10 Best DDR5 RAM for Gaming – 16GB, 32GB Picks 2022

DDR5 comes with twice the power of DDR4, providing you with the increased bandwidth and more energy consumption. The higher it furnishes the bandwidth, the more it pushes the processes for quick solutions. Whether you play games, watch HD videos, or do content creation, it has the strength to make it up with your dynamic range of needs to the fullest.

Finding the best DDR5 RAM is tough; let’s make it easy. Usually, DDR4 stops working beyond 16 GB memory chips, while the DDR5 can offer you twice this figure. Moreover, it sharpens the processing ability of the system and overall makes things smoother and steadier for better gameplay.

I have been using DDR RAMs for special assignments, and it is a worthwhile experience to have it in your gaming setup. No matter if you are new to this RAM and its usage, I’ll let you know the best ten picks I came across and buying methods.

#Products ListingCheck Shopping StorePricing
1.TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan DDR5 5200MHz 32GB (2x16GB)View On Amazon$179
2.TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB DDR5 6400MHz 32GB (2x16GB)View On Amazon$389
3.Kingston Fury Beast 5200MHz DDR5 32GB (2x16GB)View On Amazon$193
4.CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB (2x16GB)View On Amazon$289
5.AORUS Memory DDR5 5200MHz 32GB (2x16GB)View On Amazon$259
6.Crucial DDR5 RAM 4800MHz CL40 32GBView On Amazon$184
7.Lexar ARES 32GB Kit DDR5 5200 MHz (2x16GB)View On Amazon$249
8.CORSAIR Vengeance DDR5 DDR5 5600MHz 32GB (2x16GB)View On Amazon$239
9.XPG Lancer DDR5 5200MHz RAM 32GBView On Amazon$199
10.ADATA Premier DDR5 4800MHz UDIMM Memory RAM 16GBView On Amazon$99

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Top 10 Fastest DDR5 RAMs To Buy

There is no doubt that the DDR5 can perform better than DDR4 with its extended limit. It is good enough to take care of your gaming needs the most. I have tested dozens of RAMs myself and determined some flagship picks of various big names. To find the best match for your processor for faster speed, lag-free gameplay, and video watching, you must visit the picks I brought for you.

Top 10 DDR5 Gaming Ram

1) TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan 32GB 5200MHz Best DDR5 RAM

TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan 32GB DDR5 Ram
SpecificationFeatured Values
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed5200 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage1.25 V

If you are a gamer, you must dreamt of having a powerful memory backup to support your processor limitlessly. Fortunately, the TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan 32GB have come up with is an excellent boost source for your processor. It delivers extraordinary memory speed with a sleek design. An improved form of cooling spreader with one-click overclocking takes the game to another level.

Sleek Design with Excellent Structure 

The TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan has a gorgeous design and a sleek body with multi-angular to give aesthetics a new look. The snap fastener helps the structure be fixed in a place for reliable and durable results. It is the best DDR5 RAM with a powerful body to handle pressures and loads.

Better Cooling System

It comes with thermal grade silicon, and it helps the heat to travel from top to bottom. It spreads the heat to lessen the effect of overheating. Finding the best DDR5 RAM with a unique and powerful solution for heating is a dream, and they can make it accurate with all its potential.

Easy One Click Overclocking

It fully supports one-click overclocking and allows you to decrease or increase the overclocking speed. The DDR5 RAM for this one will fully justify your needs the most. All you need to do is give a few seconds for overclocking, and it will take care of the speed of memory to push the processing faster.

Best Power Management

It has all that can equip your system with efficient power management. The noise reduction is good enough to affect you, and all the components’ power distribution is unbeatable and fast. The power supply is equally well to all the components is the most acceptable equation for reliable and durable outcomes.

  • Excellent mixture of high-speed memory with super timing
  • Comes with a super striking design
  • It furnishes performance beyond your imagination with its super durable structure
  • It is a premium quality pick that goes well for pro gamers
  • It may go to the aid of overkill if you fail to manage a high-end PC

2) TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB 32GB 6400MHz DDR5 RAM

TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB 32GB  DDR5 Ram
SpecificationTested Values
Data Transfer Rate‎51200 Mbps
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed6400 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage1.35 volts

Another gem from the TEAMGROUP, but it has some more powers to impress you this time. The TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta RGB 32GB 6400MHz is the best DDR5 RAM with RGB colors and comprehensive lighting.

