brown switches but not noticeable.
  • Travel Distance: With a travel distance of 4mm, Blue switches are solid performers.

Outemu Blue switches are also clones of Cherry MX mechanical switches, and the performance will prove them as reasonable at this affordable price. Outemu Blue switches are high in quality and remain in your budget and copy Cherry MX’s job very well. There are some following features of Outemu Blue Switches:

Fast Gaming Mod:

Sometimes Outemu Blue switches are used for gaming purposes. But it may not be a good decision because these switches need a large actuation force to press the buttons. You may need to press the Outemu switches keycaps hard to register your work, which may take time, and it is not good in a fast-paced gaming mod. That’s why Outemu Blue switches are not suitable for a great gaming experience.

Sound of Typing:

Outemu Blue switches are the best choice to achieve typing accuracy. Due to its sizeable actuation force, you can get a good response after every keypress, and in this way, you can indicate your mistake on the spot.

When we talk about the sound of Outemu Blue switches, they are clicky. You may get an audible click sound while pressing the keys compared to the other mechanical switches.

4) Outemu Black Switch

Outemu Black Switch
  • Actuation Type: Outemu black switches are linear for clicking mechanism and accurate.
  • Actuation Force: Outemu black switches have slightly more actuation force, but at 65g, it is enough.
  • Travel Distance: The travel distance is the same for Outemu black like other switche 4mm.

Outemu Black switches are the best option if you are a heavy-handed typer. Black switches will prove a good pick for heavy-handed typers due to their heaviest actuation force. However, they are linear, with no activation bump, and give you a flat typing practice. There are some following features of Outemu Black Switches:

Gaming on Mechanical Touch:

These Outemu mechanical switches have a large actuation force, and the switches need a hard press for execution. It is not a good game choice because gaming needs a quick response, and Black switches are not for this. They are rough switches and work for accuracy.

Feel the Typing Sound:

Typing needs accuracy, and definitely, Outemu Black switch made for it. Due to the large actuation force and tricky switches, they will provide you with excellent feedback and ensure you get accuracy while typing on it.

These Outemu Black switches are not loud and require only 60g of actuation force for a keypress. They are much more on the good side than the others in sound.

Can I Swap Outemu with Cherry MX Switches?

If you want to replace Outemu switches or any other switch, then first ensure that your keyboard is capable of this hot-swappable nature or not. If your keyboard allows you to return buttons, you can replace them with any switches. Especially you can replace them with Cherry MX switches.

For replacing switches, there is a simple procedure to follow. First, pluck out the keycaps with a keycap puller and key switches. Now replace Outemu switches and place the switches of your choice, then press them onto the PCB so that it fixes the clamps on the place. In this way, you will get a new keyboard of your choice. 

There is no question that the switches are swappable or not. The hot-swappbility is characteristic of the mechanical keyboard, not of the buttons. All of the keys, either Outemu or Cherry MX, are swappable.

However, if the keyboard is PCB, it will allow you to replace the switches without any problem. But if the buttons are not replaceable, consider that your keyboard is non-swappable.

Which is better Outemu or Gateron?

Most people question how good these Outemu switches are. However, they are undoubtedly the clones of Cherry MX switches, and they consider amazing. These Outemu switches work in a good way.

If we talk about the other clones in the market, the Outemu is the best among them in price and quality. Outemu switches are stable, provide you a good feeling while pressing, give you a good sound, and come with excellent tactility.

They are worthy as the opponent of Cherry MX switches, Kailh and Gateron, because they are affordable and cheaper than the others and the excellent quality with almost the same features offered by the expensive ones.

However, the only risk is that the Outemu switches are less durable than the Cherry MX switches and Gateron Switches. But they perform very well at this affordable price and value. So that’s why this is a good recommendation as a mechanical keyboard switches choice.

Where to Buy Keyboard Switches?

Outemu switches are standard, and you can buy them from any reseller and online store. However, Outemu does not have any website; from where you go, order mechanical switches there. There is some retailer of Outemu switches. They give you high-quality products at a reasonable price.

  • mechanicalkeyboards.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Banggood.com
  • Aliexpress.com

You can get high-quality Outemu switches at a reasonable price from these online stores. Moreover, you can meet a retailer in your area, and you may find these mechanical switches there.

Are Outemu Switches Any Good?

Outemu switches are excellent in quality and come at an affordable price which is its plus point. But sometimes, they will give you some tradeoff as they are not still as good as the Cherry MX or Gateron switches. However, they are stable, good at work, give you a smooth feeling on every keypress, provide good tactility, and offer incredible sound.

Furthermore, they come at a reasonable price. That’s why they are capable of standing with the Cherry MX and other high-end switches. The only drawback is that they are less durable than the Cherry MX and Garton and Kailh switches.

But still, they are upholding the great in terms of value. This reason makes it more worthy than the others. So, in my opinion, you should consider it as your mechanical keyboard switch choice. There is the following reason because they will prove a better choice for you:

Affordable with Great Design:

It is the most prominent reason due to its affordability it will become the first choice for most users. At this low price, these switches provide you outstanding performance than the other high-end mechanical switches at a high price. As they are the Cherry MX switches’ clones, they are good in performance and give you a great design.

High-Quality Manufacturing:

There is no compromise on the quality, and the Outemu switches are very high-quality. With exemplary quality, they also offer you an affordable price.

Different Actuation Types:

There are different options in actuation types, such as tactile, linear, and clicky. You can select according to your need.

Should You Get Outemu Switches?

In my recommendation, you should consider Outemu switches if you have a tight budget. There is no doubt that you will also get a great experience just like Cherry MX mechanical switches in a low price range. However, if you can save money and want to solve the problem of mechanical switches for the long term, then wait until you have money to buy these Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh switches for long-term satisfaction and good experience.

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