5 Best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x – 32GB DDR4 for Gaming

Gaming is faster with AMD Ryzen 9 5900x processor. It is because of its 181 average FPS. There is a noticeable processor performance for rendering during gaming and video editing. The processor works to give fuel to your gaming PC. It fulfills the demand of modern gaming. AMD Ryzen 9 5900x is somehow a complex chip processor that is expensive. There is no comparison of the processor with other products. The higher number of cores makes it a multitasking processor.

Ryzen 9 5900x processor claims to give a better performance than the i9 Core processor. The reviews show that it is true. It is around 20% more efficient than i9. You can have the best content creation outcomes with this processor. It is compatible with the latest motherboard because of socket AM4 and supports 3,000 MHz with 16 GB memory. The excellent solution of the chip makes it cool when the system works heavily.

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Num:Product ListingShopPricing
1Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz DDR4 Desktop Memory 16GB (2x8GB)View on Amazon60$
2OLOy DDR4 RAM 3000MHz Desktop Gaming Memory 16GB (2x8GB)View on Amazon48$
3G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4 3800MHz Gaming RAM 16GB (2x8GB)View on Amazon170$
4Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 4600MHz RAM 16GB (2x8GB)View on Amazon209$
5 T-Force Xtreme ARGB 3600MHz Gaming RAM 16GB (2x8GB)View on Amazon100$

Top 5 Best RAM Cards for Gaming

Best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x

Ryzen 9 5900x processor needs the best RAM cards for gaming. The RAM must be compatible with the processor in terms of working, speed, frequency, and more. The processor will work efficiently if it matches other components like RAM and motherboard. Here I will discuss the top 5 best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x processor. These RAMs are perfect in physical features but also in their technical specifications.

1) Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x Series    

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB
  • Memory size: 16 GB
  • RAM Technology: DDR4
  • Memory speed: 16 GB
  • Support XMP 2.0
  • Ten ultra-bright LED lights
  • Dimension: 5.44 x 0.3x 2 inches
  • Memory clock speed: 3200 MHz
  • RAM type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Weight: 4.3 ounces
  • Voltage: 1.35 volts
  • Optimize for ddr4

Corsair Vengeance LPX memory possesses delighted reviews and ratings on the internet. Compatibility is the most crucial factor in checking memory. It must be compatible with your motherboard. This best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x has been tested for compatibility and measuring the performance with the motherboard. The Aluminium heat spreader provides thermal conductivity and superior memory cooling even when overclocked.

Compatibility Tested

This best 32GB RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x  is compatible with the latest Intel in AMD DDR4 motherboard. It is also the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x due to its lower frequency. It also boosts productivity and gaming performance.

This RAM is specially made for gamers and DIY addicts who wants powerful performance. The RGB lights feature gives a fantastic look. This memory RAM is designed for high-performance overclocking.

Stunning RGB RAM

This best 32GB RAM for ryzen 9 5900x  is available in numerous colors so that you can match the style of your system. The software allows you to control the RGB lights across all your products, including memory fans, RGB LED lights, mic and keyboards, etc. The RGB doesn’t require wires or cables for a clean or flawless install, just plug in modules and launch the software to customize.

Extreme Overclocking Headroom

The Intel XMP 2.0 supports simple settings, and installation may be processed so that you have maximum performance. The eight layers support & manage heat and enable extreme overclocking headroom. Every IC is separately screened for performance potential.

  • Top performance High DDR4 3300 frequency
  • LED RGB lights with RGB strips
  • Fully controlled by its software with visualizing synchronizing, and memorizing
  • Overclocking and stability
  • Optimize for high-frequency performance
  • Maximum bandwidth and no extra wires or cables are required
  • Support XMP 2.0 on a single BIOS setting
  • Including two cooling fans that reduce the temperature
  • Delivery can be affected by improper components

2) OLOy DDR4 RAM 16GB Best Memory for Ryzen 9 5900x

  • Memory size: 16GB
  • RAM Technology: DDR4
  • Memory speed: 3000 MHz
  • Support XMP 2.0
  • Dimension: 5.25 x 1.53 x 0.3 inches
  • Memory clock speed: 3000 MHz
  • RAM type: DDR4 SDRAM
  • Number of Pins: 288
  • Voltage: 1.35 volts

This DDR4 RAM is perfect for Ryzen 9 5900x. It is available in a simple and unique style. It is also the most cost-effective RAM for your system with improved quality and texture. The best memory for Ryzen 9 5900x is an available 16GB memory kit, with a good amount of memory and the price. 100% Burn-in Test of time to perceive problems. This Test or technique also ensures that the device or system functions appropriately.