You can use software to control them all well and the overclocking to set the level of performance is so straightforward. The quality of ICs it submits is excellent, and the memory speed of 6400 MHz does not match any other pick on the list. Let’s find some facts below.

RGB Colors with Ultra-Wide Lighting

The RGB colors with ultra-wide lighting that you can control with the help of software are bliss. An ordinary RAM cannot become the best DDR5 RAM until it offers easy controlling methods. Fortunately, the TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta can make it up to your expectations to the fullest. 

Super Easy Overclocking

The overclocking is very helpful and becomes a blessing when it is easy to enjoy. You can enjoy the speed of processing that you fix once, and there are no frequent changes you need to make. However, if you explore the best ddr4 ramyou will find the DDR5 is ahead in submitting a better overclocking system.

Best Memory Speed

You will not find any other pick in this article with the memory speed that can compete with the TEAMGROUP T-Force Delta 6400MHz. I found it super impressive to get quick results with timely access to the files. It can run games and applications smoothly. It is undoubtedly the best DDR5 RAM with all perks and perquisites.

Highest Quality ICs for Reliability and Stability

Power management is always a hefty take for RAM, and the TEAMGROUP T-Force has a reliable and robust setup for energy management. The noise is minimal, and the power distribution is phenomenal, with equal flow going through all the components. It features an eye-catching design with supreme quality and durability.

  • The speed is good enough to impress the users
  • It gives an immense feeling of luxury while playing games
  • It is an ideal RAM for gaming and multimedia
  • The design is super eye-catching
  • The performance level is so good with an all-time high speed of 6400 MHz
  • Quality asks for a price, and it takes much of it

3) Kingston Fury Beast (2x16GB) 5200MHz 32GB RAM

 Kingston Fury Beast 5200MHz 32GB RAM
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed5200 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage1.25 Volts

The Kingston Fury Beast 32GB RAM is a great addition to the world of processing assistance. It comes with excellent starting speed with a super performance. The overclocking method is unbeatable for stable gameplay. The energy consumption is at least levels, and it improves the system’s overall performance. The room for storage is good enough to take good care of your multi-dynamic needs.

Excellent Starting Speed with Super Performance 

The speed of memory with 5200 MHz is a good thing to consider, and it affects the overall performance level of your PC. I have used various best DDR5 RAM, but the Kingston Fury Beast 5200MHz has a different fan base. It impressed me in the first gaming session with its fast speed and lag-free gameplay. Moreover, it saves energy and consumes significantly less power without compromising quality. 

Great Overclocking Facility for Stable Gameplay 

Overclocking is a feature that makes the Kingston Fury Beast a topline pick, and I call it the best DDR5 RAM for this reason only. Although you may fall for the selection for any other reason, overclocking is the ultimate tool to get your desired comfort. It allows you to enjoy freedom from worrying about your performance level and will take care of that.

Improved Efficiency with Least Energy Consumption

Improved efficiency regarding power consumption is so good to take a bow. I have been using various DDR5 RAMS for years, and the Kingston 32GB RAM has made me feel more secure. It is a true blessing for those who want dependable RAM for reliable and durable gameplay. Moreover, it is suitable for beginners and intermediates.

  • The amazing speed with the high-end memory size
  • The performance is up to the mark
  • It is good for beginners, intermediate, and pro gamers
  • It furnishes a great mechanism of storage at a competitive price
  • The design so is generic and simple

4) CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB RAM for Intel 12th Gen

 CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB
SpecificationFeatured Values
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed5200 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage1.25 volts

If you are a gamer looking for the best DDR5 RAM, the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB is a big name to answer your nerd to the fullest. It comes with a world-class design with a durable structure. The high-quality cooling solutions are the key players in the performance boost. It furnishes tightly screened memory chips with an easy-to-overclock option. 

World-Class Design with Durable Structure 

The design is world-class and supports the overall processing of information mechanisms. It looks good, and that doesn’t mean the company has compromised the durability factor, not at all. The durability factor is on top, and it goes a long way ahead with your system. I used it with my desktop and found it the best DDR5 RAM for the platform. 

Highest Quality Cooling Solutions for Stability

The cooling system that spreads the heat from top to bottom makes it ineffective for performance. You can also learn it by reading the CPU full form. In this article, I have explained the nitty-gritty of all the primary components, including RAM and its features.

