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The pandemic in 2020 brought home activities to an extent. People were involved in online earning and gave their time to freelancing. Teenagers and enthusiasts have a passion for intensive gaming. They love to race cars like real racers. New racing games were introduced for gamers who participate virtually in the racing competition. People also have the activity to spend their time at their homes.

Sim racing is going to be popular day by day. Gamers feel realism when they use a large screen in front of them. They use racing controllers like steering wheels and pedals. Surround sound headphones make gaming more entertaining. They will be a part of their virtual game by using this equipment. iRacing, Gran Turismo, and Dirt Rally are popular among gamers. This article will tell you the best racing wheels for your gaming.

Top Brand Picks

  1. Logitech G29 Dual-Motor Feedback Driving Force Gaming Racing Wheel
  2. Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals
  3. HORI Racing Wheel Apex
  4. Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals
  5. PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel with Pedals and Shifter

Top 5 Best Racing Simulator Steering Wheels

There are top brands that manufacture sim racing wheels. They follow the needs of gamers when supplying gaming tools. These steering wheels are made with the best quality material. They have a firm grip and fixing capabilities. They are also aesthetic and comfortable when used for long hours. Here I recommend the top 5 best racing simulator steering wheels.

1) Logitech G29 Dual-Motor Driving Force Gaming Racing Wheel

Logitech G29 Dual-Motor Driving Force Gaming Racing Wheel
  • Compatible device: play station, PC, Xbox 
  • Controller type: paddle, steering wheel, pedals.
  • Connecting technology: USB
  • Screen display size: 16 inches
  • Processor: 21 hertz, 1_2GhzvCortex_A8
  • RAM: 8GB A8
  • Hard drive: 21MB mechanical hard drive
  • Graphic card RAM size: 21 MB
  • Dual motor force feedback

The Logitech G29 is a steering wheel compatible with PS3, PS4, and PS5. It enables you to play advanced driving simulations. The hand stitch leather makes you feel luxurious and has a firm grip. The solid steel ball bearing in the sim racing steering wheel shaft provides stability and durability. The helical gearing system allows quiet and smooth operation. The helical gear minimizes the noise and vibration. The Hall effect sensor’s magnetic field senses the wheel’s position.

Dual Motor Force Feedback

This feature of the sim racing steering wheel enhances the driving simulations and makes you feel the road surface and every turn of your tire so that you can act accordingly. The dual motor steering wheel force feedback is of fantastic quality and provides accuracy during driving simulation.

Immediate Controls with Multiple Options

Multiple options or buttons on the steering wheel, like D-Pad, Button, Paddle shifter, and LED lights indicator, give you immediate access to control and allow the fine tune during gaming simulation. The strong mounts safely connect to the table or any racing rig via clamps or mounting points.

The steering wheel is made the same as a racing car wheel. During the game simulation, you can move it in a 900-degree rotation, and the wheel strip tells you quickly in which direction the wheel is pointing.

Adjustable Floor Pedals

The throttle, pressure-sensitive brake, and clutch pedals are made best driving force and provide accuracy and reliability. The Logitech steering wheel is made with steel for long-lasting use. This complete rig delivers an incredible racing experience.

  • ace Ready construction
  • Tight, smooth, precise control
  • Easy access to game controls
  • Mount securely with built-in clamps
  • Realistic steering and pedals for the latest racing
  • Durable and solid steel bar bearing
  • Hall effect steering sensor
  • Easy access to game controls
  • Dual motor force feedback
  • 900 steering for realistic turns
  • Responsive floor pedal unit
  • Some reviews tell of an inadequate power supply.

2) Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals

Logitech G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals
  • Compatible devices: PC, Xbox, and Xbox One 
  • Controller type: 24-point selector, paddle, steering wheel, pedals.
  • 4000 times a second to produce realism
  • Dual motor force feedback
  • Adjustable pedals
  • G HUB gaming software

Logitech offers to get your hands with the actual racing on virtual screens with the perfect components. The Logitech steering wheels made by the brand are of top quality. G923 has been built with durable material and a true force to race like a real racer.

Connecting with the Best of Racing

The best racing steering wheel allows you to get access to futuristic features. It is compatible with Xbox, Xbox One, and PC. These controllers can respond quickly to take every single advantage during racing. You can get precision with quality when you use this steering wheel for racing.