Compatible with Intel and AMD Processor

The best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x is a 16GB memory kit with two 8GB modules. The RAM supports XMP, and you’ll need an unlocked chipset and motherboard with a DDR4 2666 maximum rating. This RAM is highly compatible with Intel and AMD processors. The good ram speed for gaming is 3000 MHz.

Super Fast RAM with Low Power Consumption

OLOy is a super durable, fast and compatible RAM having 16GB capacity. The two eagle-winged designs are ideal for gaming Rigs. You will also get RGB lights on this RAM. You can easily use it with numerous motherboards. The internal thermal sensor of the RAM monitors the temperature.

It has a built-in blade flash RGB lighting effect that gives the unique style. This RAM also works on low voltage with a minimum of 1.2 volts which is also caused for energy saving.

Exceptional Consumption

The heat dissipation module is made of high-quality Aluminum. The XMB is an automatic overclocking technology that allows you to change multiple memory settings by selecting a different profile. It is the best memory for Ryzen 9 5900x.

  • 16GB DDR4 RAM is the fastest and most reliable
  • Exceptional speed and extensive compatibility
  • Good quality with a unique texture
  • RGB lights and lightweight
  • 100% burnt in Test
  • BIOS update process may get some issues

3) G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4 CL14 Best RGB RAM for Ryzen

G.Skill Trident Z Neo DDR4
  • Memory size: 16 GB
  • DDR4 RAM technology
  • Memory speed: 3800 MHz
  • 1.5 Volts power consumption
  • CAS Latency CL14 at 1.5 V
  • Tested Latency: 14-16-16-36
  • SPD Speed: 2133 MT/s
  • Intel XMP 2.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready

This best storage for ryzen 9 5900x is superb to work with Ryzen 9 900x. This product is engineered to have the credibility of exceptional works. The maximum speed enables you to have full entertainment during modern gaming. 

Total Compatible RAM with Ryzen Processors

This best RGB RAM for Ryzen works best for Ryzen processors. The latest Ryzen CPUs can work accurately with this RAM. It features RGB lighting and provides a workstation for extreme gaming. The DDR4 technology performs all the functions of modern technology. The Ryzen 9 5900x RAM compatibility is superb.

Dual Tone Design

The best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x is designed for the present world and fulfills all the latest gaming requirements. It is made with brushed Aluminum and a silver coat. The tri-fin design gives a sleek look and clean impact on the system when connected with the RAM. You can get faster overclocking due to its best signal integrity.

Award Winning RAM

The best storage for Ryzen 9 5900x makes a pair with Ryzen 9 5900x. It needs better connectivity with specific motherboards. It is a durable and stable RAM that properly controls its lighting and other features. There are numerous awards given to the RAM for its best performance.

  • Full compatibility with Ryzen processors
  • Unparalleled DRAM memory performance
  • Vibrant RGB lighting for gaming PC
  • Dual tone design with sleek beveled edge
  • Power and boldness for the gaming system
  • Powerful overclock performance with the best signal integrity
  • Trident Z lighting control software
  • It does not work with all X570 motherboards

4) Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB DDR4 Best RAM Cards for Gaming

  • Memory size: 16 GB
  • Memory speed: 4600 MHz
  • Ten super bright addressable LEDs
  • 16.8 full spectrum RGB color
  • Intel XMP 2.010 layer PCB constructions
  • DDR4 RAM technology
  • Dimension: 1.89 x 0.3 x 1.89 inches
  • Voltage: 5 Volt

This best RAM cards for gaming with 16.8 M RGB colors looks pretty when connecting with the gaming PC. It shows the appealing looks of the system, and you will get a good experience and spend productive time on your PC. It is also built with challenging material and is stable lifelong.

Extra Sturdy with Fine Touch

This best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x works incredibly with Ryzen 9 5900x processor. The fastest RAM  for ryzen has two copper inner layers with ten layer PCB. It delivers enhanced electric conduction for unmatchable speed and excellent overclocking performance. It has different heat dissipation quality.