Easy to Control Overclocking

Having the most useful overclocking system with ease of control is no less than a blessing. When I used the DDR5 RAM, the CORSAIR Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5 32GB, for the first time, it made me realize the significance of control. And it furnishes the same with generosity. Moreover, tightly screened memory chips push the gamer to enjoy the heavy-load games. It is also the best ram for intel 12th gen CPUs.

  • The looks are super gorgeous and so eye-catching
  • Body is so durable to deal with workload pressures
  • It counts in luxury picks and submits extraordinary performance
  • It allows you to use it for multi-tasking
  • There is limited OC headroom

5) Crucial DDR5 RAM 32GB 4800MHz

Crucial DDR5 RAM 32GB 4800MHz
SpecificationTested Values
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed4800 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage1.1 volts

Crucial is a great name, and it says it all with its name. The quality RAMs it has been producing for years is pretty incredible. The Crucial RAM 32GB 4800MHz is the best DDR5 RAM with a faster speed setup. It empowers your next-gen CPUs and gets quick responses with multitasking options. The system of energy consumption is so good to enjoy economic use.  

More than Faster Speed

The speed you attain for safe gameplay, the Crucial RAM 32GB 4800MHz, submits more than that. A higher rate helps the processing system immensely, and you get quick results without facing any lag. I considered adding it to the list of the best DDR5 RAMs because of its faster speed for excellent experiences. 

Empower Your Next-Gen CPUs

It empowers your next-gen CPUs, and you are safe to invest your money in a pick that gets you a cover from possible errors. You can use it with existing models and for upcoming models. It is probably the most crucial DDR5 RAM.

Quick Responsive with Multitasking

The quick responsive behavior of DDR5 is appreciable, and the Crucial RAM is the best DDR5 RAM with optimized power efficiency function. It gives an enormous boost to all the components, and you are good at using it for multitasking.

  • The overclocking is excellent and useful
  • The performance it gives is so handy
  • It is the best pick for the price
  • Gives a long time warranty backup
  • It gives the best return for your money
  • It is not so good for pro users  because of its balanced system

6) AORUS Memory 32GB (2x16GB) 5200MHz) DDR5 RAM for 12700K

AORUS Memory 32GB 5200MHz DDR5 RAM
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed5200 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Performance profileXMP 3.0

If you are looking for the best DDR5 RAM within a reasonable budget, the AORUS Memory 32GB 5200MHz comes small in the game to give it all. It has an aluminum alloy heat spreader, a striking design with a durable body, and the best mechanism for gaming and streaming. AORUS has a strong background in producing the finest collection of RAMs for Desktops and Laptops.

Aluminum Alloy Heat Spreader

Aluminum alloy covering with heat spreading setup is a great combo, and you get it well with the AORUS Memory 32GB. AORUS knows how to keep things moderate and how to add value to the components related to PC. If you check out the best DDR5 RAM speed, it will amaze you with its 5200 MHz, a mountain of speed.

Striking Design with Durable Body

The design is striking and eye-catching. Moreover, the best thing about this RAM is its lifetime warranty; you get the all-time best return for your money. Having the best DDR5 RAM with an excellent combo of a sleek body with durability is rare.

Ideal Device for Gaming and Streaming

The AORUS Memory 32GB is super good to make it up for your gaming and streaming needs. I found it the best DDR5 RAM for 12700k and many other Intel models. However, the AORUS Memory is the best RAM with twice the bandwidth and great room for storage.

  • It comes with super great frequency for faster processing
  • The aesthetics are so good-looking and promising
  • It is a luxurious pick that goes well with heavy load gaming
  • The performance it furnishes cannot be questioned
  • Relatively high price for beginners

7) Lexar ARES 32GB 5200 MHz Fastest DDR5 RAM

Lexar ARES 32GB 5200 MHz DDR5 RAM
SpecificationFeatured Values
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed5200 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
No of pins288

The Lexar ARES 32GB, comes with extraordinary bandwidth for a premium quality experience. It furnishes better overclocking for the stability of performances. Moreover, it has a unique built-in power management system to take good care of energy needs.

Premium Quality Heat Spreader Design

The premium quality heat spreader is handy for smooth processing. It keeps the components fresh and sturdy with all possible means. Moreover, the innovative and intelligent design makes sit the best DDR5 RAM. It adds value to your gameplay with no lack of technical details.

Better Stability for Overclocking

The stability for overclocking matters, and the Lexar ARES 32GB furnishes an error correction function with on-die ECC. So, cut a long story short, if you are looking for the best DDR5 RAM for gaming 2022, the Lexar ARES can make it up for your needs the most. 

