How to Buy Land in Farming Simulator 19 on Xbox, PC & PS4?

Farming Simulator 19 is how it sounds. Giant Software develops this graphically impressive game series. It is the 7th game in the series and is unique compared to its predecessors as it has additional features. As a general, this farming simulator may seem more complicated to the new players.

Farming Simulators can be frustrating because you have to handle several things by yourself. However, as you discover growing various plants and managing your ranch, the cash must be inflow. You can do many things that relate to farming and cultivating plants and animals in Farming simulator 19. 

  1. How To Start Farming in Simulator 19?
  2. Go for Buying Land in Farming Simulator 19
  3. How To Win Farming Simulator?
How to Buy Land in Farming Simulator 19? PS4 & Xbox Gameplay

There are several possibilities in the game that you can use to yield extra from your products and more from your pet breeding. With the return of revenues, you can also acquire heavier and pricey equipment that will undoubtedly further your profits a lot more.

Well, you require to invest money to earn money, so soon, you could be questioning how you can purchase more land in Farming Sim 19.

How Do You Start a Farm on Farming Simulator 19?

Once you have decided to play farming simulator 19, the first question that comes to mind is how do you start a farm on farming simulator 19. First of all, you should choose your niche according to your interest. Once you have done selecting the place, you need to find suitable land. Here comes the most crucial point, getting financed. Completing the steps mentioned above, now you can market and sell your products.

What Should I Buy First in Farming Simulator 19?

While starting Farming Simulator 19, the question is, what should i buy first in farming simulator 19? At first, you need vehicles and tools. You can get about 45 machines at a time. You can only use devices with a tractor. It means you need to buy a tractor first.

The tractor needs to be more potent if you want to use a heavy tool with it. Leasing machines can be economically beneficial for you. Although you cannot modify the leasing machines in the later stage, leasing will ensure you do not have to spend much on the machinery.

Teleportation in Farming Simulator

Farming Simulator 19 has an attractive option of teleportation for vehicles. The purpose is to recover the vehicles that have been stuck somewhere on the farm. This option costs money. Teleportation means only the vehicle is teleported, not the accessories it has in it like the seed and fuel, so it is better to avoid the option until it’s the only option left.

Weed Everywhere in Farming Simulator

Weeds reduce crop production by 20%. Less yield means less profit; it is a loss for the player. You should remove the weed at the very first stage to nip the problem. If you try to do it later when your crop is second, you will unintentionally destroy your cultivation. 

Buy Land | Farming Simulator 19

Evaluate Land Before Purchase in Farming Simulator:

When the player needs to extend their cultivating enterprise, it could be enticing to go out and purchase the most incredible plot of land with the best measure of field. However, it is crucial to investigate the property before buying. 

Things the player might need to look out for are:

  • Irregular terrain.
  • Tree position and shakes.
  • Adequate room by the fields for side buildings.

The landscape, specifically, is significant. Uneven ground is only hard to explore for the player and the AI partners who might stall out on something. AI assistant is an essential feature in Farming Simulator 19; the player will buy the even ground.

Procedure of Buying Land:

Farming Simulator 19 can be an incredibly imaginative and also attractive game. Firstly, you need to know how to buy land in farming simulator 19. It is not challenging, but you should understand a couple of crucial things. To buy land in FS 19, go to the pause menu. Right here, you can do whatever, from checking out plant prices to altering your setups.

Most significantly, you can browse to the world map, which will certainly permit you to buy even more land. There are various numbered patches on the map. It is the area where you can vegetate new fruit and vegetables.

Under the left of the map screen, you will undoubtedly see some switch prompts. If you push the trick for “Lands,” it will certainly transform just how the map looks slightly. Will indeed highlight the land you own in green, while the remainder of the map will be dark grey.

If you after that utilize the button timely for Select Land, revealed at the end of the map display, you will undoubtedly be able to select different portions of land. While highlighting some land, you would be able to check its value at the bottom. If you have enough cash, you can buy this land, opening it up for your very own farming ventures.

If you are interested in buying, but you have enough money, you can get it from the bank.

How to Buy Land in Farming Simulator 19 on Xbox?

How to Buy Land in Farming Simulator 19 on Xbox

Once you are in the game, use the menu button on Xbox. It will bring up the map showing the fields and what crops are growing in them. It would be best if you switched this in the LANDS map by pushing in the left stick. It will change the map to the map of the lands.

Use the right stick to move around and make it in to select an area of land and press the X button to buy, then press the A button to confirm. The site will turn green, showing you now own it. If you don’t like your choice, you can sell it back for the same price by selecting the area before and pressing the Y and pressing the A button to confirm.

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How to Buy Land on Farming Simulator 19 PC?

If you want to buy land in FS19 on PC, use the ESC key once in the game. It will show the map, the fields, and the crop growing in them. Now, you have to switch to the LAND map by pressing the X key.

Use mouse to select an area of land by left-clicking on it and hitting space to buy, then hit enter to confirm. The green site will show the land you own now. If you want to sell it back, you can do it at the same price by selecting the area before and pressing BACK, then ENTER to confirm. 

How to Buy Land on Farming Simulator 19 PS4?

If you don’t know how to buy land on farming simulator 19 PS4, follow these steps. Bring up the main menu on the maps tab and go to the options button.

Next, switch to the Lens view by pushing the left stick down. It will bring you to the place where you can buy and sell the land. Everything is into equal rectangles on the map, where these would all be different shapes and sizes.

Here, the green is everything you own, and the transparent is that you don’t own. You will get the value and size of that particular piece of land, your bank balance and the current owner of that piece of land. You can selectively buy according to your choice, and now you are the owner of that piece of land. 

How Do You Win Farming Simulator?

Once you are in the farming simulator and got all the tools, machines, and land, you should know how do you win farming simulator? In Farming Simulator League, it is pretty easy to win without playing. You need to be faster and active than the opposite team and to recover 4 harvesters and 4 pressers made available to the players before your competitors.

Once a player gets into the harvester, it is deactivated for other team members. The goal is to harvest and squeeze; Giant Software ensures the game will end when a particular team seizes all the gears in an arena. 

What is the Fastest Way to Make Money in Farming Simulator 19?

When the question comes that what is the fastest way to make money in farming simulator 19. I would say that there are two ways to make quick money in FS 19. A legitimate way and by cheating. Here is the detail of both. 


  • Go to the FS 19/ save game one directory, open the farms.xml file.
  • Ctrl+F “Money”. You will catch an entry that says “money=1000“. You can easily replace the given number with any other of your choice, save and exit. When the next time you load the game, you will have that amount of money.

Proper Way:

  • First, you need to buy a timber lorry. As money is required to buy a lorry, you need to wait until you get some money to start your legitimate farming empire.
  • Chop down the trees and bring the timber back daily; you will get money for doing this.