With Razer Chroma Lighting

This memory device is efficient in working with its lighting. The RGB lighting effects look fantastic and appealing. It creates a favorable environment for gamers. The software also monitors the lighting alarm. You will enjoy using the RAM with Ryzen 9 5900x.

Exclusive Software

Toughgram exclusive software allows perfect frequency and functionality. It performs with beautiful lighting and customization in working the RAM. It gives the option to increase unique settings in the RAM. This best RAM for gaming Ryzen can connect with ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, and other motherboards.

  • Highest quality components with the highest standards
  • Effortless sync with RGB lighting
  • Enhanced overclocking performance
  • Applicable with Alexa, Razer Chroma, and AI voice control
  • Tightly screened ICs and high-quality gold fingers
  • Aluminum heat Spreader
  • Illuminate with 16.8M full spectrum RGB colo
  • Some consumers have problems with XMP profiles

5) T-Force Xtreme ARGB Gaming Ryzen 9 5900x 3600MHz RAM

T-Force Xtreme ARGB Gaming Ryzen
  • RAM type: DDR4 SDM
  • Memory size: 16GB
  • RAM technology: DDR4
  • Memory speed: 3600Mhz
  • Compatible device: desktop
  • Number of pins: 288
  • Support multiple lighting control software
  • Superior performance and capacity upgrade
  • Premium overlocking 10-layer board
  • RGB lighting

This Ryzen 9 5900x 3600MHz RAM is compatible with AMD and Intel platforms. The BIOS adjustment can be made quickly and manually. The 10-layer improved PCB board is used for extreme performance and stability. It also allows gamers to experience the thrill of overclocking and a highly stable overclocking memory module. The RAM speed for Ryzen 9 5900x is 3600MHz.

Stable and Durable with Excessive Decoration

The memory looks different from other most standard memory; several LEDs are shining from it in two directions that give the RAM a distinctive glow. The selection of IC chips gave this RAM memory optimal performance with great excellency and stability. It has a flawless white finish that looks like a morning star without excessive decoration.

The Texture of Optical Technology

The design of this gaming memory is a complete mirror reflection. The best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x makes it an incomparable RGB lights effect with a colorful metal design and radiant memory, allowing the ARGB to present the ultimate texture of optical technology. The lighting-controlled software controls the lighting effect and lightning synchronization with the shining memory module.

Compatibility Verifications with High Performance

The compatibility of the memory has been verified and qualified by QVL (qualified vendor list). It can also transfer high-speed data rates with energy saving and low power consumption. The DDR4 memory is also decreased to 1.2V. The Xtreme ARGB ram has an impressive heat spreader competent at heat dissipation.

  • Intel and AMD are both motherboards supported
  • Overclocking can be adjusted with a single click
  • Highest performance with low power consumption
  • Heat dissipation with verified by QVL & approved by the motherboard manufacturer
  • Support lighting control software with attractive looks
  • People have problems with its compatibility with Z690 motherboards.

Buying Guide for Best DDR4 RAM for AMD Ryzen 9 5900x

When you are in search of the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x 2022, then you must go with the best performance. It can be achieved by selecting the perfect RAM components within your budget. Let’s see what we should keep in mind before purchasing RAM.

Compatibility with the Processor

Modern CPUs have their compatibility with the RAM speed. Ryzen 9 5900x processor can support 16 GB RAM. It works best with DDR4 RAM. You can also use best 64GB RAM for Ryzen 5900x and 128GB RAM for this processor.

Compatibility with the Motherboard

Your RAM slot must be compatible with the motherboard. If you have faster RAM and your motherboard supports less RAM frequency, then the RAM will run according to the motherboard’s capacity. You must see the information on your motherboard before buying a new RAM.

Frequency of the RAM

Dynamic Random Access Memory or DRAM is the memory utilized during the PC’s working. There are DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5 RAMs. for a gaming PC, you can use DDR3, DDR4, and DDR5 frequencies of the RAM. You can quickly get faster speed with faster RAM.