Built-In Power Management System

There is a built function for power management that you enjoy with the Lexar ARES 32GB. It takes the least power and distributes the same to the whole mechanism. The piece of the pick is suitable for all types of users, and you can also use it for video watching, editing, and other assignments.

  • It comes with a great energy-saving option
  • It gives the finest return for your money and the performance doesn’t go down during the gameplay
  • It allows you to enjoy heavy-load games
  • You can use it for multi-tasking
  • Its DDR5 is a bit more expensive option than DDR4 RAMs

8) CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB (2x16GB) 5600MHz DDR5 RAM for 12900K

CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB 5600 MHz  DDR5 RAM
SpecificationTested Values
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed5600 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage1.25 volts

The CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB 5600 MHz with effortless controlled overclocking is doing wonders for gamers. It has a versatile design, broad compatibility, and a high-performance PCB for stability. So, if you want the best DDR5 RAM and do not want to make a foolish decision, you need to develop a basic understanding of the RAM. On the other hand, you can also rely on experts’ opinions. So, the case is the same if you consider the data you are reading now. 

Easy Controlled Overclocking

One of the most valuable and overrated features that any fastest DDR5 RAM submits is its easy-controlled overclocking. Fortunately, the CORSAIR Vengeance provides you with the required comfort and ease. It takes the level of performance up, and you get to enjoy reliable gameplay.

Versatile Design with Wide Compatibility 

The design of the CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB is versatile enough that it allows you to think of using it with different Intel models. Although AMD as limitation with DDR5, you can use DDR4 with AMD only. But this best DDR5 RAM is super good with multiple models of Intel CPUs.

High-Performance PCB for Stability

High-performance PCB for stability is another great feature of the CORSAIR Vengeance 32GB. Finding the best DDR5 RAM is not a joke and requires lot of effort. However, I have used this pick myself, and it has the strength to say yes to all your queries. Moreover, I found it best DDR5 RAM for 12900k and some other Intel CPUs.

  • It comes with a super vibrant RGB look
  • The controlling system of RGB lighting and effects is amazing
  • Very simple overclocking method
  • It is one of the best picks for the job
  • The finishing needs some more touches to make it a perfect piece of aid

9) XPG Lancer 5200MHz Best DDR5 RAM for 12600K

XPG Lancer 5200MHz DDR5 RAM
SpecificationFeatured Values
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed5200 MHz
Computer memory size32 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage1.25 volts

The list is ending, and you reached this section, which means you genuinely want to win the best DDR5 RAM. The XPG Lancer 5200MHz is an excellent addition to the list because of its extreme memory profile and the customizable theme for RGB lighting and effects. The performance is fast enough to impress you, and the energy consumption is deficient with this best ddr5 ram for 12600k. You can also use it with AMD models for the best results.

Extreme Memory Profile

The DDR5 RAM of XPG Lancer 5200MHz has an excellent memory profile and supports your AMD and Intel CPUs. On the other hand, DDR5 is not for AMD models, but this one has something exceptional to work with some AMD models.

Customizable Theme for RGB Lighting and Effects

The DDR5 32GB RAM is enough for storage, and it is necessary to manage the room for multiple files and gaming applications. The XPG Lancer 5200MHz is a good RAM with its dynamic theme for RGB lighting and effects. You can customize the settings as fit in the scenario. Above all, you can use it for content creation and other tasks other than gaming.

Faster Performance with Precision

The performance you get with the DDR5 RAM of XPG Lancer is incredible. If you want DDR5 RAM 64GB, you are open to making addition for storage. Moreover, it comes with superior memory speed with comprehensive storage options to take good care of your multiple needs and lacks.

  • The price range is good for beginners and intermediates
  • It furnishes reliable outcomes with no significant flaw
  • It gives an enormous boost to your gaming
  • The design is so beautiful to the eyes
  • You may have to face some lag issues while using it for multi-tasking

10) ADATA Premier 4800MHz DDR5 RAM 16GB

ADATA Premier 4800MHz DDR5 RAM 16GB
Form factorDIMM
RAM technologyDDR5
Memory speed4800 MHz
Computer memory size16 GB
Compatible devicesDesktop
Voltage1.1 volts

Here comes the moment I have to wind up the picks section, bit with the most OK shot. The ADATA Premier 4800MHzhas more strength to deal with errors; it consumes the least power and submits great performances on gaming, streaming, and other assignments. It is a budget pick, and beginners will love it. I found it the best DDR5 RAM within a small budget.