Continuity in Adjustability

The best racing wheels provide the racing game’s excellent torque, enabling the gamer to run faster. It adjusts the power flow regularly to make you perfect for racing. You will enjoy virtual racing when you have Logitech G923 in your hands.

Force Feedback Technology

The Logitech steering wheel comes with a steering wheel force feedback technology that provides real exposure to racing. You will feel every move in naturally when you move the steering wheel. With the wheel shifting and pumping of the piston, everything involves your hands and mind as true to life.

  • High-definition force feedback with next-gen realism
  • Programmable dual-clutch and 24-point selector
  • Faster racing with maximum traction
  • Progressive brake spring and RMP LEDs
  • Crafted with premium material and leather wheel cover
  • Polished metal pedals with rotary dial
  • Customization via G HUB gaming driver
  • Retractable carpet grip and rubber feet
  • People, who do not buy from the best sellers, have trust issues.

3) HORI Steering Wheel Racing Apex

HORI Steering Wheel Racing Apex
  • Compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC
  • 270-degree turn radius
  • D-pad, L stick buttons, and R stick buttons
  • Clamp mounting system
  • Vibration force feedback
  • Officially licensed by Sony
  • Quick handling mode up to 180 degrees

The best Racing simulation wheel is HORI which is compatible with Playstation-4 and Play station-5. It is designed with customization options, and full-size racing wheels available in the best quality give you immense pleasure. The strong clamp can securely connect or be fixed to your table or racing wheel stand for smooth function. The best racing wheels design or structure gives you an incredible look and automotive standard.

Customization Options

The customizable components of the Hori steering wheel are easy to use, and it is equipped with controllable and adjustable pedals and a multifunction button with a luxurious companion application. The Hori steering wheel changes from 270 degrees to 180 degrees for extreme output range. The full-size pedal & wheel are highly customizable for racing simulation. The wheel texture gives you a quality grip for smooth control and comfort.

Assigned Function

The paddle shift function is smooth and splendid. It allows you to shift while holding the steering wheel quickly. The full-size paddle is designed for precise and accurate function when you are gaming. The racing simulator steering wheel has buttons, pedals, and paddles that have assigned functions and can be adjusted with the companion application.

Steering Dead Zone

The Hori steering wheel dead zone means the non-responsive area around the center of the wheel. The movement of the wheel does not cause the car to turn. You can adjust the setting of the Companion Application. This companion application also can adjust the button’s assignment so that you can freely have a gaming experience with fully programmable keys.

  • Mount safety with a sturdy clamp
  • Completely programmable and adjustable
  • Vibration force feedback
  • Sturdy clamps for a better fit
  • Full-size pedals with adjustable sensitivity
  • Optimized performance for PS5
  • Quality textured rubberized grip
  • D-Pad with button assignment function
  • Some gamers complain about the missing parts.

4) Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and Magnetic Pedals

Thrustmaster T248 Racing Wheel and Pedals
  • Magnetic pedals
  • Magnetic paddle shifters
  • Dynamic force feedback
  • 20 different displays on the wheel screen
  • 25 action buttons
  • Screen information: speed, RPM, race position
  • Next Gen hybrid drive system
  • Dynamic Force feedback
  • 70% more power
  • 4 pressure modes

The T248 racing wheel is compatible and officially licensed for PS4, PS5, and PC. This is perfectly designed for all gamers. The T248 gives you extreme performance and is free from the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. The superior design of the best racing wheel PC is wrapped with leather on the outer face portion.

The best racing wheels have 25 action buttons and 2 dual position encoders placed on the end of the wheel with functions up and down.

Race Dashboard Display

This feature provides more than 20 different options on the built-in screen. Its range of settings can be adjusted manually. Just like rotation angle and force feedback or telemetry information (Gear ratio, RPM, best lap time, etc.) The thrustmaster wheel and pedals are the most favorable for gamers.

Dynamic Force Feedback

The T248 offers the most beneficial feature force feedback. It is comfortable with all games and has three types of force feedback. FFB1, FFB2 and FFB3. With FFB1 force feedback, you can get 100 % proportional to the force in the game.

The enhanced force feedback feature allows the user to better skid control with FFB2. FFB3 is a boosted force feedback feature that lets the users perceive all racing effects from the track (skidding off track, curbs, etc.)

Next-Gen Hybrid Drive System

This feature of Thrustmaster wheel and pedals gives the user extra power. The T248 better control racetracks for its intensity. It works with 25 action buttons for better control. This feature of the sim racing steering wheel provides gamers plenty of choices when they are racing control in any type of game.