Voltage Components

The latest best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x comes with the ability to handle the fluctuation of the voltage. There can be different voltage consumption of the RAM. This makes the RM work for the PC. the heavy system must overclock and have high power. The motherboard must also provide enough power to the RAM. More volts consumption may damage your CPU. It is better to watch for the perfect voltage of the RAM and then buy it. 

RAM Latency

The delay between receiving the command in the RAM and its processing is known as timings or latency. It can be different for various RAM and also depends on its performance. The latest motherboard has the power to keep the RAM latency accurate in the system.

Speed and Capacity

The frequency and timings of the RAM make its speed. Frequency is responsible for making the cycle of memory. Timings or latency also accelerate the RAM speed and can store a good amount of data.

If your RAM has 8GB or more capacity, it can work efficiently for gaming and other applications. It also depends on the motherboard and CPU and how much RAM they support.

Cost Affordability

The cost of the RAM can be more for an average user. It is because the RAM is unavailable on the market as per need. RAM has a higher capacity and speed. It also adds up to its cost. If you wish to buy the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x, you must have enough budget to enjoy its benefits well.

Error Checking and Correction (ECC)

This feature is to correct and check the errors occurring during data processing. ECC keeps the data reduced and makes it error-free. Non-ECC RAM cannot be beneficial for heavy computation scientific systems. It needs to be working with a heavy load PC. You may select the RAM with ECC to avoid errors.

Heat Spreader

RAM needs to be cool frequently; then, it performs better. A heat spreader is added to a high-performance RAM to ensure its functionality and credibility. RAM has a heat spreader like a heatsink that is part of the motherboard. If you have this spec in your RAM, it will be of a different quality.

Aesthetic Appeal

Your good-looking RAM keeps your attraction when you use it with its RGB lighting. People will also find it appealing and indeed ask you about it. There are many RAMs with aesthetic designs available on the market. Your gaming PC will shine because of the best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x.

Unique Features of Ryzen 9 5900x

The Ryzen 9 5900x was released in November 2020. This is the fastest CPU among the whole generation of AMD. This is made for high-end systems features of 12 CPU cores with 24 threads. The clock speed is 3.7 the maximum boost is 4.8 GHz. The socket AM4 supports. The cache size L2 is 6Mb, and the larger cache L3 is 64 MB.

The OS WIN 10 withholds memory DDR RAM up to 3200 MHz. The DDR4 performance is fantastic. It also provides the fastest platform for gaming CPUs. Due to Uncompromised performance, I have to focus on every aspect. So I first have to focus on the best-supporting RAM. To the DDR4 memory, only RAM that supports or is compatible with it. The Ryzen 9 5900X CPU supports memory speeds up to 3200 MHz.

This maximum speed means that stock DDR4 performance will be maximized when utilizing DDR4 3200 memory. The range of DDR4 RAM is 2133 to 3200 MHz. The best version of a CPU depends on the motherboard, CPU, and best-supported RAM.

The best RAM allows access to data at a faster speed. Compatible ram also increases the performance of playing games. If you are a gamer and want to experience the best performance with your PC, then you must also focus on the RAM so that an uninterruptible gaming experience can be explored.

I recommend buying Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB DDR4 RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x. It is a high-performance RAM that has generous overclocking headroom. It has broad compatibility with different processors. The best RAM for Ryzen 9 5900x can work efficiently, disperses heat, and makes the PC runs appropriately. The support of XMP 2.0 makes it more favorable. It can also be fit in minor cases and motherboards. It would help if you experienced the incredibility it gives to your gaming.

Best Product Recommendation
Is r9 5900X overkill?

The AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is an excellent choice for gaming but its a bit costly. Its 12 cores might be a little overkill for gaming, but its raw processing speed puts it at the top against any competition.

Which GPU is best for Ryzen 9 5900X?

There are many options for the GPU to be selected for Ryzen 9 5900x. You can choose RTX 2060. It is a very capable GPU for the majority of games. It also enhances better performance in games because of its additional features.

Is AMD Ryzen 9 5900X good for rendering?

This processor is suitable for rendering with four fewer cores than the Ryzen 9 3950X. It has multi-core / rendering workloads – which can be a great feature for video rendering. You can see the best results.

What temp should a Ryzen 9 5900X run at?

It must run at 80 degrees maximum. It can run at more temperatures, but there can be the chance of damaging its parts.

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