More Withstanding Against Errors

It has the strength to deal with errors on an automation basis, and you are good to give an open shout-out to this pick. When you seek the best DDR5 RAM, you need to prioritize its power to correct the errors. Fortunately, ADATA Premier 4800MHz has it all to justify the job well. It is the best RAM for games like God of war, and if you want to play it with this RAM, first you need to arrange the God of war system requirements

Least Power Consumption Option

The power consumption of the ADATA Premier 4800MHz is shallow and pretty good for the purpose. It disseminates the power from the bottom to lower parts and manages things to keep the temperature moderate. Moreover, I have used this best DDR5 RAM with my Intel CPU, and it played the best shots for me.

Excellent Performance within a Small Price

If you are a beginner and want to win a reliable DDR5 RAM for your PC, take a long breath and consider the ADATA Premier 4800MHz. It is the best RAM within a small budget. Although it is not a premium quality RAM, it still is good enough to run games and other applications. So, let’s not roam around and feel free to rely on the option of experts. I bet it will prove all its vitalities within a low budget.  

  • It is a budget pick and the best one for beginners and intermediates
  • It furnishes reliable performances in all situations
  • There is no significant shortcoming that makes you regret your decision
  • It is an ideal gaming pusher within a small budget
  • The speed is good and the design is beautiful
  • The memory size can be enhanced to 32 GB
  • It is not a luxury product and not so good for pro gamers

Purchase Factors for Top DDR5 RAMs

I feel so delighted while preparing this buying guide. I have been into PCs for decades and using various RAMs myself. And this extensive experience allows me to take advantage of writing all my learnings and skills in some simple points. So, let’s make the best decision for your PC to enjoy the extreme level of performance with complete confidence. All you need to do is to review the 6 simple steps below.

Bandwidth/Memory Speed

Higher bandwidth is helpful for fast processing. So, whenever you intend to buy RAM for your Intel CPU, it is better to go for DDR5 rather than DDR4. It comes with more speed and more storage power. So, you get a max kick out of your PC with DDR5. However, if you own AMD CPU, it is better to limit yourself to DDR4. 

Storage Capacity of RAM

Storage capacity matters the most. It is the area that plays a pivotal role to give your PC an excellent kick for faster processing and accurate functioning. So, to earn the best DDR5 RAM, you need to keep an eye on the storage option. It is better to avail of something with flexible terms. You need to buy the RAM that allows you to decrease and increase the storage.

Easy Overclocking Facility

Easy overclocking is another big thing to consider in the best DDR5 RAM. It allows your system to take the performance up to the levels you set once. It is a great facility, and every RAM is not generous enough to offer this incredible feature with comfort. 

Durable Body with Beautiful Design

A durable body is the secret to long-lasting RAM. So, it is better not to invest your money and precious time in the picks that might play havoc with all the resources. A beautiful design with a sleek and solid body is a rare combo. But, if you look at the picks I added above, you can easily win the best DDR5 RAM for your PC.

Least Power Consumption

Another essential thing to consider while buying a DDR5 RAM is its power consumption pattern. I suggest you not go for the RAM asking for more power and less control. It is better to reverse the equation and go for the pick that offers excellent control with the least power. It helps the RAM keep the PC fresh, and heat cannot play destruction with the components. 

Warranty and Price

Warranty is a prominent tool that attracts your hands to pick up the product. Regarding DDR5 RAM, I would strongly recommend you go for the pick that offers a lifetime warranty. For a safe decision, you are good to invest in a RAM that provides 5 years of warranty at least.

On the other hand, price plays a crucial role, and to win an excellent and reliable DDR5 RAM price, you have to invest 200 to 400 bucks at least. The more you go for the upper figure, the higher the performance level of the RAM will be. 

After reading about the world-class ten best DDR5 RAMs and reviewing the road map to win a reliable RAM, I hope you are in a position to make a fruitful decision. Now, I’ll tell you about the DDR5 RAM I use myself and like most of these ten.

So, if you want to follow in my footsteps, you are good to go for the TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan DDR5 5200MHz.The price is competitive, and the quality is unbeatable. The sleek design with an excellent power management system is a bonus. It gives the ultimate value for your money, and you will enjoy the storage options it comes with. 

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