Super Responsive Pedal Shifter

The T248 has magnetic technology that allows the gamers super-fast gear shifting by pedals shifter and avoid driving errors. This technology is based on a contactless magnetic system without friction for most intense gaming sessions. The magnetic pedal set provides 4 pressure modes on the brake pedal for smooth motion and function for the best racing simulation.

  • Premium design with leather wrapping
  • Excellent wheel shape with ergonomic design
  • More action buttons with dual position encoders
  • Many displays are available on the wheel screen
  • Interactive and functional force feedback
  • Compatible with mostly games
  • Super responsive magnetic paddle shifters
  • Outstanding drivability with a Hybrid system
  • Some reviews explained limited game compatibility.

5) PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel with Pedals and Shifter

PXN V9 Gaming Racing Wheel with Pedals and Shifter
  • Compatible devices: PC, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox series X,
  • Unique feature: Rumble and ergonomic
  • Hardware platform Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X
  • Connection: USB cable
  • Cable length: USB Cable (6.9ft) / Modular Plug (4.9ft)
  • Product weight: 4.5 kg
  • Power: DC 5v
  • Companion App: V9 tool 

The PXN V9 gaming wheel is compatible with Windows PC, play station 3, and play station 4. The gaming kit included a wheel, a set of pedals with clutch, and a 6-speed manual shifter. The PXN steering wheel is comfortably made with non-slippery solid material. Its imitation leather texture provides a comfortable hold.

Ergonomic Design  

The best racing wheel PC is designed with 11 inches diameter with a decent look. The steering wheel has multifunction options or buttons on its face like L-paddle, D-pad, indicators, an ABXY button, etc. These buttons of the best racing wheels support you in immediate action so that you don’t have to look around during gaming, and you can feel or enjoy the gaming experience.

The V9 tool supports configuring steering wheel settings easily. The durable clips and 5 fixed suction cups of the racing simulator steering wheel give you the most substantial stability when gaming aggressively.

One Touch Button to Move Angle

The wheel’s rotation from 90 to 270 degrees allows the steering wheel to be flexibly for the best racing and driving simulation games. The one-touch button instantly shifts the gaming wheel angle 270 degrees and 90 degrees. The suitable game for 270 degrees is like Dirt Rally, Test Drive, Forza Horizon 4, etc.

If you are playing 90 degrees, you can play games suitable for the American Truck Simulator, Fern Bus Simulator, and Euro Truck Simulator 2, CTF, etc. 

Dual Motor Vibration

This dual motor has a multilevel vibration function. It intelligently controls vibrations output according to the different game scenes. The vibration motor also gives you the best realistic gaming experience with PXN steering wheel. The racing sim steering wheel and pedals work best for latest racing games.

Gear Shifter

The 6-speed manual H gear shifter delivers smooth and quick shifting during the best driving passion. In addition to high and low gear switching, the reverse gear is available by pressing the shift vertically. The Pressure sensitive brake and clutch pedal accelerator give you complete control and accuracy in the game. The rubber feet carpet grips system provides more perfection during the gaming experience and the feeling of you sitting in a real car.

  • Double motor vibration
  • Multi-platform gaming racing wheel
  • Gear driving manual transmission
  • One touch switch under the dial surface
  • Responsive floor pedal
  • H gear box for quick and smooth shifting
  • Comfortable grip with non-slip material
  • Stable and solid with five suction cups
  • After-sale service needs improvement
How much does a NASCAR steering wheel cost?

Nascar steering wheel is the most expensive, costing about $40,000 to $100,000. It is a high premium steering wheel brand that is sophisticated and luxurious.

How much do cars cost in iRacing?

The game offers you to buy an additional car for $12. It also depends on some other factors. You can also get discounts on buying a new car in the game.

What is an F1 steering wheel worth?

F1 is a complex device, so its steering wheel costs up to $40,000. Professional gamers use the F1 drivers and utilize the most expensive steering wheels for that.

Which console is best for sim racing?

Sim racing can be the best compatible with PC. You have many options for customization when you play sim racing on your personal computer.

Can you win money in iRacing?

Sim racing games can make you earn a lot of money. The winner of the racing competitions can get money in hundreds of dollars.

Comparison of Logitech vs Thrustmaster vs Fanatech vs Hori vs PXN

This article will compare some of the best steering wheel brands for sim racing. You will see different specs and features in the various brands. You will get the option to choose the one wisely for your latest racing game.

Comparison of Logitech vs Thrustmaster vs Fanatech vs Hori vs PXN

Logitech vs Thrustmaster

Logitech looks much higher quality than Thrustmaster with a complete leather-wrapped wheel, brushed metal face plate, and metallic paddle shifters. Logitec offers an H pattern shifter to go alongside the wheel. Logitec steering wheels are available at a reasonable price. Logitec makes appealing wheels with its blacked-out details and different use of material.

It performs quickly and gives responses well. Logitec wheels are better for drifting. The pedals are made with metal which provides more confidence and long-term rigidity. If you use a carpeted floor, you can take benefit of its carpet spikes. It feels fantastic when to touch and look aggressive alongside the wheel. The wheel vibrates according to the game. It gives massive advantages on track. It also has a dual-clutch feature.

Whereas Thrustmaster racing simulator steering wheels are made with many plastics, almost everywhere on the wheel. They are short and chubby. The best racing wheels are expensive, almost three times more than Logitec. It looks like a toyish wheel as compared to Logitec. It does not feature carpet spikes like Logitec. It features magnetic paddle shifters to provide a more tactile click and faster responsiveness, but the paddle shifters create some sound there.

It has a Hall effect sensor, but Logitec does not have it. It offers a great option and customization to fit the in-game needs. You can increase or decrease traction control, flash the headlight, adjust the car setup, and more. A mixed belt and gear force feedback mechanism provide more overall force, resistance, and more. It is a more realistic and precise in-game feed. It comes with a small integrated LED screen showing various telemetry data. 

Fanatec vs Thrustmaster

Professional gamers choose to get Fanatec steering wheels because of their better range. It also depends on the gaming setup and what steering wheel you use for it. The brand uses premium quality material for its steering wheels and pedals. Fanatec racing simulator steering wheels come with force feedback capabilities.

The brand has direct-drive racing wheels. It is an expensive brand that benefits gamers with intensive racing games. Fanatec has categories of steering wheels for beginners, intermediate and advanced racers. You can do much customization with Fanatec racing wheels. The pedals of the brand also have a vibration option. You feel real-life experience when using Fanatec wheels with the pedals.

On the other hand, Thrustmaster wheels are available for beginner racers specifically. They are costly but made with plastic material. The wheels are suitable for casual racing events. They work with force feedback. The pedals are much suitable for beginners’ gamers.

Hori vs Fanatec

Hori steering wheels are reasonable in price. The design of the wheel is a 3-spoke design in flap panorama. The buttons are the same as the PS4 controller. The best racing wheels work with force feedback functionality. There are suction cups or clamps for mounting the wheel.

Hori wheel is suitable for the F1 racing game. The wheel has many customization options, like console mode, navigation mode, sensitivity settings, etc. the wheel vibrates when turning cars or warning you. However, it is a small wheel, and it feels toyish. The grip of the wheels is excellent due to their rubber material.

Fanatec is quite pricey as compared to Hori. The Fanatec racing wheel offers excellent features for professional gamers. Fanatec steering wheels are the best for high-end gamers. They are superior in quality and performance.

Fanatec vs PXN Steering Wheel

PXN steering wheels are versatile and compatible with PlayStation and Xbox One. They usually have six-speed shifters and an additional clutch. They function with dual-motor force feedback. The wheel’s full controlling power makes it much more favorable for gamers. They also have responsive pedals. The wheels are suitable for PC games too.

Fanatec racing wheel is good to use for F1 racing games. The racing simulator steering wheel works with a robust brushless motor. The best racing wheels generate the most potent force feedback with a realistic feeling. It is more responsive to racing and more expensive too.

PXN Steering Wheel vs Logitech Steering Wheel

PXN steering wheels are more affordable than Logitech steering wheels. They both are used in high-end gaming. PXN wheels are compatible with different gaming consoles and PC. Both brands provide shifters with their wheels and are of the same size. Their wheels vibrate as if they are actual car steering wheels.

Logitech steering wheel is preferable due to its firm grip with clamps. Logitech wheel is more comfortable to use than PXN because it has a leather grip. Logitech pedals are more accurate than PXN. However, PXN pedals are lightweight and made with plastic.  To the fact and figures, both are the best racing sim steering wheel and pedals are suitable for racing games as they are near to each other in many features.

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